How to Unlink a Facebook Page from My Personal Account [Step by Step]

A Facebook personal account offers you the freedom to connect with friends and loved ones. You can share amazing pictures and details about your life with online friends. 

Beyond connecting with friends, the platform also offers businesses an opportunity to connect with potential consumers through a Facebook page. 

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While you have a Facebook account, you can also create a Facebook page to for your business or events. To create a page, you must go through your personal account. 

So, your personal account is automatically connected to your business page. This can cause different issues in the long run. 

For example, notifications and newsfeeds from your personal account can make you miss important notifications from your business page. 

Thankfully, there’s a better way to manage your newsfeed. You can do this by unlinking your Facebook page from your personal profile. 

With this, you give your business the attention it deserves without mixing business with pleasure.

Can You Unlink a Facebook from Your Personal Account?

Remember we said you can unlink your Facebook page from your personal profile? Well, that’s not entirely the truth. You can’t have a business page without a personal profile. 

Ouch! That sucks, right? Well, it’s Facebook’s rule and there’s nothing we can do about it. Does that mean there’s no solution at all? Well… there’s a way out! 

Trust us to always have something up our sleeves. Well, before we reveal the sneaky secret, let’s share Facebook policies regarding creating a Facebook page. 

Facebook doesn’t allow you to set up a page without linking it to a personal profile. Your business page requires an admin who’s in charge of managing the page. 

So, it’s mandatory to link a Facebook page to a personal page. By the way, you have to create a page through a personal profile.

So, How Do I Unlink a Facebook Page from My Personal Account?

Since you must link a page to your personal account, the smartest thing to do is to create a new Facebook account. Yes, that’s correct, and that’s why we say it’s a sneaky way of resolving this. 

With this, you can separate the activities on your business page from your account. You also get to set boundaries for the endless notifications you get in your newsfeed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlink a Facebook Page from a Personal Account

Step #1: Create a New Facebook Account

  • Log out of your Facebook account from your device and create a new account. You can use an alias for the new account or a variation of your name. 
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  • We recommend that you use an email ID different from the one you’re currently using on Facebook and complete the rest. 
  • You will receive a code to verify your email. Enter the code when prompted to complete your registration.
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Step #2: Use the New Account as an Admin for the Facebook Page

The first part is to log out of the newly created account and log back into your existing account. 

  • Navigate to the business page and go to the Settings tab.
  • Next, go to Settings Dashboard and then Page Roles and click “Assign a New Page Role”
  • Enter your new email used in creating the new Facebook account, and click the dropdown arrows beside “Editor” to assign the new account as an Admin. 
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  • Next, click Add.
  • Check your new Facebook account for the notification of the new assignment and click on it. It will redirect you to the page.
  • Enter the name you want to use in the business manager and verify the process with your new account password.
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  • Log in to your new Facebook account to disconnect your old personal account. Follow the same process as you did when adding the new account as an admin.
  • Go to Settings and then Page Roles. Locate your existing email and delete the profile account.

There you have it! You’ve successfully unlinked a Facebook page from your personal account. We recommend that you don’t accept any friend requests, even when recommended by Facebook. 

The whole idea is to keep your business page as clean and clutter-free as possible. Accepting friend requests or adding friends will take you back to the first issue of cluttering your newsfeeds with notifications. 

However, if you want to follow partners and competitors, you can do that. This will help you to keep a tab on your competitors and keep your partners close.

FAQ on How to Unlink a Facebook Page from My Personal Account

#1: How do I keep my business page separate from my personal profile account?

Answer: You have to disconnect your personal account by going to Settings and then Page Roles to delete your listed profile. You must have an alternative account to replace your deleted account. You may want to consider creating a new Facebook account.

#2: Does a Facebook page have to be linked to a personal account?

Answer: Yes, Facebook requires every page to be linked to a personal Facebook account. You don’t have to worry, though; the details on the personal profile will not show up on the page and vice versa. It will only appear if you manually share these details between the pages.

#3: Can I transfer a Facebook page to another account?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, you must have access to the page in question. If you do, open the Facebook app and click “Settings” from the left menu. Next, click “Page Roles” and type in the email ID or name of the person you want to transfer the page to where you see “Assign a New Page Role.” Select Admin from the dropdown arrow and click “Add.”

#4: What happens if my Facebook page does not have an Admin?

Answer: Facebook labels pages with no admin as an Unofficial Page. To make it official, you have to assign an admin. To do this, click “Is this your business” and follow the prompts on the next page to merge the page with a verified page. 

Note that the information on both accounts must match to merge two pages. Alternatively, you can claim the page by providing verifiable information from your personal account.


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