What Is Request Help from Friends on Instagram?

Instagram is an exciting place to showcase everything about you. You can celebrate your achievement or show how cute your dog looks in her new bowtie.

You can give the world a glimpse of your luxurious lifestyle or walk them through every inch of your home. 

The platform offers the freedom to post anything about yourself as long as it doesn’t violate its guidelines. 

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You probably have your Instagram open as you read this post. Well, that is the power of social media, and you can bask in the engagement you generate on your page.

So, what if you get locked out of your Insta account? What if someone hacked into your account? This thought is enough to send one into a panic mode. 

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Heck! No one wants to experience the bad guys playing table tennis with their social media accounts.

Instagram and Security: The Continuous War Against Hackers

To keep users’ information safe and secure, Instagram consistently upgrades its security features. it offers users some recommendations on keeping their accounts safe. 

These include using two-factor authentication, a strong password, and completing its Security Check-up. 

The social site continues to offer more safety tools and features for more safety, security, and support. 

If you lose your account access, Instagram has the Request Help from Friends option. 

So, what is this Request Help from Friends all about? That is what this post is all about. 

Get a plate of cookies and your favorite juice, and enjoy the reading experience as we walk you through the process.

Request Help From Friends: The New Definition of Insta Security

Earlier in 2022, Instagram announced that it started testing a new method to improve users’ access to their accounts. 

With this, users can request their friends to confirm their identity so they can regain their account access. 

What does this mean? 

If you get locked out of your Instagram account, you can select two Instagram friends to be your verifier. 

These friends will verify your identity so you can get access to your account again. The good news is that his option is available to everyone on Instagram.

How to Request Help from Friends on Instagram

So, you get locked out of your Instagram account! Many reasons could lead to this. 

You may have forgotten your password, or you no longer have access to the mobile number the platform sends the login code. 

It may also be that someone hacked into your account, which is the worst-case scenario. Whatever reason makes you lose access to your account, you can recover it back. 

One of the ways is to use the Request Help from Friends method. 

Here is how it works:

Step #1: Open a browser on your mobile device or desktop computer and type in Instagram.com/hacked.

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Step #2: Select “My account was hacked”. If multiple accounts are associated with your details, you have to select the specific account requiring support.

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Step #3: Enter the previous password you used in accessing your account.

Step #4: Select two friends on Instagram who can confirm your identity. Note that these friends would not have access to your account. 

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Instagram also recommends that you call your friends to let them know you’ve selected them to verify your identity on Instagram.

Step #5: Instagram will send notifications to your selected friends for confirmation. Once they verify your identity, you will receive a password reset link.

Step #6: Click on the link to reset your password and access your account again.

Your nominated friends must verify your identity within 24 hours. If not, Instagram will cancel the request, and you have to nominate another two friends for the verification. 

Once they confirm, you will receive the password reset link.

There you have it! You never have to worry about losing your Instagram forever. With Request Help from Friends, regaining your Instagram account from hackers has become easy.

Caution: Request Help from Friends is Convenient by Stay Safe

While this feature is exciting and convenient for regaining access Instagram account, it comes with its challenges. 

Scammers are using similar tricks to hack into people’s accounts and lock them out. How do they do this? 

They send you a message from a friend’s Instagram account, claiming they lost access to their account. 

To get their supposed account back, they will require your help. The hacker, impersonating your friend, tells you that you will get a verification code from Instagram.

You will need to send this to them to access “their” account. Once the scammer gets the code, they access your friend’s account.

Not only that, they also change their password, and lock them out of their account. 

With access to your friend’s accounts, they can hack into other people’s accounts by impersonating them to their friends. 

The vicious cycle continues until they are caught. It is crucial to understand that Instagram’s Request Help from Friends feature does not entail any verification codes. 

Therefore, never act on a request for codes or click a link when you have not requested a password change.

Safety Measures: How to Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

Instagram has several features users can leverage to keep their accounts safe and secure. Here are the most important of them.

#1: 2-Factor Authentication: This ensures no one can access your account without your device, even if they hack your password.

#2: Use a Stronger Password: Using a combination of numbers, special characters, and letters to create a password is highly recommended.

#3: Never give a 3rd-party Access to your Account: Do not share your username and password or access token with anyone.

#4: Ensure you log out of Instagram when you access the platform on a desktop computer, laptop, or any device that is not yours.

Finally, change your password often. If you think your account is compromised, change your password immediately. 

You can also send a message to Instagram to let them know your account is compromised. 

With these safety measures, you can keep your Instagram account safe, secure, and out of reach of hackers.


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