Communication range of Solidcom M1

March 27, 2023

Built-In Panel Antenna

With up to 1300ft (400m) one-way transmission range fronting the panel and an extra 160ft (50m) range at the back, the built-in panel antenna is perfect for one-way communication in unobstructed venues, such as church events, concerts. Open the box, power up the devices and, there you go, Solidcom M1 is ready for its mission!

*Kindly Notify: In the region of Russia Federation, the transmission range would be 1100ft(335m)+100ft(30m)=1200ft(365m)


External FRP Antennas (Comes in one pair)

The external FRP antennas are endowed with reliable transmission in 360° radius range of around 985ft (300m), ideal for large-scale events including sports events, exhibitions, etc.