How to upgrade the Lark C1?

March 21, 2023

The transmitter can be upgraded in the 【LarkSound】 app.

  1. Connect the receiver to smartphone, then connect the transmitter to the receiver.
  2. Mobile phone opens the network (WiFi/4G/5G).
  3. Open the 【LarkSound】 app and then tap the 【↑】 icon in the upper right corner to upgrade the transmitter.


  1. The app cannot run in the background during the upgrade.
  2. The transmitter cannot be turned off and must be connected to a stable power source during the upgrade.
  3. The receiver needs to be plugged into the phone again after the upgrade.
  4. You need to manually pair the receiver with the transmitter again after the upgrade.
Article Number: 【AS-220926001_6】