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Mars 4K how to enter scene mode, and how to use it?

March 27, 2023

OVERVIEWS: Mars 4k has 3 scene mode, you can set it in different scene usage, here show you how to set it and what are the details of each scene mode.

Long-press the rocker on the transmitter to enter the menu, and find 【Scene Mode】 function. There are 3 scene mode for Mars 4K.

  • HD Mode: The best video quality, suitable for scenes that require high picture quality, such as micro-movies, commercials, documentaries, etc. but the latency may be higher.
  • Speed: When there is sudden interference, the bit rate will be slightly reduced, but the delay will not increase, which is suitable for complex application scenarios such as live broadcast.
  • Balance: Delay and bit rate automatic equalization, suitable for most application scenarios.
Article Number: 【AS-220827001_9】