Mars 400S Pro II Support

It supports, but not in a reliable way. It is recommended to use a USB capture card for streaming.

This problem is always due to the firmware version. Upgrade your device to the latest version.

Note: The LUT file should be.Cube format and the size of the file is 17 or 33.
iOS Devices:
Method 01: Import through Online Chat or Airdrop APP
● Download the LUTs file to your computer.
● Send the LUTs file to the iOS devices via any Online Chat app (like WhatsApp) or Airdrop APP.
● Select that file and choose HollyView App to open the file.

Method 02: Copy the file to Hollyview 【3DLUT】 file path

Android Devices:
● Download the LUTs file to the Android Devices.
● Open the HollyView App and choose the LUTs option. Select “Add a new file.”
● Choose the downloaded LUT file.

1. The latency of the Mars 400s Pro II is around 100 ms.
2. If the video is sent through the Mars 400s Pro II, and the audio is sent through another path, then there is a latency of 100ms.
1. Both video and audio are transmitted through the Mars 400s Pro II. For example, mount the microphone and the Mars 400s Pro II on the camera together, and then the audio and video will be sent simultaneously.
2. Apply a 100 ms delay to the audio on the devices such as the mixer or the OBS software.

It supports. The receiver supports HDMI and SDI output simultaneously.

Mars 400s Pro II can work for a long time even when the fan is closed, but the temperature of the device will be higher than normal.