Mars 400S Pro II Support

Use the SONY NP-F series battery to power the device such as F970, F750 and F550. You can also use the V-mount battery when you have a D-Tap to DC cable.

If the battery is below 6.8V, change the battery.

The device supports power supply through a standard 5V 2A USB-C charger.

Note: It does not support power supply through a fast-charging USB-C charger. It is not recommended to use a power bank to charge because the charging current and voltage of the power bank drop rapidly. The device’s charging current and voltage needs to be over 5V 2A.

The device supports power supply through the DC adapter with a voltage input from 6-16V.

Due to the wide variety of brands and models of NP-F batteries on the market, each with different capacities and discharge curves, external devices are unable to accurately detect the remaining battery capacity. Voltage, on the other hand, provides a more accurate indicator of the remaining battery life.