My Lark Moment—Exploring Life: A South American Road Trip with a Surprise Twist

By Hollyland | August 15, 2023

Our adventure began when we decided to take a road trip around South America in our motorhome. My partner and I, passionate about exploring new places, were thrilled with the prospect of experiencing diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

Wellington Waltrick Blue Lake
Wellington Waltrick Star Sky

With our Lark microphones always at hand, we were determined to capture every special moment of this unique journey. As we crossed borders, we recorded the sounds of bustling markets, laughter with new friends, and even the calls of wild animals that crossed our path.

Wellington Waltrick Footprint

While exploring Argentina, a country rich in culture and history, something unexpected happened. On a starry night, we decided to take a pregnancy test. The result surprised us both: we were expecting a baby!

Emotion overwhelmed us in that moment. We recorded our voices filled with happiness, sharing our dreams for the future with our little future traveller. The Lark microphones captured that special moment, and we knew this audio would become a precious treasure for our family.

Wellington Waltrick With Partner

We continued our journey with a different sparkle in our eyes. Every place we visited, every person we met, everything had a touch of magic. The Lark microphones recorded our awe-filled sighs when we encountered breathtaking landscapes and heartfelt conversations about what life would be like with our child.

As the trip continued, my partner’s belly began to grow, as did our anticipation. We recorded the baby’s heartbeat during medical check-ups, turning them into precious sound memories.

When we crossed the border back home, we knew our life would never be the same. The trip, which had been about just the two of us before, now took on a new dimension. The Lark microphones, faithful companions of our adventure, had recorded every laughter, every tear, and now, the excitement of our future baby.

This journey showed us that life can be a surprising journey, full of unexpected twists. And so, we continue our journey through life, with the sound of the Lark microphones always reminding us that our best stories are just beginning.



“Faça uma mudança radical em seu estilo de vida e comece a fazer corajosamente coisas que você nunca pensou em fazer antes, ou hesitou demais para tentar. Tantas pessoas vivem em circunstâncias infelizes e ainda assim não tomam a iniciativa de mudar sua situação porque estão condicionadas a uma vida de segurança, conformidade e conservação, o que pode parecer dar paz de espírito mas, na realidade, nada é mais prejudicial para o espírito aventureiro dentro de um homem do que um futuro seguro.” 

Movie/Book: Into The Wild

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