Do You Italicize YouTube Video Titles?

Should I italicize my YouTube video titles? We’ve received this question and its different variations more times than we can count. While it seems like a simple question, the answer is a bit complex. 

Are you a YouTuber looking to grow your channel? Or are you planning to start your YouTube channel and gather ample information to help you get started on a good note? 

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Irrespective of the stage you currently are in your YouTubing adventure, this post will help you. Let’s explore the world of YouTube and see if you need to italicize your video titles or not.

Let’s Start with the Basics – What is Italics?

We know you want a yes or no answer so you can jump off and get into other things. However, we think a little bit of knowledge won’t hurt you. 

So, bear with us as we dive into the basics of italics and why people italicize titles. So, what is Italics? Italics are a typeface style used mostly to emphasize phrases or words. 

They are slanted to the right and look like words in waves. They are sometimes used for book titles, movies, and other creative works. 

Italics are mostly used for titles of longer writing pieces, such as articles or books. They are also used where there are different titles highlighted. When you italicize the title, it attracts readers to it.

Why Italicize Titles?

People italicize titles to make them more prominent compared to other texts. Italics signal to readers and viewers that the italicized words make up the title and not just an ordinary sentence in the paragraph. 

Additionally, they give titles the attention and prominence they deserve. It’s also worth stating that people use italics to add emphasis to specific phrases or words in a sentence. 

For instance, if you decide to emphasize a specific word in a sentence, you can simply make it stand out by italicizing it. 

Back to YouTube – Should You Italicize YouTube Video Titles?

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With a basic understanding of what italics are and the reason people use them, let’s delve into the original question. Do you italicize YouTube video titles? 

Hmmnn… unfortunately, there’s no simple yes or no answer to this question. Different schools of thought support and oppose italicizing YouTube video titles. 

Interestingly, they all have reasons why it should and should not. 

The Argument for Italicizing YouTube Video Titles

The proponents for italicizing YouTube video titles believe that it makes titles stand out. For a start, it catches viewers’ attention and makes the title look cooler and more professional. 

They also believe it gives titles more emphasis, showing that it is the title. Additionally, they believe italicizing video titles makes them consistent with other media forms. 

Some SEO experts believe that it can positively affect search engine optimization. 

The Argument Against Italicizing YouTube Video Titles

So, what does the opposition have to say? According to the proponents for not italicizing YouTube videos, italicizing videos is not necessary. Bolding and making the fonts bigger than the rest of the text is enough. 

They believe it is just an overkill and can mess up the aesthetic benefits of the text. One other argument against italicizing YouTube video titles is that it can become a distraction.

Italicizing the title draws more attention to the video title and significantly takes away from the video content. 

Unfortunately, this attention is not often a good one because viewers may be unable to read the italicized text. People with vision impairments, including dyslexia, may find it difficult to read italicized video titles.

Should You Italicize Your YouTube Video Titles?

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Back to the one-million-dollar question: should you italicize your YouTube video titles? Well, it depends. I understand that’s not the answer you’re looking for, but I’m trying to be factual here. 

Let’s explore all options. First, if you love consistency and want to achieve a professional-looking video, you may consider italicizing your video titles. 

Secondly, if you want to boost your content for SEO, italicizing video titles may work. However, if you prefer simplicity and don’t want anything to distract from the actual content, you can dump the italics. 

Making fonts larger and bolding them is enough to make the titles stand out.

Final Thought

Whether you choose to italicize your YouTube video titles or not is up to you at the end of the day. It’s all about personal preference, and there’s no right or wrong answer to it. 

The first thing to consider is what looks best for your YouTube channel. If you think italicizing it looks better, then go for it by all means. 

However, ensure to take note of the pros and cons before deciding to use or not to use. If you choose to italicize your video titles, ensure you have consistency across your channels. 

Italicize all video titles to achieve cohesion on your channel. Additionally, consistency will make it easy for viewers to identify your videos when they come across them.


Q: How do I add text effects on YouTube?

Answer: Open your video project and click on Text from the toolbar. Select Text effects or Plain text. After selecting text effect, type to add the text. 

Next, follow the prompts to choose the best effect format for your video. When you’re done, click on Complete to save your video.

Q: Can I use commas in the YouTube video title?

Answer: It’s best to write a complete sentence instead of using a bunch of words separated by commas. Your title doesn’t have to be a complete sentence. 

You can use a phrase-like sentence structure and write it clearly. A: consider using a title case to make it neater.

Q: Should I add emojis to my YouTube title?

Answer: Emojis are eye-catching, and adding them to your content makes it more attractive. So, you can add emojis to your YouTube title but don’t overdo it. 

Don’t add a bunch of emojis that are not relevant to your content just for the sake of adding emojis.

Q: What must I not add to YouTube titles?

Answer: Never add clickbait to your titles. While sensational headlines attract people to your site out of curiosity, it can backfire if it’s a trick. 

YouTube discourages YouTubers from using clickbait content. Doing it can get you into trouble.


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