How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Shipping Option Not Showing

Facebook Marketplace is a global platform where users can buy and sell items as businesses or individuals. Irrespective of where you are, you can buy and sell on this platform. 

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What more? It’s becoming increasingly easy to transact on the Marketplace with new updates and features making this possible. 

One of the recent and remarkable updates is the Facebook Marketplace shipping. Undoubtedly, this is a game-changer, transforming Facebook Marketplace into a nationwide e-commerce site. 

Users now have a variety of shipping options and shipping rates they can explore. Interestingly, many users have complained about not seeing a shipping option on the platform. 

If this is also your experience, we’ll guide you on how to fix it.

Why You May Not See Shipping Option on Facebook Marketplace

The shipping option may not show for several reasons. We’ll look at a couple of them and how to fix them. Here are some reasons you should know about.

Reason #1: You’re Checking Facebook Marketplace Shipping on the Computer

Facebook Marketplace listings feature is not available on desktops and laptops. So you can’t access it on these devices. 

However, you can access it on mobile devices, including Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and mobile browsers.

Reason #2: You Violated one of Facebook’s Commerce Policies

Like other social platforms and e-commerce sites, Facebook has its Commerce Policies. Violating one of the policies can result in the deactivation of the “Buy Now” button or the shipping option. 

One of these violations is canceling too many orders on Marketplace. If you do this, Facebook can block you from providing shipping. 

If this happens, the shipping option won’t show. Usually, the social site will notify you in Marketplace before taking any drastic step.

How to Fix the Issue

You can appeal Facebook’s decision. To do this, follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your device and go to Marketplace.

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Step 2: Click on the profile icon at the top right-hand corner of the page.

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Step 3: Click on Insights, and then click on Cancellations. Follow the prompts to appeal Facebook’s decision and wait for them to restore the shipping option on your page.

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Reason #3: Your Identity is not Verified

Facebook takes the security of its platform seriously, and that’s why it mandates identity verification. If your identity verification is not accepted or pending, you can’t offer shipping to buyers. 

If this is the case, you have to rectify it as soon as possible.

How to Fix the Issue

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is upload your identity documentation. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your device and click on Marketplace.

Step 2: Click the profile icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 3: Go to Selling and then click on Your Payouts.

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Step 4: Select the correct option and follow the prompts to upload your ID documents.

What If None of These is the Reason Facebook Marketplace Shipping Is Not Showing?

Well, it’s possible that you’ve crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s. You didn’t cancel any order and Facebook already confirmed your ID documents, yet you’re experiencing this issue. 

What should you do? If you’ve submitted all requisite documents and still can’t see the shipping option, Facebook recommends contacting its support center. 

Here are steps to do this:

Step 1: Go to Facebook Marketplace and navigate to your Order Details.

Step 2: Click on Contact Facebook Support.

Step 3: Click on Identity Verification/Identity Information.

Step 4: Click on “I’m having trouble verifying my Identity.”

Step 5: Next, click on “My Issue is Different.” Follow the prompts to reach the support team to help you to resolve the issue.

Reason #4: Marketplace Shipping is not Available for Your Location

Here’s another reason the Facebook Marketplace Shipping option may not show. It’s possible that selling with shipping on Marketplace is currently not available in your location. 

You don’t have to despair about this. You can still sell locally on Marketplace. The only difference is that you can’t sell to a wide audience. 

How to Sell Locally on Marketplace

Regardless of your location, you can sell on Facebook Marketplace. All you have to do is list your items and wait for customers to start calling. Here are the steps to sell an item on Facebook Marketplace:

Step 1: Go to Feed on the Facebook app and click on the Marketplace icon in the menu.

Step 2: Click the plus sign and then tap on “Create new Listing.”

Step 3: Click on “Item for Sale” and next, tap on “Add photos” to upload an image of the item you want to sell from your device.

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Step 4: Input the details about the item, including the price. Click “Next” to continue. If the Next button is grayed out, recheck the information you provided. It’s possible you’ve not added all the required details.

Step 5: Click on “Publish” to post your item to Facebook Marketplace.

FAQs on How to Fix Facebook Marketplace Shipping Option Not Showing

#1: Why is Facebook Marketplace not giving me a shipping option?

Answer: This happens if your identity verification is unaccepted or pending. Facebook will prevent you from offering shipping to buyers on Marketplace. You must complete the identity verification process to sell on the platform.

#2: How can I Enable shipping on Marketplace?

Answer: Go to Marketplace and click on “Sell” in the top left of your screen. Fill out the information for the item you want to sell and click Next. 

Click on “Set up Shipping” and fill out the required information. These include your legal name, mailing address, and date of birth. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

#3: How long do I have to wait before I ship an item on Facebook Marketplace?

Answer: Facebook recommends you ship your sold item within three business days after confirming an order. Ensure you mark the item as shipped and provide the tracking number. 

If you don’t mark it as shipped, Facebook’s system cancels the order automatically, irrespective of the agreement with the buyer.