How to Mute Words on Threads [Step by Step]

As a person of dignity and decency, you may not want your Threads feed flooded with foul and slang words, especially when you hold a reputable social position.

However, another bitter truth is that you can’t force everyone on the Internet to behave sensibly. Considering this, by default Threads hides comments and replies containing offensive words and phrases. For even granular control over what you see, the portal also allows you to add custom words to the blacklist so they don’t appear on the screen while you’re using Threads.

Although the process of muting custom words for your account is simple, finding the correct window and option could be challenging for you, as the platform is pretty new, and you might not be familiar with its interface.

With that said, the step-by-step instructions on how to mute words on Threads are given below:

Step 1: Get to the Settings Screen

Launch Threads on your iOS or Android device (iPhone 13 Pro Max is used here for illustrations), tap the Profile icon from the bottom-right corner of the window, and tap the More icon from the top-right corner to go to the Settings screen.

mute words on threads 1

Step 2: Get to the Hidden Words Window

From the Settings window, tap Privacy, and tap Hidden Words to go to the Hidden Words screen.

mute words on threads 2
mute words on threads 3

Step 3: Mute Custom Words on Threads

On the Hidden Words screen, tap to select the On radio button under the Custom words and phrases section, and tap Manage custom words and phrases.

mute words on threads 4

On the Add words or phrases screen, enter all phrases words you find offensive and don’t want to see on your profile. Make sure to separate each word or phrase with a comma. Tap Add to mute all the unwanted elements in a single go.

mute words on threads 5
mute words on threads 6


You see many types of people on social media platforms and can’t expect decency from everyone. To encounter this issue and save you from embarrassment, Threads allows you to hide words and phrases you don’t want to see while using the portal. Therefore, you can use the instructions given in this guide to mute offensive comments, replies, phrases, and words so they don’t appear on your screen any further.


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