What Number Does Instagram Send Codes From?

Instagram is one of the popular platforms for sharing videos and images. However, due to its popularity, Instagram has not missed the attention of online hackers, harassers, and scammers. That is why the social platform has implemented different security features to safeguard users’ account. It has different settings to let you control your privacy when you use your Instagram account. 2-factor authentication is also a security measure taken by the social app. During this authentication process, the app will deliver you an SMS code. But which number does Instagram send this code from?

Instagram sending a security code

The SMS code sent to your registered mobile number is intended to authenticate your identity. When Instagram detects any suspicious activity in your social media account, you will receive the code. You will become aware of the potential risk of getting your account hacked by others. But, Instagram also sends the code when you access the account from a new device. So, which number does the social platform deliver the secret code from? You will find the code sent from 32665.

Make sure that you have not blocked this number. Otherwise, Instagram will not be able to deliver the SMS code. If it is currently blocked, you have to unblock it.

Did you not receive the code? Know the potential reasons and find solutions

Some users claim that they do not receive any code via SMS during the verification process. It may happen if the servers of Instagram are down. You have to wait for a couple of hours until the tech team has fixed the server issue. You may also visit the Help page to know whether there is an issue.

Moreover, if your mobile internet connection is unstable, you will experience a delay in receiving the SMS code. In this case, you may move to another spot to manage the cellular network issues.

We have listed other solutions for the problem of not receiving an SMS code.

Ensure the accuracy of your mobile number

You are waiting for the verification code, but you have not yet received it. It happens when you have chosen a different device or altered your mobile number while managing 2-factor authentication. In these situations, you will lose track of your apps that rely on your previous number. However, Instagram will also request you to provide your email address. Besides, make sure that you have turned on the 2-factor authentication process in the app.

There are multiple ways to access your Instagram account. After regaining access to the account, you should update the 2-factor authentic settings in your app and update the mobile number. 

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Open your Instagram app and go to the bottom to hit the account icon. Click on the 3-line menu to select the Settings option. Touch the 2-factor authentication option from the Security menu and make the essential adjustment.

Reinstall the app

Sometimes, app reinstallation solves the problem of not receiving the SMS code from Instagram. So, delete the app from your mobile and wait for a day before regaining access.

Ensure your phone is not in the DND mode

Many users have missed this option when they try to deal with the SMS code-related issues. If your mobile is currently in the Do Not Disturb mode, you will not receive the SMS. 

The iPhone users have to access the Focus button from their screens. They should click on it to activate notifications. On the other hand, the process is easy for Android mobile users. There is a shortcut DND icon, and you should deactivate it to receive the SMS code.

Delete the cache

If your mobile has corrupted cache files of Instagram, it will prevent the social media app from delivering the SMS code. So, you have to remove the cache on your smartphone and restart the device. Allow Instagram to resend the code to your mobile number. Android users can remove the cache from the Settings option on your mobile.

Check your spam inbox

Sometimes, Instagram delivers the security code to your email address. However, you could not find it because the email hit your spam box instead of the inbox. Gmail often considers some emails spam, although they are relevant. That is why you should check your email before taking any steps.

Manage the VPN

The VPN will allow you to adjust the IP address on a desktop or mobile. If you try to access the Instagram app with the active VPN, it will cause a problem with verification.

To prevent any potential issue, you should keep the VPN disabled. You can then try to sign into your social media account. If the IP address is not new to Instagram, it will not request a security code. 

Log in from a different source

It is one of the simplest tricks applied by Instagram users. If you regularly use mobile for opening the Instagram application, you can try to use your desktop browser to sign into the account.

For instance, you may request your buddy to share a Reel link or post on Instagram. You can then open the platform on your PC or laptop. Instagram will want you to provide your account information to check the new post. After signing in with social media, you will be able to restore your access.

If these tricks do not work, you can contact the Instagram team.


Instagram sends unique SMS codes to users to verify them and allow access to the account. It always sends the code from a particular number. But, at times, it may also deliver the code to the registered email. If Instagram suspects that an unauthorized person is trying to access the account from a different location or device, it will send the code.

You will get notified about the suspicious activity and take the required action. You may update your password to keep the account safe. Too many sign-in attempts will also trigger Instagram to send a code. 


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