From Codes to Frames: Alberto Seghezzi’s Journey with Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

By Hollyland | November 23, 2023

Alberto Seghezzi is a film producer based in Brescia, Italy. He was influenced by his father and brother’s passion for photography from a young age. This love ignited a spark within him and became one of the key reasons for his deep passion for photography, leading him to embark on a path of creative exploration in filmmaking. During his pursuit of a mechanical engineering degree, his interest in shooting videos grew stronger.

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Alberto Seghezzi

After completing his studies, Alberto ventured into the world of photography, following the footsteps of DJs, and became involved in producing numerous well-known music festivals. He traveled to different parts of the world for photography assignments, capturing many memorable moments and preserving the distinctive ambiance and people’s passion at these festivals. These experiences added vibrant hues to his photography career. Additionally, he formed enduring friendships with people from different countries along the way.

NMF 2022

Alberto’s Work About NMF 2022

Directing and filming the documentary “Infodemic” was a life-changing experience for Alberto Seghezzi, and it also had a profound impact on his team members. Filming during the ascent of the second-highest peak in Europe was a defining experience for him. From that point on, Alberto made a firm decision to shift his focus from engineering to film production, driven by his passion and love for filmmaking.

Alberto in music festival

Alberto on Music Festival

Today, Alberto leads an outstanding and passionate team that has successfully completed numerous projects including music festivals, documentaries, advertisements, and more. Alberto’s footsteps have taken him across the globe, and his keen eye captures every unforgettable moment, using visuals to tell incredible stories about extraordinary individuals. His works are passionate and deeply resonate with the audience’s hearts.

In today’s blog, let’s discover how Alberto utilizes Hollyland’s Solidcom C1 Pro for his photography journey!

Aliprandi Beverage Corporate Promotional Video & 80th Anniversary Celebratory Video

This collaborative project involves shooting a corporate promotional video and an 80th-anniversary celebratory video for Aliprandi Beverage, the leading distributor in the Italian beverage industry. To ensure a well-organized shoot, we conducted detailed project planning and preparation. With a three-day shooting schedule in place, we divided the shoot into two stages: the first two days dedicated to filming the corporate promotional video, and the third day exclusively focused on capturing footage for the company’s 80th-anniversary celebratory video.

To ensure a successful shoot, we conducted comprehensive preparation in advance. Firstly, we created a detailed shot list for each day, clearly outlining the desired footage to be captured. Then, we consulted with the DOP to discuss lighting schemes and setups, meticulously planning according to daylight hours. Additionally, we conducted scene selection in advance to ensure that the venue meets our needs.


During the shoot, I took on the role of director, overseeing and coordinating the entire filming process. I also wrote the script to ensure that each shot met the expected outcome. To facilitate smooth coordination, I assigned specific roles and responsibilities to each person involved:

– Alberto Seghezzi: author and director

– Giovanni Grossi: DOP and camera op

– Paolo Alfieri: camera and director assistant

– Kiara Cherubini: backstage photographer

– One assistant/runner that changed during the three days

– One assistant from the marketing dept of the company who was close to the director during the whole shooting to approve each shot

We carried out the shooting according to the planned schedule and maintained enough flexibility to deal with any unpredictability that may arise when collaborating with big company.

D1 Aliprandi aziendale 10

During the shooting of the 80th-anniversary celebratory video, we had the privilege of filming alongside several generations who founded and developed the company. They were a remarkably friendly and cooperative family, and even the elderly members felt delighted and honored to be part of this project. Despite the nighttime shoots, they did not show signs of fatigue; on the contrary, they were enthusiastic and willing to take direction from the director. Their positive attitude greatly contributed to the overall success of the filming process. We began filming during the twilight hours and continued until 4 a.m. to capture a completely dark environment so that we could light up however we wanted.

D3 Aliprandi aziendale 386
D3 Aliprandi aziendale 402

Boost The Shooting: Compatibility, Portability, Excellent Communication

In this project, we used 4 Solidcom C1 Pro headphones and 2 Solidcom C1 headphones. These two models perfectly complemented each other, meeting our coordination needs effectively.

The first time we used the Solidcom C1 Pro back in the day I was just impressed by how good it was. The whole team was surprised because they were incredibly lightweight, contrasting with the bulky backpack-style equipment we were accustomed to. As camera ops, we often engage in dynamic movements and activities, and those traditional devices can be cumbersome and inconvenient. The lightweight design of the Solidcom C1 Pro headphones brought us a pleasant surprise and convenience.

D1 Aliprandi aziendale 70

In addition to their lightweight design, the Solidcom headphones also deliver excellent sound quality. This is crucial for our team as we require clear communication and coordination during the filming process. Moreover, we were surprised by the transmission range of the Solidcom headphones, which met our needs for long-distance communication among the crew. This means that we could easily coordinate and have no need to shout.

D1 Aliprandi aziendale 14

Uninterrupted Communication: Long Battery Life & Comfort Wearing

At first, I had doubts about the battery life because the small battery on the headsets was the only power source. But indeed, it turned out to be the biggest surprise—it’s like never-ending and charges that fast. From the moment we started using them, it’s always been continuous proof of how good the product is. Even under the pouring rain (which we encountered multiple times), they never dropped or failed, not 1 single headset. Crazy.

As mentioned earlier, everyone, including myself, who had the opportunity to work with and use the Solidcom C1 Pro intercom headset, has been amazed by its performance. Even during long days of shooting, they are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear. I’ve found recently that both the ear pads can be perfect, in particular the foam one for silent environments or when it’s very hot, it’s more breathable for the ear. But what I love the most about this product is the lifetime of the battery, just mind-blowing.

D1 Aliprandi aziendale 16

Complete Solution

During the whole project, we’ve been using the Mars M1 joint together with Mars 4k, with 1 Mars M1 for each camera (we had 2 camera setups during the set), in order to have a director monitor to allow the client and the director to see what’s shot. Last but not least we used the Lark Max mic to collect the audio of some interviews we did

D1 Aliprandi aziendale 60

Mars 4K – Wireless Video Solution

In the end, what I would have said Hollyland you’re doing great, and I know there will be more exciting products in the future so keep on doing this great job. I’m proud to be part of this amazing family.

Alberto Seghezzi | Filmmaker & Videographer Based in Brescia

I’m Alberto Seghezzi, a filmmaker based on Brescia, Italy, passionate about photography and inspired by my family. My journey started with a love for video, which grew alongside my studies in mechanical engineering.

After completing my engineering master’s, I embarked on a fast-paced adventure in filmmaking, creating memories at renowned music festivals worldwide.

A pivotal moment came with the direction and production of “Infodemic,” a documentary on Amazon Prime Videos. Filming while climbing Europe’s second-tallest mountain shifted my focus from engineering to filmmaking.

Now, I lead a passionate team collaborating on projects like Music Festival, advertisements, documentaries, and online podcasts. Based near Milan, my work takes me worldwide to capture unforgettable moments and tell incredible stories.

Connect with me on Instagram via IG Direct @alberto_seghezzi or reach out through or


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