Why is Facebook Marketplace Showing “You Can No Longer Buy or Sell on Facebook?”

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient and easy way to buy and sell items. It’s an e-commerce platform that allows users to list items and sell them to people near their locations. 

Buyers can visit the Marketplace and explore the listed items to find great items to buy at good prices. The interesting thing about using this site to sell is that users aren’t required to download an app. 

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They also don’t need to create a new account. As long as you have a Facebook account, you can sell and buy on the site. The best part is you can reach thousands of customers across your local area. 

What Can You Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Well, you can send absolutely anything legal. From new to used items, Facebook Marketplace offers it all. So, if you’re looking for items like used cars, TVs, and household items, you can easily buy them at good prices on Marketplace. 

Of course, if you have these items to sell, you can also list them and Facebook will connect you with a buyer. 

As stated, you can buy and sell anything legal on the platform, including real estate, new products, and a host of others. You can access it on the Facebook apps for Android and iOS. 

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It’s also available on desktops, though some features may be missing on the desktop version. With all the excitement surrounding buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace, it’s easy to get banned. 

Yes, you read right. You can get banned from buying or selling on Facebook Marketplace. Different reasons are responsible for this action. Unfortunately, you can even get banned without doing anything. 

Yes, you read that right again. Many users have complained about getting banned and receiving the notification – You can no longer buy or sell on Facebook.

Why is Facebook Marketplace Showing “You Can No Longer Buy or Sell on Facebook?

There are several possibilities for seeing “You can no longer buy or sell on Facebook.” Let’s look at a couple of them.

#1: Scam & Fraud

Facebook takes the security and safety of its users very seriously. So, if the site suspects that your account has the potential to scam or defraud other users, it will ban you. 

The sad thing is you may not even scam people or defraud them. If Facebook suspects you, it will ban you from selling or buying on the page. So, let’s look at a scenario. 

Let’s say you listed an item, and a buyer ordered and paid for it. Marketplace expects you to ship the order within three days. 

If you didn’t ship the order to the buyer, or you shipped it but didn’t mark the item as shipped, Facebook will cancel the order. 

If this happens repeatedly, your listing may receive a red flag and a possible ban. Therefore, ensure you play by Facebook’s policies. 

#2: selling Damaged or Broken Items

It’s almost like scamming and defrauding people. The difference is that instead of it being financial, it’s more of a misrepresentation. 

If you list an item as functional and in good condition, buyers want to receive the item the way you described it. If this is not the case, the buyer will report you and it can earn you a ban. 

When you get banned, all you’ll see in Marketplace is – You can no longer buy or sell on Facebook.

#3: Posting Tasteless Items or Junks for Sale

Recall we said you can sell anything legal in Marketplace. Well, that doesn’t include junk. In other words, you can’t sell things meant for the trashcan on Facebook Marketplace. It can earn you a ban. 

It’s crucial to go through the terms and conditions of using the e-commerce site before listing any item on the page. With this, you’ll avoid most issues.

#4: Selling Illegal Items on Facebook Marketplace

Selling items like drugs and firearms is highly prohibited on Facebook Marketplace. Doing this can earn you a ban. You can’t sell anything illegal on the platform without getting banned. 

Therefore, it’s important that you review the Community Standards and ensure you don’t violate any of the guidelines. Unfortunately, flouting any rule unintentionally will not prevent you from getting banned. 

So, take the time to read the fine print before selling or buying on the site.

#5: Facebook Just Felt Like It

Well, you read that correctly too! Facebook can ban you from Marketplace without flouting any rules. We’ve seen many of these reports across the internet, and it’s true. 

The first thing you must understand is that everything about Facebook and Marketplace is automated. So, if there’s any internal glitch, the system can send out random messages to users. 

In other words, it’s possible you’ve not done anything wrong and still get the message – You can no longer buy or sell on Facebook.

How to Resolve “You Can No Longer Buy or Sell on Facebook

Facebook bans people from its platform if they think you violated the community standards. It’s possible that the ban is a mistake and you haven’t done anything wrong. 

If this is the case, you can easily appeal the sanction and they’ll look at your request. Let’s show you how to request an appeal and resolve the problem of “You can no longer buy or sell on Facebook.”

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your mobile device.

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Step 2: Click on the hamburger icon at the top right side of your homepage.

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Step 3: Scroll down to the Help & Support section and click on it.

Step 4: It will open several options. Click on “Report a Problem.”

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Step 5: Select “How to Report a Problem.” It will prompt you to include complete logs and diagnostics in your report. Click “Include in report.”

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Step 6: Next, click “Marketplace” in the list of issues and delete the automatic attachment.

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Step 7: In the empty box, describe the issue and make a case for why Facebook shouldn’t have banned you. 

Step 8: Click “Add Image” tot add the screenshot of the message you got from Facebook, and click the “Send” icon. 

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That’s all! You can wait for one to two days for the team to review your request. If you’ve not violated any guidelines, they will lift the ban and you’ll no longer see “You can no longer buy or sell on Facebook.”

FAQ On You Can No Longer Buy or Sell on Facebook

#1: How long does a Facebook Marketplace ban last?

Answer: If you violate Facebook Terms of Service or Community Standards, Facebook can temporarily ban you from using the platform. It often lasts a maximum of 30 days. You can regain your account after the ban.

#2: How do I know if I’ve violated Facebook’s guidelines?

Answer: Go to Facebook and click on your profile. Next, click Help & Support and then the Support Inbox. Now click “Your Violations” and you can see any logged violations.


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