Connection & Use

June 29, 2023
Q1: How to pair the transmitter with the receiver?
Automatic pairing
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Place the transmitter and the receiver in the charging case, and they will pair automatically. 

Pairing Manually
Mic 置于配对状态
  1. Turn on the transmitter and the receiver, and press and hold the pairing button on the transmitter to enter pairing mode. In this case, the transmitter status indicator light flashes quickly.
  2. Turn on the [Pairing] button on the receiver [System Setting] 
  3. If the transmitter status indicator light turns steady blue, pairing is successful.
Q2: How to turn on the internal recording?
Turn on REC
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  1. Press the REC button on the transmitter to enable the recording function. 
  2. When recording, the transmitter REC indicator light turns steady red.
Turn on in the receiver
image 445
  1. Enter Mic Menu from the home button on the right and switch mic option via turning the knob
  2. Touch the REC icon to turn on the internal record in Mic1/Mic2.
Q3: What do the different lights of the transmitter status indicator indicate?
TX Indicator ColourIndicator Colours Introduction
BlueConstant: TX is connected with RX
Flashing slowly: TX is disconnected
Flashing quickly: TX is pairing
GreenConstant: TX ENC on
Flashing slowly: TX ENC on but disconnected
RedConstant: TX is muted (only switchable on the RX)
Flashing:  TX low battery
OrangeFlashing: TX Power OFF & Charging
Flashing and back to normal after 5s: TX Power ON & Charging
Constant: TX Power OFF & Fully Charged
Red and BlueAlternate Flashing: TX malfunctioning
PinkConstant: TX is upgrading
Q4: How to mute the transmitters?
image 445
  1. Tap the home button on the receiver then switch the Mic1 or Mic2 by turning the knob
  2. Tap the mic icon to mute the corresponding mic. 
Q5: What should I do when the Transmitter/Mic cannot be recognized by a laptop?

Disconnect the transmitter from the laptop and then connect it to the laptop again.

Q6: Why the Transmitter/Mic can't be formatted via the receiver?

The transmitter can’t be formatted on the receiver in the following three cases:

  • The mic is recording
  • Transmitter is connected to the PC
  • Transmitter is disconnected from the receiver
Q7: Why press the transmitter power button will stop the recording?

Suppose your phone’s camera supports volume keys to control recording and pause. In that case, you can control the recording and pause of the original camera of the phone by pressing the transmitter power button.