How long does Mars M1 work using a NP-F battery?

March 27, 2023

OVERVIEWS: Mars M1 supports NP-F battery power supply, you can refer to this article to count the working time of Mars M1.

Battery TypeBattery life
NP-F 970About 4 hours
NP-F 750About 2.5 hours
NP-F 550About 1.2 hours

The specifications and performance of each battery are different; the approximate usage time can be calculated by the following formula:

E.g: NP-F970 battery specification: 7.4V 6600mAh   48.8Wh

Mars M1 maximum working power:14.5W

Working time = 7.4V * (6600mAh / 1000)A / 14.5W = 48.8Wh/14.5W≈3.36h≈201min

Article Number: 【AS-220827003_9】