March 4, 2024
Q1: How to connect the switcher to the base station?

A:There are two options, one is connect by ethernet cable via RJ45 ports, another is connect by DB25 to DB25/16/9…cables via GPIO ports(need to leaning the line sequence).


Q2: How to pair the tally light with the base station?

A:Turn on the tally light and then connect it to the base station via USB-C to USB A cable, and then confirm at base station.

Q3: How to change the tally light channels?

A:Rotate the knob of the tally light, it does support 16  channels in total.

Q4: Is that possible to have two status in one channel?

A:No, only one status in one channel at the same time.

Q5: Does the tally system support work with Vmix?

A:Yes, it support, just connect the base station to the laptop by ethernet cable.

Q6: Is that possible to change the tally light brightness?

A:Yes, there are 4 levels of the brightness. and there are two ways to change it, one is double click the power button of the tally light change it one by one, another is change all of them by base station.

Q7: Why is the tally system can not receive the PGM signal from ATEM SDI Extreme ISO?


The tally system is compatible with ATEM SDI Extreme ISO, please trying to reset the output settings of the switcher from “settings”->”Labels”->”Output” by ATEM Software Control.