MY LARK MOMENT: A Passionate Videographer—Connecting the World Through Audiovisual Magic

By Hollyland | June 19, 2023



Sersh Gracias is a talented and skilled videographer who uses his impressive technical skills and creativity to unite people through streaming and content creation. With a strong love for music and a curiosity to bridge cultural divides, Sersh has worked tirelessly to capture the essence of music and cultural events. In this article, we’ll explore Sersh’s career and share his experience using Lark 150 through a Q&A session.

About Sersh

“My journey in streaming and videography began in 2007. That’s when I became familiar with Hollyland. I remember the days when I had to carry heavy cases filled with SDI and audio cables. However, with Hollyland’s wireless systems, I can now easily take cameras anywhere and capture the essence of far-flung places. This freedom has allowed me to be more creative and share my passion with people all over the world.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, my team and I successfully filmed the Tapati festival, a nine-day celebration of Rapa Nui culture that includes music, dance, costumes, history, and art. We used top-notch equipment, such as Blackmagic cameras, a drone, and Hollyland’s Syscom421 wireless technology, to capture the festival’s authentic atmosphere and unite people from all over. As I observed the festival, I was deeply moved by the happiness and appreciation it generated. The festival’s remarkable video quality and energetic vibe touched individuals across the globe, reminding me of my work’s significant role in capturing and sharing cherished moments despite physical boundaries.

During the pandemic, I stumbled upon the Lark 150 microphone, which has significantly improved my creative projects. I found it easy to integrate into my remote streaming setups. I have even collaborated with industry professionals, including some of the most popular rappers, to offer streaming products that included the reliable Lark 150 microphones for seamless remote streaming experiences. For more information on the Lark 150, refer to the Q&A section below. “

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Q&A Session:

Q1: Why did you decide to use the Lark 150? What were you doing the first time you used it?
I started using the Lark microphone as soon as it was released, right during the pandemic. As a streaming expert, I was frequently called upon to set up remote streaming sessions. One of the most memorable experiences was working with renowned rappers for a contest sponsored by Pepsi. I had to provide each contestant with a Mac, camera, ATEM Mini, and Lark 150 microphone; some contestants have no technical experience. The streaming was a total success. The Lark microphone proved to be a favorite among these contestants because of its seamless performance and high-quality audio output. 

Q2: Do you still use the Lark 150\? If so, how has it changed your creative work or daily life?
Yes, I highly recommend the Lark microphone, as it has become a crucial tool in my work. During my recent trip to Lisbon, I purchased the Lark M1 microphone, which I plan to use for interviews with well-known DJs in Ibiza, such as Claptone, Paco Osuna, and Allendes. The Lark microphones are small, have outstanding sound quality, and are reasonably priced. It has greatly improved the audio of my productions, adding professionalism and elegance to my work.

Q3: What do you think are the advantages of using the Lark mic?
The Lark microphone is exceptional in many ways. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use. The audio quality is outstanding and surpasses my previous microphone, and  it comes at a more affordable price. Moreover, the Lark microphones look great, making them perfect to wear during interviews and on camera.

Q4: What special moments have you recorded using the Lark mic, and what do they mean to you?
During the pandemic, I had to send a Lark 150 microphone to a well-known pianist for an online interview. At first, the pianist was hesitant about remote setups, but upon receiving the package and discovering the Lark microphone inside, they were pleasantly surprised. The microphone worked perfectly right from the beginning due to its long battery life, flawless performance, and intuitive user experience. This experience left a lasting impression on the musician, and it was heartwarming to witness how it brought joy and ease to their life during a difficult time.

Q5: How important is audio in your everyday life and creative endeavors?
Audio plays a crucial role in both my work and personal life. Whether I am streaming or creating videos, it is important to strike a balance between audio and visuals. When both are of high quality, they enhance each other and create a perfect experience. However, if the audio is poor, it can ruin even the most impressive visuals. Good audio has the power to establish emotional connections, set the tone, and amplify the impact of any production. As a videographer, I believe that audio is critical to the success of all our projects.

Q6: What benefits have you gained from using the Lark mic in your personal or professional audio projects?
I love using the Lark microphone for my audio projects. It’s small in size but produces exceptional audio quality, which has transformed the way I work. The Hollyland team has provided me with excellent aftersales service and affordable, reliable products. This has helped me capture amazing moments without any technical issues.

Through his work, Sersh shares the beauty of music, culture, arts, and passion with the world, using invisible signals to connect people across borders and foster powerful connections. As we celebrate “My Lark Moment” with Sersh, we invite you to embark on your own journey of exploring your potential and building bridges between cultures and individuals, no matter where they are located.

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