The Success Story of Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro at Rock of Trenton Church

By Hollyland | August 16, 2023



The Rock of Trenton Church, TN, faced a common challenge for small congregations: maintaining clear communication within their dedicated five-person production team. With a congregation of 200, the church sought a budget-friendly solution that could accommodate their needs without sacrificing quality. Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro, an outstanding full-duplex wireless intercom headset system, offered them the solution.


1. Streamlined Simplicity Boosts Team Efficiency

The standout feature for the team was the system’s user-friendliness. “Our experience has been exceptional. Setup takes less than a minute, and training new techs is equally efficient!” exclaimed a team member. The Solidcom C1 Pro’s intuitive design, instant headset pairing, and hands-free operation allowed the Rock of Trenton Church team to shift their focus from potential technical hitches to their primary tasks.

2. The Perfect Blend of Quality, Affordability, and Durability

Comfort was another highlight that the Rock Church team praised. “So lightweight, you won’t even feel it. Ideal for hands-free work.” Given that each headset is a mere 170g and comes with plush over-ear leather cushioning, the Solidcom C1 Pro ensures consistent comfort, even during prolonged use.

3. Designed for All-Day Comfort

The team was particularly fond of the system’s PTT Talk/Mute function. “Push-to-talk and flip mute options are fantastic. Perfect for various media team roles.” The full-duplex, hands-free intercommunication mimicked walkie-talkies, providing ease and flexibility for different roles within the team.

4. Seamless Communication with Intuitive Features

Lastly, the dual-mic ENC technology stood out for ensuring pristine communication. “The ENC is great! Crystal-clear communication in noisy settings.” This tech feature cuts down ambient noise by 20 dB, ensuring high-definition audio with a remarkable >70dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio and minimal distortion.

5. Crystal-Clear Audio with Advanced Technology

The Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro proved to be a perfect fit for the Rock of Trenton Church as it met all their requirements, from exceptional audio quality to a comfortable design, all at an affordable price. It increased the working efficiency of the Rock of Trenton Church’s production team and ensured clear communication with their congregation.



Chad Miller from the church encapsulated their experience: “The Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro is a game-changer! Effortless setup, lightweight design, impressive noise cancellation, flip mute & push-to-talk functions, making media team collaboration a breeze.”

With the Solidcom C1 Pro, the Rock of Trenton Church discovered an affordable, efficient, and high-quality solution that enhanced their media production and collaboration, inspiring similar organizations. It’s an excellent example of how innovative technology can help build better communities, especially in intimate settings like the Rock of Trenton Church.

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