Add HBO Max To Your TV [Step by Step]

YouTube TV, a popular streaming service, continues to enhance its content offerings by integrating premium channels. One such exciting addition is HBO Max, a treasure trove of premium content ranging from blockbuster movies to exclusive original series. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to elevate your streaming experience by adding HBO Max to your YouTube TV subscription.

Enhance Your YouTube Experience: Adding HBO Max for Premium Entertainment

HBO Max stands out for its diverse and extensive content library. From timeless classics to the latest releases, HBO Max offers a broad spectrum of entertainment, including HBO Originals, Warner Bros. blockbusters, and exclusive streaming rights to popular TV shows. 

Adding HBO Max to your YouTube TV subscription opens up a world of high-quality, on-demand content.  Adding HBO Max to your YouTube channel means more entertainment variety.

You get top-notch movies, shows, and exclusive content that mixes well with your usual YouTube videos. It’s like having a huge library of entertainment right at your fingertips, ready for whatever mood you’re in. 

This combo makes it easy to switch between your regular YouTube stuff and HBO Max’s high-quality shows and movies. It’s a smart choice for anyone who wants a mix of user-generated content from YouTube and the special, curated shows from HBO Max, all in one place.

 But there are prerequisites to adding HBO Max to your YouTube TV. Let’s discuss what those prerequisites are. 

Prerequisites: Get Ready to Dive In

Before embarking on the journey to add HBO Max to your YouTube TV, let’s ensure you meet the prerequisites:

  1. Active YouTube TV Subscription  
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Before diving into the world of HBO Max on YouTube TV, ensure that you have an active subscription to YouTube TV. If you’re not yet a subscriber, take the first step by visiting the official YouTube TV website and creating your account. This straightforward process sets the foundation for your seamless integration of HBO Max into your YouTube TV subscription.

  1. HBO Max Subscription
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To unlock the vast world of HBO Max content on YouTube TV, remember that HBO Max operates as a standalone streaming service, necessitating its own subscription. Take the next step by subscribing to HBO Max through their official website or the HBO Max app. This dedicated subscription ensures that you have access to the exclusive offerings that HBO Max brings to the table.

  1. Compatible Device

 Make sure your device supports both YouTube TV and HBO Max. Both services are accessible on various platforms, including smart TVs, streaming devices (like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick), game consoles, and mobile devices.

How to Add HBO Max to YouTube TV

Now that you’ve met these prerequisites let’s dive into the step-by-step process of adding HBO Max to your YouTube TV.

Step 1: Update the YouTube TV App

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Before adding HBO Max, ensure your YouTube TV app is up to date. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS).

Step 2: Search for “YouTube TV” and tap “Update” if an update is available.

Step 3: Wait for the update to finish and launch the updated app.

Keeping your YouTube TV app updated ensures a smoother experience when integrating HBO Max.

Step 2: Install the HBO Max App

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With the updated YouTube TV app, install the HBO Max app on your device:

Step 1: Open your device’s app store.

Step 2: Search for “HBO Max” and tap “Download” or “Install.”

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Step 3: Launch the HBO Max app and sign in or sign up for an account.

Step 3: Access Your YouTube TV Account

Step 1: Open the YouTube TV app or visit the official website.

Step 2: Ensure you are logged in to your YouTube TV account.

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Step 4: Navigate to Settings

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Look for the settings menu, typically represented by a gear icon. This is usually located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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Step 5: Subscription and Billing

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Within the settings menu, find the “Subscription” or “Billing” section. This is where you manage your subscription details.

Step 6: Explore Add-ons

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Look for an option like “Add-ons” or “Premium Channels.” This is where you can customize your subscription by adding premium channels.

Step 7: Locate HBO Max

Step 1: Scroll through the available add-ons until you find HBO Max. It’s often listed alongside other premium channels.

Step 2: Select HBO Max

Step 3: Click on HBO Max to view additional details and pricing information.

Step 8: Confirm Addition

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Once you’ve reviewed the details, confirm your decision to add HBO Max to your subscription. This may involve accepting additional charges.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully added HBO Max to your YouTube TV subscription. Access the HBO Max app to start streaming a vast array of content.

Benefits of Adding HBO Max to YouTube TV

  1. Expanded Content Library
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Dive into the unparalleled world of HBO’s premium content, where iconic series like “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld” await your exploration. By adding HBO Max to your YouTube TV subscription, you gain access to an exclusive realm of storytelling brilliance, featuring not only these acclaimed series but also a vast collection of exclusive movies and captivating documentaries.

Whether you’re a fan of epic fantasy, immersive science fiction, or compelling real-life narratives, HBO Max offers a diverse range of content that transcends conventional entertainment boundaries. It’s not just streaming; it’s a journey into the extraordinary.

  1. On-Demand Streaming
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You can indulge in the liberating world of on-demand streaming, which grants you the freedom to savor your preferred shows and movies at your convenience. With HBO Max seamlessly integrated into your YouTube TV subscription, you have the power to curate your entertainment experience, watching beloved content whenever your schedule permits. It’s not just television; it’s entertainment tailored to your lifestyle.

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility

You can effortlessly transit between the realms of YouTube TV and the HBO Max app across a multitude of devices, guaranteeing that you capture every captivating moment of your chosen content. Whether you’re on your smart TV, smartphone, tablet, or streaming device, the seamless integration ensures a continuous and uninterrupted flow of entertainment, putting you in control of your viewing experience. Enjoy the flexibility to move from live TV to exclusive HBO Max offerings with unparalleled ease.

  1. Exclusive Originals
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In HBO Max’s exclusive originals, storytelling takes on a fresh and innovative perspective. Experience narratives that push the boundaries of creativity, providing a unique and captivating journey through genres, themes, and cinematic techniques. From groundbreaking series to thought-provoking movies, HBO Max’s exclusive content promises an unparalleled and imaginative exploration of storytelling that sets it apart in the realm of streaming platforms.

And here is a fun fact, Did you know that integrating HBO Max with your YouTube TV not only expands your content options but also opens the door to exclusive releases and early access to theatrical films? It’s like unlocking a VIP pass to a world of entertainment, giving you a front-row seat to the latest and greatest shows and movies before everyone else. So, not only do you get a mix of user-generated content and premium shows, but you also get a sneak peek into the hottest releases—talk about the best of both worlds. 

HBO Max Plans: Ultimate, Ad-Free, and With Ads

You can subscribe to HBO Max through various providers, each offering different plans and billing options. To subscribe, visit the “How do I get Max?” section on the HBO Max website.

Max PlanPrice (Monthly)Price (Yearly)Savings
With Ads$9.99$99.9916%
Ultimate Ad-Free$19.99$199.9916%

B/R Sports Add-on

Watch select sports on HBO Max through February 29, 2024, with the B/R Sports Add-on. After the promotional period, you can add the B/R Sports Add-on starting at $9.99/month (when billed through HBO Max). A base subscription will be required. Pricing and availability vary by subscription provider. For more information, visit the B/R Sports on Max section.


Enhance your entertainment journey by seamlessly integrating HBO Max into your YouTube TV subscription. This dynamic duo offers a vast selection of premium content, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience with the convenience of on-demand streaming. Follow the outlined steps above to effortlessly merge HBO Max and YouTube TV, opening up a world of cinematic adventures right at your fingertips.

Immerse yourself in the synergy of these two platforms, broadening your access to a rich library of movies, series, documentaries, and exclusive content. The collaboration between HBO Max and YouTube TV not only adds convenience to your entertainment routine but also introduces a seamless blend of quality programming and user-friendly accessibility. Discover the latest releases, explore diverse genres, and curate your entertainment lineup with ease. Your cinematic journey begins with HBO Max on YouTube TV, delivering a perfect fusion of premium content and unparalleled convenience.


Q: Is HBO Max available on all devices through YouTube TV?

A: Yes, HBO Max is compatible with various devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices.

Q: Can I cancel HBO Max at any time?

A: Yes, you have the flexibility to add or remove HBO Max from your YouTube TV subscription at any time.

Q: Are there any additional costs for adding HBO Max to YouTube TV?

A: Yes, adding HBO Max typically incurs an additional monthly fee, which may vary based on your location and existing subscription.

Q: Can I access exclusive HBO Max features through YouTube TV?

A: Yes, by adding HBO Max to your YouTube TV, you gain access to exclusive features, early releases, and a premium library of content that goes beyond the standard YouTube offerings.


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