Everything About Remote Features Disabled to Preserve Battery

One of the worst possible times is when you are all set to drive your car, and suddenly the message pops up “Remote features disabled to preserve battery.” And this is frustrating. 

Many companies have implemented various techniques to optimize power consumption to resolve this concern. But, if the error “remote features disabled to preserve battery” is popping out rigorously on FordPass so you need to fix this. Here in this article, I will share the best solutions to fix this issue permanently.

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Moreover, if you wish to fix remote features disabled to preserve the battery forever, you must understand the causes first since it helps you quickly understand the fix for your car or truck.  

So, ready to learn? Let’s dive into it!

What do remote features disabled to preserve battery mean?

Disabling or altering some functionality on electronic devices to preserve battery life is referred to as “remote features disabled to preserve battery.” These remote features frequently involve wireless connectivity and energy-intensive background operations. Users can increase the battery life of their devices and ensure they function longer between charges by turning off or altering these functions.

remote features disabled to preserve battery

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, background app refresh, push email, automatic downloads, app notifications, and synchronization services are a few examples of remote functionality that can be turned off. Although helpful for various tasks and connectivity, these functions might be power-intensive when kept on. They can be turned off or modified to reduce wasteful energy use and improve battery efficiency.

However, individual needs and tastes will determine whether to disable or adjust remote functionality. While turning off some features may reduce connectivity or functionality, it can significantly increase battery life, particularly when charging options are scarce or non-existent.

Moreover, users can extend the time their electronic devices can be used by controlling remote features and finding a balance between battery preservation and device usefulness. By doing this, they can ensure that their gadgets are functional throughout the day or while performing crucial tasks without frequently recharging them.

Causes for Remote Features Disabled To Preserve Battery

Several causes are responsible if the Remote Features Disabled to Preserve Battery message pops out. However, one must remember that the cause can vary from one device to another, operating systems, and user settings. 

Therefore, I am sharing the most common issues that might trigger the Remote Features Disabled to Preserve Battery message. 

  1. Power Saving mode: Turning on power saving mode may cause this message since it starts to save the battery when it needs to charge up.
  1. Long Drive- Getting Remote Features Disabled to Preserve Battery after a long drive is pretty okay because the battery is getting low, and you have nothing to do about it. 
  1. Weather conditions: Sometimes, driving too long in hot and winter can impact the battery system. So, you ignore it because there is nothing you can do to save it. 
  1. Background Data Usage: Some background-running programs or services may use excessive data or often contact distant servers. With this constant data transfer, some remote functionalities may need to be turned off to save power.
  1. Poor Network Connection: A device may repeatedly attempt to establish a connection or retain a signal if it has a weak or unstable network connection. This may use a lot of battery life, which can turn off some remote capabilities.
  1. Power Management Settings: Devices frequently contain power management options that enable or restrict some remote functionality to save battery life. These options may be manually adjusted by the user or enabled by default.
  1. Push Notifications: Some applications use push notifications to send messages or updates in real-time. Push alerts are helpful, but they also need the device to keep an active connection to the server, which might deplete the battery. Push notifications can be turned off for individual apps or globally to save battery life.
  1. GPS & Wi-Fi Services: Location-based services, such as GPS, must be in constant contact with satellites to pinpoint a device’s precise location. To preserve battery life, GPS and other location-based services may be disabled due to continuous communication’s high power consumption.

Fixes for Remote Features Disabled To Preserve Battery

Now, you have understood the causes for Remote Features Disabled to Preserve Battery. It’s time to identify the fixes that can resolve this error quickly. 

Fix 1: Recharging Batteries

It’s annoying when you charge batteries previously, and they suddenly drop out. Maybe this caused because of bad cells in the batteries or something else. 

It would help if you changed the cells or charged them appropriately overnight. Here are the steps to charge the batteries correctly:

Note- while recharging batteries, ensure you have turned off all the accessories like the Air conditioner and others for faster charging. 

Step 1: When charging a battery, ensure the negative charger lead is connected to the chassis main earth point, and the positive charger lead is connected directly to the battery terminal.

Step 2: DO NOT connect the negative charger lead to the battery negative terminal.

Once the battery is charged, check if the “remote features disabled to preserve the battery” message is still popping out or gone. If it is still showing, then try to fix 2. 

Fix 2: Changing Batteries

Changing batteries can be a great fix to overcome errors permanently. If you think charging the battery is not working, change them. 

To perform this step, you must visit the agency since they can help you best. For instance, your Ford car battery shows a “remote features disabled to preserve battery” message even after fully charging the batteries. The auto parts engineer will examine the car and battery; if needed, he will replace the batteries, and you are all set to go. 

Note- if the batteries are under warranty, you can save money with the Ford agency. 

Fix 3: Reset Battery Sensor

After installing the new battery, resetting the battery sensor is crucial. To do this, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Turn on the ignition when the engine is off.

Note: Steps 2 and 3 must be finished within 10 seconds.

Step 2: Flash the Five high beam headlamps by extinguishing the high lights.

Step 3: Three times on and off the brake pedal.

Step 4: Three flashes of the battery warning lamp signal to ensure that the reset is successful.

Fix 4: Examine the Voltage

Checking the voltage between the terminals is a good idea when changing batteries because Ford has been using AGM batteries. It should have a voltage of 12.8 to 13.0 volts if fully charged. Anything below 11.00 Volts is flat and harmful, and 12.0 Volts is nearly half full. 

Short excursions or extended periods without driving won’t allow the battery to recharge. A faulty cell or battery is another possibility. However, a thorough charge with a battery charger rated for AGM typically solves the issue.

Fix 5: Drive Frequently 

If you drive often, getting the “remote features disabled to preserve battery” message is okay. It is because the batteries are barely alive, which certainly impacts its performance. Here’s how:

  • Long periods of inactivity can cause a vehicle’s battery to lose charge progressively. Modern automobiles frequently have several electrical systems that consume very little electricity even when the vehicle is not in use. This may eventually result in a drained battery.
  • Over time, batteries will gradually deplete themselves, and if they are not frequently recharged, their overall capacity may decrease. This may result in a reduction in energy storage and a reduction in battery life.
  • Battery internal corrosion can also be brought on by inactivity. The electrolyte inside the battery may stratify if it is not routinely charged, which will cause the internal components to corrode. 

So, to maintain the battery life and avoid such issues, it is crucial to drive frequently. Keep going 50 miles or more for fast charging. 

Note- while driving long, ensure you have turned off all the accessories like the Air conditioner and others for faster charging. 


Remote features disabled to preserve battery is a standard message that pop-up due to internet fault or possible reasons like less drive, poor battery charge, and more. If you are getting this message, then don’t worry. You follow the above-mentioned methods and drive your car without issues. 


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