How to Remove Recommended Videos on YouTube

As a regular YouTube user, you may be familiar with the tab for suggested channels. YouTube can track your watched videos and helps you with better search. It uses the data to create a curated list of channel recommendations. However, the video platform also depends on the data from web browsers (such as Google Search) and affiliated apps to track your searches. YouTube use these details to make recommendations. But, if you do not prefer these recommendations from YouTube, you may remove them. The brief guide will help you know how to delete the recommended YT videos. 

Know how YouTube’s algorithms recommend videos

YouTube monitors different activities, such as your search history, preferred channels, and watch list. This data allows the video platform to make a custom list of channel recommendations. But, in some cases, you may find recommendations that have not gathered your interest.

For instance, you have recently clicked on the new suggestions about video channels. You have learned about the creator and the content. As you have clicked on it, YT’s algorithms will recommend similar video channels. Managing the recommendations allows you to refresh the list. 

YouTube’s new announcements about video recommendations

In 2023, YouTube made some new recommendations about the display of the videos on sections like Up Next and Homepage. The video platform will not show recommendations to viewers who have deactivated the watch history. According to YouTube, video recommendations depend on the details revealed in the watch history. So, if you have turned off the watch history, you will not find recommended videos on the Homepage. The Homepage will be blank and show just the side menu and search bar. However, this update allows users to browse and search topics and subscriptions instead of having recommendations.

In case the watch history is deactivated, the absence of personalized recommendations may cause negative or positive reactions among users. If you have a positive outlook, it means you can easily access the subscribed content. But, some users think that it prevents them from discovering the latest videos.

Guide to removing recommended YouTube videos

We have shown multiple methods for deleting the recommended YT videos.

Removing recommended YT channels from your Home Page

There are some steps for removing YT channels from the Home Page.

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  • Log on to your YouTube account.
  • Hover your pointer over the title of the video from the recommended YouTube channel.
  • Hit the 3-vertical dots adjacent to the title.
  • Choose the option- ‘Do not Recommend Channel’ on the menu.
  • You can check the result after refreshing the homepage.

Delete video from the watch history

YouTube’s algorithm makes your channel recommendations list depending on your previously watched videos. If you delete particular videos from your watch history, YouTube will refresh the suggestion list. So, check the way you can do it.

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Visit and access your account.

On the left-hand side at the top corner, you can find 3 horizontal lines. By clicking it, you can find the watch history option. Make sure your Watch History feature is enabled. The right-hand side of the interface shows the option- Clear All Watch History.

How to remove individual recommendations

Access YouTube from your Android mobile or browser. Make sure that you provide the login details to find the new modifications in your account. Both the browser and the app will show the changes you have made.

Start scrolling the screen and delete unwanted and irrelevant videos. Only one video can be flagged at a time. So, you have to click on the 3 dots and choose the Not Interested option for every video to be removed.

You can regularly curate the list of recommended videos. YouTube’s algorithms will continue recommending videos if you have not managed the data of your preferences. Thus, you should remove irrelevant videos to keep the feed cleaner. It will help you find the videos that are useful to you.

How much time does YouTube take to recommend a particular video?

YouTube’s advanced algorithms always search for signals. So, they may not take much time to recommend the relevant videos. But, it does not mean that you will instantly notice the newly recommended videos. The main purpose of the algorithms is to match the content with viewers. 

Suppose, you regularly watch a particular channel’s videos. At the same time, they watch the newly uploaded videos. It will allow YouTube to think that videos from the channel are important to you. However, this feature may not be useful for new and small channel owners as YouTube does not have comprehensive information about them. 

If the video creator has optimized his videos, YouTube will recommend the content to the right audience. 

Recommendations from popular channels without becoming a subscriber

YouTube algorithms try to find videos that have a higher engagement rate. If a YT channel has millions of subscribers, it indicates that other YouTube users will also like it. That is why non-subscribers may find the best videos in the recommendation list.

On the other hand, smaller channels face a challenge because YouTube has limited information on their audience. So, it prevents the algorithm from presenting their videos to the audience. 

Retention and watchtime- Other recommendation factors

YouTube video makers have a big question about recommendations. Is the overall watchtime or viewer retention rate more important for the YouTube algorithm? According to YouTube’s data, viewers watch a significant part of a video when they are satisfied with the content. However, it never means that the value of retention is always higher. Recommendation lists are customized for every user. Thus, watchtime does not get equal importance all the time. A 5-minute watchtime is enough if the viewer’s average daily watchtime is 2 to 3 minutes. But, this perspective may be different for other viewers.


YouTube’s video recommendation feature is highly advantageous for viewers. However, not every recommendation is valuable to the viewer. That is why some viewers want to delete a few recommended videos. The brief guide will help you delete unwanted videos easily.


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