How to Upload Audio to Instagram? [Step by Step]

Instagram has evolved beyond simply featuring eye-catching images and videos. Audio has become a very useful tool for content creators. It has given their work a completely new perspective. But what precisely does Instagram’s definition of “audio” mean? We’re discussing anything from voiceovers to natural spunds caught in your videos to music and sound effects.

This use of sound is a calculated decision rather than merely a fad. In fact, it is quite strategic. Strategic use of sound design can draw in viewers and produce a more engaging experience. 

To put it briefly, audio opens up additional creative expression possibilities. It is not limited to that; it enhances audience engagement by helping you establish a closer connection with them.

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Understanding Instagram Audio Features

It is important to understand Instagram’s audio features as a content creator who intends to include audio. The usage and inclusion of audio make your content pretty engaging and appealing for the consumers.

Overview of Instagram’s Audio Abilities

So, how can you use these components to create your content? Fortunately, Instagram provides a comprehensive library of audio tools. Reels, ordinary feed items (styled as movies or slideshows), and stories can all have audio added to them.

Instagram’s built-in music library makes it easy to choose the ideal soundtrack. Look for songs that are in style, sound effects that are current, or genres that complement the tone of your video. 

You may also post your own original audio clips to Instagram. With the help of these tools, you can fully exercise creative control over the audio experience.  

Types of Audio Content That You Can Upload

The diversity of Instagram’s audio features is what makes them so beautiful. Let’s investigate the vast collection of audio files you are able to upload.

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You can use licensed music that goes well with your pictures to build the mood. It may be anything from soulful renditions to chart-topping songs to your own creative creations.

Sound Effects

Use claps, whooshes, laughter tracks, or any other kind of sound effect. These effects will help you add comedy, drama, or emphasis to your stories and reels.


Do you have any wise words to impart? Narrate in your own voice for lessons, record a message for your audience, or present a compelling Reel.

External Audio (Use Caution)

Would you like to add a particular audio clip? It could be possible to extract audio from several sources. But take particular care to prevent copyright violations.

Preparing Your Audio Content

Now that you’re aware of a wide variety of audio options, how do you select the right one? Let’s explore this in detail.

Selecting the Right Audio

First things first, ensure your chosen audio file is compatible with Instagram. The most common and supported formats are .mp3 and .wav. 

You should keep in mind that Instagram imposes duration limits on audio uploads. It is 15 seconds for Stories and 90 seconds for Reels (subject to change). For video/slideshow feed posts, the limit aligns with the overall video length. For Reels specifically, 90 seconds provides ample room for creative expression.

Editing and Optimizing Your Audio

After selecting your audio, think about giving it a polished look. This brings us to the editing stage.  

From effective, pricey programs like Adobe Audition to free choices like Audacity (PC) or GarageBand (Apple devices). You can also use online audio editors such as TwistedWave, which are also useful for fast editing.

Tips for Audio Enhancement

Here are a few valuable tips for audio betterment.

Silence the background: You should remove distracting hum or hiss for a cleaner audio experience.

Level Up: It should be important for you to ensure consistent volume throughout for easy listening.

EQ Gently: Make subtle adjustments to enhance audio clarity without distortion.

Uploading Audio via Instagram Stories

You can make your Instagram stories incredibly interesting by adding audio to them. It is an easy process. Here is the process that you need to follow.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Audio to A Story

1. To create a new Story: Tap the “+” icon on your profile or swipe right.

2. Navigate to the music sticker: Tap the sticker icon, then select the “Music” sticker.

3. The next step would be searching for or uploading your audio:

  • Search for songs within Instagram’s library.
  • Tap “Import” to upload your own audio file.

4. Adjusting the audio clip length: Drag the audio waveform to select the desired portion.

To make your stories more engaging and to compliment your audio, consider the following.

Customizing your Story with Text, Stickers, and Filters

You should use eye-catching effects and text overlays to enhance your audio. To further intrigue your audience, use the text tool to add titles, captions, or quizzes.

You can also use the extensive stickers available to better the particular aspects. Along with that, check filter choices. It improves your Story’s visual tone and harmonizes it with the soundtrack.

Sharing Your Story with Followers or A Selected Audience

Once you’ve crafted your masterpiece, it’s time to share it with your followers! You can choose “Your Story” to share it publicly. If you have a more specific audience in mind, you can opt for “Close Friends,” a curated list you create.

Uploading Audio to Instagram Feed Posts 

While Stories offers a quick and interactive way to share audio, Instagram Feed posts allow for a more polished presentation. Here’s how to create an audio-visual masterpiece for your feed.

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Tools and Apps for Creating Audio-visual Content

There are certain tools and applications that you can put to use to create compelling audio-visual content. A few are listed below.

  • InShot
  • CapCut
  • iMovie

Please remember that syncing the audio with the visuals is significantly important. It makes your content appealing to the audience.

Posting to Instagram Feed

You can follow the below-mentioned, easy-to-execute considerations to upload a piece of audio-visual content.

  • Compelling Caption: You should briefly explain what the audio is about or use it to spark curiosity (e.g., “The behind-the-scenes sounds of making this!”).
  • Tags & Location: Apart from that, you can tag collaborators or featured accounts and add a location tag to reach new viewers.
  • Hashtag: Use relevant hashtags to connect with those searching for similar content.

Uploading Audio to Instagram Reels

In the current Instagram era, most of the content is consumed in the form of Instagram reels.

To make your content reach the right audiences, you should incorporate audio into the reels. Here’s how it can be done.

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Creating a Reel with Your Audio

Reels are perfect for showcasing captivating audio-visual stories. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Capture Compelling Content

You have two options. Shoot your video clips directly within the Reels interface or upload pre-edited videos you’ve created elsewhere.

For perfect audio recording while filming on location, consider the Hollyland Lark 150. This wireless microphone system not only ensures clear audio but is also compact and portable. These features have made it ideal for mobile content creation.

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lark 150 box 1

Hollyland Lark 150

Compact Wireless Microphone System with Wide Compatibility.

Add the Sound

Once you have your visuals, it’s time to integrate the audio. You’ll need to tap the “Audio” icon within the Reels editing interface. From there, select “Import” to upload your chosen audio file.


The beauty of Reels lies in its editing capabilities. You can cut your video clips to seamlessly match the rhythm and transitions of your audio. Experiment with the various editing tools and make your content incredibly creative.

Sharing Your Reel

Let’s talk about how you can make your reels reach the right audiences.

Reel Description

You should craft a short, attention-grabbing caption that hooks viewers and hints at the Reel’s content (e.g., “Blooper reel: When things go hilariously wrong!”).

Sharing Everywhere

Share your Reel to reach a wider audience. Choose “Explore” to potentially reach new viewers beyond your followers. You can also share it with your feed or Story for maximum visibility within your followers.

Best Practices for Uploading Audio on Instagram

Moving forward, let’s explore the best ways to upload your audio on Instagram.

Copyright Concerns 

You should always use copyright-free music or get permission to avoid video takedowns.

Engaging Audio

As you select the audio, you should consider leveraging trends, creating unique sounds, and responding with audio comments.

Analyzing Audio Performance

You should also track audio content performance with Instagram Insights. 

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There are a few common problems that you might face. Let’s sort them out.

  • File compatibility 

Ensure your audio format (e.g., MP3) is supported by Instagram before uploading.

  • Internet connection issues

Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data strength for a smooth upload process.

Audio Quality Problems

  • Distortion or volume inconsistencies 

Re-record your audio or edit it using recommended settings to improve clarity.

Addressing Copyright Claims

  • Content flagged 

If your content is flagged, dispute it if you have the rights, or remove the audio to avoid penalties.


What audio formats does Instagram support?

For Instagram audio, stick to MP4 or MOV formats for hassle-free uploading.

How long can my audio be on Instagram Stories, Feed posts, and Reels?

Here are the audio length limits: Stories (15 sec per segment, max 60 sec total), Feed posts (vary based on content type), and Reels (up to 60 sec).

Can I upload music to Instagram without copyright issues?

For this, use royalty-free options or get permission for copyrighted music to avoid copyright strikes.

Why can’t I find the music sticker on my Instagram Stories?

This feature might not be available in all regions or account types. Check for updates or explore the music library in Reels.


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