What Does a Ring Light Do?

Ever been curious about how photographers and content producers manage to take beautiful, well-illuminated pictures and videos? Well, the answer lies in our very own– Ring Light. Using a ring light has a lot of benefits. First of all, it makes sure that your subject is well-lit from every angle, producing pictures and videos that look professional. Second, it minimizes unwanted shadows, enhancing the evenness and definition of your subject’s features. Furthermore, it can assist in producing the desired “halo” effect in photographs. 

In this blog, we will go deeper into the fascinating world of ring lights. We’ll be looking at common uses and benefits of ring lights and a step-by-step guide on how to set up your ring light.

Ready? Let’s begin our exploration of ring lights!

A Brief Overview of Ring Light

True to its name, a ring light is a circular light made of fluorescent bulbs or small LED bulbs arranged together to make a circle. It spreads light evenly to the subject and eliminates any unwanted shadows. This gives your pictures and videos a high-quality, definitive look.

Ring lights were originally used in medical healthcare, especially in dentistry, where doctors used these lights to have a well-lit and clear vision of a patient’s teeth. Now, it is the favorite tool among photographers, content creators, YouTube creators, and makeup artists. It transforms ordinary videos and pictures into beautiful works of art.

Common Uses of Ring Light

1. Portraits

Ring lights are the preferred tool for taking breathtaking portraits. Ring lights make sure that your subjects look perfect and lively by reducing wrinkles, blemishes, and shadows.

portraits captured with ring lights 
portraits captured with ring lights 

2. Macro Photography

Macro photography is a form of close-up photography where the subjects are usually small insects, flowers, and plants. This type of photography requires great attention to detail, and ring light comes in handy in enhancing the details of the subject, giving high-quality macro shots.

macro photography
macro photography

3. YouTube Videos

A number of YouTubers rely on ring lights to maintain a steady flow of light in their videos and shadow-free illumination. Ring lights heighten the quality of their content, making it look professional and engaging.

youtube content creation
youtube content creation

4. Makeup Tutorials and Glamour Photoshoots

Ring light enhances facial features by evenly radiating light on the whole face area. This makes ring lights the perfect choice for shooting makeup tutorials. Makeup tutorials, as well as glamour photoshoots shot with ring lights, make them look more genuine, authentic, and beautiful.

beauty shots and makeup tutorials 

Benefits of Ring Light

Now that you’re known with the concept of what a ring light is and how it is commonly used, let’s talk about its impacts on the quality of photos and pictures. Ring light has the potential to transform your photographs and pictures into lively pieces of art. Here are some benefits it could bring for you:

photograph with or without ring light
  1. Shadow-free illumination

One of the key advantages of ring lights is their excellent ability to eliminate shadows. This results in photographs that are smooth, professional, and visually pleasing, with a flawlessly lit subject that is free of any harsh or distracting shadows.

  1. Fascinating Catchlights

Ring lights are known for producing compelling catchlights in the subject’s eyes. These alluring reflections give your photographs depth and attractiveness, focusing viewers’ attention on the subject’s eyes and creating a feeling of connection and involvement. Any engaging portrait must have catchlights, and ring lights are excellent at producing this alluring appearance.

  1. Flawless Skin

Because of their ability to illuminate each angle evenly, ring lights provide smooth, glowing skin by making wrinkles and imperfections less visible. The uniform light distribution makes sure that flaws are hidden and that subjects look their best, radiating confidence and beauty.

  1. Professional-Looking Portraits and Videos

Imagine your pictures and videos looking professional and cinematic. Ring lights provide balanced lighting, giving your pictures and videos a professional and cinematic appearance. This lighting not only draws attention to the subject’s features but also produces a charming, unified look. The final shots have a high-quality, polished appearance that can raise the standards of content production as a whole.

  1. Hassle-free and easy-to-use

Ring lights have outstanding ease of use. They require just a few steps of setup and customization, which makes them perfect for video producers who might not have a lot of technical knowledge. Their easy design and ease of use make it possible for you to concentrate on your creative process rather than struggling with lighting arrangements.

How to Set Up a Ring Light? A Step-By-Step Guide:

Finally convinced with the exceptional utilities of ring light? Let’s begin with our step by step guide that will help you easily set up your own ring light.

But before we begin, gather your equipment and check that you have all the tools you need: 

  1. Light stand (If the ring light is not included with a light stand or tripod)
  2. Camera or mobile device
  3. A source of power (for the ring light)
  4. If necessary, a camera mount or smartphone holder.
 ring light and other items

Step 1: Expand the legs of the light stand and firmly set them in place. Ensure that the stand is stable and at a height suitable for your shooting needs. 

ring light stand

Note: If your ring light doesn’t include a stand, you can attach it to a tripod or a compatible stand.

Step 2: Connect the ring light to a power source. While batteries can also power ring lights, you should check your model’s requirements.

ring light and power source
ring light and power source

Step 3: Adjust the ring light’s position so that it faces the subject. 

adjusting ring light 
adjusting ring light 

Note: Place your smartphone or camera in the central opening of the ring light. Adjust the height and angle of the light and ensure that the ring light is evenly illuminating your subject’s face.

Step 4: Place your camera or phone on the holder in the middle of the ring light.

mounting camera on the holder
mounting camera on the holder

Note: If you’re using a DSLR or other camera, mount it on a tripod in front of the ring light, aligning the lens with the opening. Make sure it’s secure and level. If you’re using a smartphone, attach it to a smartphone holder or mount it and position it in the center of the ring light.

Step 5: Adjust Camera Settings as per your needs. 

adjusting camera settings
adjusting camera settings

Note: Set up your camera or smartphone settings to complement the ring light. Typically, use a lower ISO setting to reduce noise and adjust the white balance to match the light source.

Step 6: Test the Lighting. Turn on the ring light and test the lighting on your subject. 

light testing

Note: Make any necessary adjustments to the position and brightness of the light. Ensure that there are no harsh shadows on your subject’s face.

Now that the ring light is properly set up and adjusted, you’re ready to start shooting. Whether you’re taking photos or shooting videos, the ring light will provide even, flattering illumination for your subject.

 ring light ready for shooting
 ring light ready for shooting


There you have it! Everything you need to know about ring light, from its functionalities to how to set your ring light. I hope you’re all set to get started with your own portfolio of professional-looking pictures and videos. Ring lights can serve as a doorway to the world of content creation. With a ring light in your toolkit, you can confidently capture the beauty of your subjects and realize your creative vision.


Q1. Do ring lights come in different types?

Ring lights come in different sizes and types. Let’s see below:

  • Smart Ring lights
  • Battery-powered ring lights
  • Desktop ring lights
  • LED ring lights

All of the types mentioned above are ideal for specific needs and budgets. 

Q2. Do ring lights work with both cameras and smartphones?

Yes, ring lights are versatile and can be used with cameras as well as smartphones. Some ring lights are universal, which makes them compatible with both devices, while some are exclusively designed to be used only with a smartphone or camera.

Q3. Are there any safety measures one needs to follow when using a ring light?

Definitely, ring lights come with built-in lights. If not used in moderation, these lights can potentially lead to issues like eye strain, eye damage, or even electric shock. To ensure your safety, here are a few important safety measures to keep in mind: 

  • Avoid touching the light when it’s hot.
  • Do not look directly at the light source, i.e., ring light, for prolonged periods, as it can harm your eyes.
  • Do not cut or modify the wires of the light. Doing so may result in electric shock or can even damage the light.


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