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What is Snapchat Camera Icon next to Snap

In the vibrant world of Snapchat, the camera icon serves as more than just a visual marker. It’s a pivotal indicator that shapes user interactions and experiences within the platform. When using Snapchat, you might have noticed a camera icon adjacent to certain snaps within the app. This small but significant icon plays a crucial role in the functionality and interactions within the platform. So, what exactly does this camera icon signify?

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What Does the Camera Icon Indicate?

The camera icon, when displayed next to a snap, signifies the reply to that snap which is sent to you by your friend. These are snaps that are either captured in real-time using Snapchat’s camera or sent to a correspondent as in response to his/her snap.

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Decoding Snapchat: Understanding Symbols and Icons on the Camera Screen

The Camera Screen in Snapchat is the initial interface upon opening the app, where users can capture images or videos for sharing. Below, we’ve outlined the meanings of the symbols and icons visible on this screen:

Symbols and Icons on Snapchat Camera Screen

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  1. Person with a + icon: Adds new friends to your Snapchat contacts.
  2. Two arrows in a looping rectangle: Switches between front and back cameras.
  3. Thunderbolt with an “X” icon: Enables and adjusts the on-screen flash, offering three colors and two shapes.
  4. Camcorder icon: Represents the video recording function, leading to a separate screen with video recording options upon tapping.
  5. Beamed pair of eighth notes icon: Adds music or sounds to your Snap.
  6. Plus icon: Provides access to additional options like timer, focus mode, multi-snaps, and tones.
  7. Pair of cards: Grants access to Snapchat Memories, equivalent to swiping upwards from the Camera screen.
  8. Your profile icon: Directs to your profile page.
  9. Magnifying glass icon: Enables searching within Snapchat.

Bottom of the Screen (Icons #10 – #14)

The bottom section hosts five icons identical across various Snapchat screens:

  1. Map: Navigates to your Snap Map.
  2. Chat: It opens your Chat screen.
  3. Explore: Redirects to Snapchat Top Lenses and Filters.
  4. Stories: Accesses Snapchat stories; alternatively, swipe left from the camera screen.
  5. Spotlight: Opens the Spotlight screen, showcasing entertaining Snaps regardless of the creator.

Understanding Snapchat’s Snap Preview Screen Icons

Once you’ve recorded a snap, the next step involves previewing and potentially editing it. Here’s a breakdown of the symbols and icons found on Snapchat’s snap preview screen:

Snap Preview Screen Symbols and Icons:

image 154
  1. Capital “T”: Enables text input for captions or annotations.
  2. Pen icon: Facilitates drawing and doodling on snaps, offering a range of color options.
  3. Sticker icon: Provides a collection of stickers to incorporate into your snap.
  4. Scissors icon: Clips a part of your snap, transforming it into a personalized sticker.
  5. Beamed pair of eighth notes icon: Integrates music or sounds into your snap.
  6. Loudspeaker icon: Press and hold to apply a voice filter, altering the audio. Tap to mute all sound.
  7. Quotation mark symbol: Automatically generates closed captions for snap audio, allowing for editing, resizing, and repositioning.
  8. Microphone icon: Adds a voiceover to the snap.
  9. Paper clip icon: It attaches a link to your snap.
  10. Crop icon: Enables rotation and resizing of the snap.
  11. Bounce playback mode icon: Controls snap playback, deciding between a single play or continuous looping.
  12. Yellow “Next” button: It sends the current snap to your friends.
  13. Pause button: Halts the snap preview.
  14. Plus button: Returns to the video recording screen.

Snapchat Symbols and Icons on the Snap Map

Navigate to the Snap Map by tapping the Map icon. Refer to the Snap Map screenshot below, accompanied by numbered annotations elucidating their respective meanings:

Symbols and Icons on the Snap Map:

image 155
  1. Gear icon: Positioned at the top right, symbolizing Settings. It grants access to various account adjustment options within Snapchat.
  2. Hot spots icon: A toggle to activate or deactivate hot spots, indicating areas with high Snapchat activity. Enabling this feature aids in discovering popular events and locations among Snapchat users.
image 156
  1. White satellite on a green button: Toggle for satellite image display on the map.
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  1. Pair of cards on a yellow button: Opens and explores Memories on the map.
  2. Navigation arrow icon: Returns users to their current location on the map upon tapping.
  3. My Bitmoji icon: Located at the lower left corner, showcasing your Bitmoji face. It allows customization of outfits, clearing of the ghost trail for privacy, and selection from available Bitmoji options.
  4. Places icon (3-Buildings Symbol): Facilitates the discovery of interesting locations to visit and explore within the current area or location.
  5. Friends icon: Displays the live locations of friends who share their location with you on the map.

Deciphering Snapchat Symbols and Icons on the Chat Screen

Upon tapping the Chat icon, you’ll enter Snapchat’s Chat Screen, a hub for connecting with friends, chatting, viewing their Snaps, managing your friend list, and initiating audio or video calls.

Snapchat Symbols and Icons on the Chat Screen:

image 158
  1. Person with a + icon: Adds new friends to your Snapchat contacts. A red dot signals a new friend suggestion or request.
  2. 3-dots icon: Opens the chat menu for creating new chats, managing friendships, setting shortcuts, and customizing best friend emojis.
  3. Camera icon next to a person’s name: Allows creation and sending of snaps exclusively to that individual.
  4. X symbol next to a person’s name: Indicates a suspicious profile. Tapping it permits reporting, blocking, or clearing conversations with that person.
  5. Chat bubble with a pen in a blue button: Initiates chats or calls with friends upon tapping.
  6. 2-person icon: When tapped, turns blue, indicating friends with unwatched Stories.
  7. + symbol: Navigates to Choose Emoji for selecting a Shortcut representing a friend, simplifying the sending of Snaps to specific friends.

Symbols and Icons on Snapchat’s “Start-a-Chat” Screen

Initiating a chat with a friend on Snapchat involves tapping their name. Below are the meanings of symbols and icons present on this “Start-a-Chat” screen:

Understanding Symbols and Icons on the Start-a-Chat Screen:

image 159
  1. Phone icon: Initiates a call to the selected person.
  2. Camcorder icon: Commences a video call with the person.
  3. Camera icon: Sends a Snap to the chosen recipient.
  4. Microphone icon: Records and dispatches a voice message.
  5. Smiley: Sends emojis for expressive communication.
  6. Pair of cards icon: Accesses all photos in Snapchat Memories, both sent and received.
  7. + sign in a circle: It shares your current or live location with the selected person.

Decoding Snapchat Symbols and Icons on the Stories Screen

Access the Stories screen by tapping the Stories icon, where new stories and snaps await. Each symbol and icon holds a distinct significance:

Snapchat Symbols and Icons on the Stories Screen:

image 160
  1. Profile pic icon: Allows viewing the profile of the story’s creator upon tapping.
  2. Black star in a yellow button: Signifies Snap Star status, indicating a verified profile.
  3. Bookmark icon: Bookmark the current story for later viewing by tapping this icon.
  4. 3-Vertical dots: Opens a menu offering options to add to favorites, report, or send the current story.
  5. Camera with a clockwise arrow: Respond to the current story by replying with a story of your own.
  6. Right-pointing arrow: It sends the current story to your friends for them to view and enjoy.

Note: If you come across the ✪ icon (White star in a black button) next to someone’s name, it indicates that the person is a Snapchat+ subscriber.

Interpreting Snapchat Symbols and Icons on the Spotlight Screen

To access Spotlight, tap the Spotlight icon at the screen’s bottom. Let’s swiftly delve into the icons featured on this screen:

Snapchat Symbols and Icons on the Spotlight Screen:

image 161
  1. Bookmark with a + icon: Subscribe to the account or channel that posted this snap by tapping this icon.
  2. Heart icon (Love symbol): Saves the snap for later viewing.
  3. Chat bubble icon: Access replies and comments related to this snap.
  4. Right-pointing arrow: Share the current snap with friends for them to view and engage with.
  5. 3-Horizontal dots: Offers options to report, remix, or share the current snap with someone.


In this comprehensive guide, we’ve decoded the intricate symbols and icons across various Snapchat screens. From the Camera and Chat screens to Stories, Spotlight, and more, each icon holds a unique function, empowering users to navigate and engage with the platform’s diverse features effectively.

Understanding these symbols enhances the user experience, allowing seamless communication, content creation, and interaction within the Snapchat ecosystem. Whether it’s starting chats, exploring stories, responding to snaps, or discovering new content, familiarity with these icons unlocks the platform’s full potential.

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  • Did it help unravel Snapchat’s symbols and icons effectively?
  • Which section did you find most helpful or informative?
  • Any suggestions or additional information you’d like to see included?

Drop your feedback below to help us improve and cater better to your Snapchat navigation needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the camera button do on Snapchat?

Tap the Camera button to take a photo Snap or hold it for a video Snap. Use a recycle icon to switch between selfie and rear-facing Cameras. 

Why does Snapchat say it’s a camera app?

Simply tap ‘Open Settings’ or ‘Turn On’ to enable camera permissions. If not prompted, adjust permissions in the device settings on iOS or Android.

What do icons next to Snapchat names mean?

  • Gold star: Signifies a Snap replay within 24 hours.
  • Birthday cake: It’s someone’s birthday. 
  • Smiling face: Indicates a Best Friend on your list.

How can you tell if someone Unadded you on Snapchat?

Open Snapchat, tap Chat, select the user suspected of unfriending, and check for a blue Add button in the upper-right corner.

Does Snapchat access your camera?

Snapchat needs camera, photo, and audio access for various functions. Without these permissions, sending Snaps or uploading photos won’t be possible.

Can someone hide their Snapchat score?

No, your score is public. Friends can view it on your profile, which is visible to everyone on your friend list.

Why can’t I see someone’s Snap score despite being friends?

It means they remain your friend but may have removed you from their friend list.

What is ghost mode on Snapchat?

Ghost Mode hides your location on the Map. Open the Map, tap ⚙️, and activate Ghost Mode to stay incognito.

What’s Snapchat primarily used for?

34% use it most while with friends, capturing shared moments. 19% use it while shopping, and 14% during social events.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Snapchat?

Check for a vanished conversation or search for the user; if they don’t appear, they might have blocked or deleted you.


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