What’s the Most Liked Pic on Instagram

There are over two billion active users on Instagram. Each second, these active users engage with the posts by liking, commenting, and sharing them. Some posts are able to garner millions of likes in a very short period. 

These accounts include sports persons and celebrities. In this article, we have compiled the most liked pictures on the Gram.

Most Liked Pics on Instagram

We hope you enjoy reading about the most-liked pictures on Instagram and why they are famous. 

Messi’s World Cup Victory Celebration – 75.6 Million Likes

image 206

In the history of FIFA, this photo is the most loved one on Instagram by the fans. We can see Messi holding the World Cup trophy high in the air with the joy of winning the title. This is a moment of utter accomplishment and pride for the Argentinians and all football fans. 

Moreover, this is a great achievement in Messi’s career. 

A Basic Egg- 60.1 Million Likes

image 207

You may be surprised to know how an egg got so popular on the app. About 60 million people liked this picture even when the page that posted it was not so famous. For a non-celebrity account to gain so many likes in such a short time is truly commendable. The owner of the page, Chris Godfrey, made sure this basic egg photo surpassed Kylie Jener’s photo for likes. The egg photo remained the most liked for 1,436 days, which was then surpassed by Messi’s victory.

Messi Sleeping With FIFA Trophy – 54.7 Million Likes

image 208

Ranked among the most liked photos on Instagram, it shows beloved Messi with the World Cup trophy. This photo is proof of the immense pride and accomplishment of the player and his team. The fans could not have asked for more at this moment. They were all quick to like the photo and share it on their profiles. Overall, this picture commemorates how football is a religion for many. 

Ronaldo and Messi playing chess – 42.8 Million Likes 

image 209

This was a sponsored post by Louis Vuitton featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Both the football players were seen doing something they don’t usually do: playing chess with each other. This was a friendly photographic banter between the two while they looked extremely handsome. Christiano Ronaldo shared this photo on his account where both Messi and him were engrossed in deciding the next moves of the game. 

Lionel Messi with the World Cup trophy – 42 Million Likes

image 210

We know what gets the most likes by now: the World Cup and beloved football players. This is a picture of Lionel Messi holding the World Cup trophy on a flight. He shared this private moment of winning the World Cup and his attachment to the trophy. Messi knows fans wish to see him celebrate his wins and happiness, and he does not disappoint. Everyone can see the look of sheer happiness in his smile. Maybe fans will see more of this in the future and keep on liking the posts. 

Ronaldo joining Al Nassr FC – 34.5 Million Likes

image 211

When Ronaldo joined Al Nassr FC, he posted a picture to commemorate the union. The public account of Saudi Professional League’s Al Nassr FC captured this moment on their profile to let everyone know they have the best player in their kitty. The public announcement garnered millions of likes and accolades from the fans. The love for Ronaldo is immense among the fans no matter what team he plays from. Everyone knows how phenomenal he will be each time he steps on the field with dedication. 

Messi’s Victory Celebration in Argentina – 34.4 Million Likes

image 212

We are not making this up, as numbers don’t lie. Most of the pics on the list are from football players. It’s the entire world that celebrates when their favorite players win. This pic shows Messi celebrating his Victory in Argentina. This was his return after winning the World Cup as fans rushed to support not only Messi but the whole soccer team. His journey was nothing short of incredible, and he celebrated it with his teammates and the most loyal fans. 

A Not So Celebratory Cristiano After Portugal’s Elimination – 34.2 Million Likes 

image 213

Fans may not be thrilled about seeing this picture, but they were still very supportive of the player when he looked disappointed. This pic showed the FIFA player Ronaldo after Portugal’s elimination from the sport. The player had a feeling of sadness that he could not wipe from his face. As his fans are loyal, they are there for him in good as well as bad times. The picture was taken after Portugal lost the match to Morocco, and this was their exit from the World Cup. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and His Girlfriend Announcing the Twins – 32.9 Million Likes

image 215

This is the tenth most-hearted image on Instagram. The long-term lovers, Christiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina, announced that they were having twins. This was double the joy for the fans since they were having not one but two bundles of joy. This was the time when the fans were also joyous about Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United. The image showed their twins’ scans and the sheer excitement on their faces. This will add four kids to Ronaldo’s life, making them a family of six. 

Parting Words

There you go with all the fun, most-liked posts on the Gram! In case you haven’t checked out these famous Instagram posts in all their glory yet, head to the app and see the craze for yourself. You may also read comments and find joy in looking at the positive comments. 


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