Why Can’t I Sign into YouTube on Xbox

Out of all the various gaming consoles available in the market, the Xbox is one of the most powerful ones. And with the introduction of mouse and keyboard support, it can now be used for much more than just gaming.

 In fact, Xbox is probably the best entertainment device you can get. Since you can not only play games but also watch online streaming websites like YouTube. Although, if you are not able to sign in to YouTube on Xbox, then we are here to help. We will show you how to fix the Why Can’t I Sign in to YouTube on Xbox error by going through this guide till the end.

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YouTube App on the Xbox

If you are new to Xbox or using entertainment apps on Xbox in general, then you might be hearing about YouTube on Xbox for the first time. Thankfully, apart from games, Xbox also offers a lot of handy apps on its Xbox store. And one of these apps happens to be YouTube’s official app for Xbox. With this YouTube app, you can watch all of your favorite YouTube videos right on Xbox. Since your Xbox will be connected to your large screen, it also offers the best possible YouTube viewing experience possible.

Why can’t I Sign in to YouTube on Xbox?

In order to get the best YouTube viewing experience, you definitely need to sign into your YouTube account while using YouTube on Xbox. Unfortunately, it is possible that you might not be able to sign into YouTube on Xbox because of various possible issues, including the following:

Connectivity Issues

One of the common reasons why you can face issues with YouTube on any of your devices is due to connectivity issues. If you have an unstable internet connection, then your device won’t be able to connect to the YouTube servers. And hence, you will face such issues.

YouTube App Issues

Apart from internet connectivity issues, it is also possible that you might be facing YouTube issues because of a faulty YouTube app. If the YouTube app itself has corrupted data or incorrect settings, then you can face all kinds of issues, including not being able to sign in.

Xbox System Issues

Similar to the YouTube app itself, you might be facing issues with the same because of issues in the Xbox system. This can include things like improper settings, outdated Xbox firmware, or any temporary bug with the Xbox system itself.

How to Fix Can’t Sign in to YouTube on Xbox Issue?

Since not being able to sign in to YouTube on Xbox can ruin your YouTube experience on the Xbox gaming console, fixing it right away is quite important. While we have already covered all of the major causes of why you can’t sign in to YouTube on Xbox, here are the fixes for the same:

Restart your Xbox

One of the easiest and the first fixes that you should try is to restart your Xbox. Since restarting your Xbox can fix various issues and temporary bugs, it can also help with YouTube errors:

  • First, close all games and apps on your Xbox to prevent data loss.
  • Then, hold down the Xbox button for 10 seconds on the console itself
  • Once powered off, simply press this button again to power on your Xbox. You can then try logging into the YouTube app on Xbox.
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Switch your Internet Connection

Another highly effective method of fixing the YouTube sign-in issue is to switch your internet connection. This can be highly effective in case of any internet connection issues:

  • Disconnect your existing WiFi network in Xbox and unplug any ethernet cables on the back.
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  • Then, turn on the mobile hotspot of your smartphone.
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  • Finally, connect to this hotspot from your smartphone and see if that fixes the YouTube sign-in issue.

Reinstall the YouTube App on Xbox

You should consider reinstalling the YouTube app on your Xbox. In case of any issues with the YouTube app, this will fix all those and help you sign in with ease:

  • Go to the Home screen of Xbox and select My Games & Apps.
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  • Here, select YouTube and press the Menu button on your controller.
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  • Finally, select Uninstall to get rid of YouTube. You can then reinstall it and try signing in again.

Update your Xbox

In some cases, the sign-in issue might be because of possible bugs in your Xbox itself. Hence, make sure to update your Xbox as well:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller and select Settings.
  • Here, go to Updates & Downloads and select Keep my Console Up to Date.
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  • You can then restart your Xbox to update it to the latest version.

FAQs about can’t Sign in to YouTube on Xbox

Q. How can I sign into YouTube on an Xbox?

If you are trying to sign in to YouTube on Xbox for the first time, then you will need to use the YouTube activate page. Once you are on this page, note down the activation code. You then need to add this activation code in the YouTube app on Xbox. Finally, click on Allow Access on the YouTube activation page.

Q. How can I verify my account while logging into YouTube on Xbox?

Since Google wants to ensure the highest possible security for all its accounts, it offers two factor authentication for the same. Hence, if YouTube on Xbox also requires you to verify your account while logging in, then you will need to insert the OTP code received on your phone or secondary email.

Q. What is the 0x87DD0006 error on my Xbox while turning it on?

In case you are facing the 0x87DD0006 error on your Xbox while not being able to sign in to the YouTube app, then it means that you most probably have internet connectivity issues. The 0x87DD0006 error itself tells you that there are network connectivity problems with your Xbox.

Q. Why is my Xbox stuck on the login screen for YouTube sign-in?

Another common symptom of when your Xbox is not able to sign in is that it will get stuck on the login screen. Generally, this is also caused due to the internet connectivity issues. You can try switching the same and the sign in to the YouTube app on Xbox.


Because YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world, it offers its own app for pretty much all devices. In fact, it even includes gaming consoles like the Xbox. Since your Xbox is already connected to a large-sized TV, having the YouTube app on Xbox is definitely quite handy. Unfortunately, while using the YouTube app on Xbox, you may sometimes run into errors like can’t sign in to YouTube on Xbox. Thus, we have already given all the primary solutions for why you can’t sign in to YouTube on Xbox above. 


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