Why Facebook Pick Up Where You Left Off?

Social media is connecting people with each other in this digital era, and Facebook is one of the famous networking websites. Users post their pictures and story updates with friends, family, and the community of interest. Facebook provides regular updates that align with users’ needs and make their time on Facebook productive and enjoyable. 

In this regard, there is a “Pick Up Where You Left” feature that resumes an action on Facebook where you left. To learn more about this innovative feature, you should read this article, which is all about explaining this feature in detail. 

What is the “Pick Up Where You Left Off” Feature on Facebook?

Before delving into a detailed discussion, first, learn briefly about what is the “Pick Up Where You Left Off” feature. It is designed to help users resume their activities on this platform where they left or switched to other apps. This message appears when Facebook wants you to finish the first activity that you were unable to finish last time. 

For instance, if you watch a video on Facebook but get interrupted by another app’s notification. When you return to Facebook, the “Pick Up Where You Left Off” pop-up message will suggest you resume watching that video. 

pick up where you left off facebook

Why Do You Need the “Pick Up Where You Left Off” Feature on Social Platforms?

The Pick Up Where You Left Off feature of Facebook is pretty helpful for users who get distracted easily during an important task. It was designed after considering the shorter attention span in today’s generation and their hasty lifestyle. If you want to understand better the need and the purpose of integrating this feature into Facebook, then look into the given points:

1. Increased Engagement

This feature encourages users to continue interacting with platforms by reminding them where they left work. It will lead to more users’ engagement to scroll through relevant content in their news feeds. They are more likely to connect with friends by sharing their posts, videos, and interesting comments.   

2. Retaining Users’ Attention

Facebook is widely known for its success in retaining users’ attention in the app for a longer period. By using this feature, users can continue their Facebook activities and maintain a connection with this platform easily. If users miss the content they are watching, then the chances of being annoyed and leaving this social media network will increase. 

3. Personalization 

With AI algorithms, updated social media apps collect data on users’ behavior and show relevant content in the feed. Enabling the Pick Up Where You Left Off feature of Facebook, users can get a reminder of their chosen content and activities. It gives a gesture that Facebook provides tailored experiences to its valuable users.  

4. User-Friendly and Convenient 

Social media is a recreational source for people, so they don’t bother to delve into the complexity of any application. Thus, Facebook strives to provide user-friendly experiences to make the platform effective. This feature reduces the need to browse unfinished activities and enables convenience by diminishing their frustrations. 

How to Take Benefit from this Feature While Using Facebook?

You can maximize the use of Facebook’s Pick Up Where You Left Off feature after considering its real-time needs and benefits discussed above. Whether you are commenting on a post, clearing notifications, or browsing something in the search bar, you can return to the same spot. To do so, here is the quickest and easiest way in the instructions given ahead. 

Instructions: Log into your Facebook account and start watching a video of your choice. Now, you can switch to another app to perform any task or wait until the screen goes asleep. When you return to the Facebook application, it will display a “Resume” button. You can click on it to continue where you left off.

tap the resume option

What Activities Can You Access Manually in the Activity Log?

The activity log is another valuable feature of Facebook that allows you to see your activity on Facebook. Among such activities include the posts you have created, videos you have watched and commented on, and groups you have interacted with and tagged in. To approach the activity log, go to “Settings & Privacy” and choose “Activity Log” from the list to perform the given activities.

  • Videos You’ve Searched For: Get the history of videos that you have browsed in recent days. 
  • Videos You’ve Watched: Access to the videos that you have watched and previewed in the past. 
  • Your Search History: Show the surfing history on Facebook to find any profile, post, etc. 
  • Groups You’ve Searched For: Your search history of exploring groups available on Facebook. 
  • Comments: Your recent comment history on others’ posts. 
  • Group Posts and Comments: Approach the group post and comment you have visited or interacted with.  
  • Stories Activity: Review the recent stories that you have uploaded on your profile.  
  • Pages, Page Likes, and Interests: Display a list of pages and groups you have joined and were interested in. 
  • Your Friends: The most recent people you have added to your friend list. 
  • Relationships:  Personal relationship status updates that you have added or changed in the past. 
check the activity log

How Can You Manually Resume Your Previous Activity on Facebook?

Suppose your app is not updated or any disconnectivity issue lies in your region, and you are not able to resume the activity where you left off. In such a situation, there is a backup option that enables you to resume your previous activity and maintain workflow manually. So, let’s explore this feature together in the following steps:

Step 1: Launch your Facebook website on a PC or using the mobile app. Log into your account and enter the main feed of Facebook. Now, click your account icon and select “Settings & Privacy.” From another list, choose “Settings” and navigate to another window. There, access the “Your Facebook Information” option from the left side panel.

access your facebook information

Step 3: Later, look for the “Activity Log” and click the “View” option next to it. Finally, select the “Videos You’ve Watched” option from the main panel and get a history of watched videos. You can click on your desired one and finish watching where you left off.

choose videos you have watched

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does Facebook say pick up where you left off?

It’s a specific message or wording to make users clear that they are navigated on the content where they left off. This line is used to cut any confusion or ambiguity that might be caused by using a different interface of updates on Facebook. 

Q2. How do I turn off activity tracking? 

To turn off activity tracking, head to the “Your Facebook Information” window through the Settings & Privacy options. Then, proceed with the “Off-Facebook Activity” option and choose “Manage Future Activity” from the next screen. Lastly, check the “Disconnect Future Activity” option and turn the tracking off until you enable it again. 

Q3. Can I delete items from my activity log?

Yes, you can delete specific items from your activity log. For this purpose, go to your activity log on Facebook and select the “Trash” option after scrolling the left-side panel. 

Q4. Can I filter my Activity Log to find specific actions or content?

Yes, you can filter the activity after entering the Activity log and hitting the “Activity History” from the left side panel. Then, organize your history by using the Date filter and searching content through the Yearly drop-down. 


Overall, you can say that the recent updates on Facebook have made this platform convenient for users to increase their engagement. In this regard, there is a Pick Up Where You Left Off feature that is explained in this article. Using it, you can reach out to unfinished activities and get a personalized experience. For your guidance, a step-by-step guide is also given above to ensure smooth scrolling. 


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