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9 Fixes to YouTube Restricted Mode Stuck On

Have you ever used the Restricted Mode of YouTube to make the platform safer for your kids? If you have turned on this mode, it will manage age-restricted content. But, what would happen if you stuck on YouTube Restricted Mode and cannot disable it?

Know about YouTube Restricted Mode

YouTube has introduced the Restricted Mode to limit the type of content you watch on the app or web platform. It will block offensive and harmful video content from appearing in your searches. So, your children will not be able to see the mature content. However, the disclaimer in the settings shows that there is no 100% accuracy in the video filter.

The Restricted Mode is mainly useful if it is a public network of any educational institute or school. The feature ensures that students or other underage users will not use the network to view adult content.

However, some people claim that they find an error message when they try to deactivate the mode. Why does not this problem appear? What are the main solutions for this issue?  

Why are you unable to turn off YouTube Restricted Mode?

Only the YouTube account administrator will be able to disable the mode. If you are not so, you have to contact the administrator to keep the mode turned off.

The problem may also happen because of the network block (on parental-controlled or school computers). In this case, you have to use a proxy site to turn the restricted mode off.

Resolving the problem- YouTube Restricted Mode cannot be turned off

There are some ways to deal with the issues.

Check restriction settings in your account

If you use a YouTube account from the network of any public institution (such as a public library, school, or college), it will cause an issue. The main authority might have turned on the restriction. So, you cannot do anything on your own.

Sometimes, a Family Link App is linked to the user’s Google Account. In this case, only parents can manage the account and turn on/off the mode. Contact the main account holder or account manager to switch off the mode. 

Remove the cache from your YouTube app

image 97

The cache is another potential reason behind the problem. You need to delete the cache from your YouTube app. Click on the apps option from the mobile’s settings. Choose ‘Manage App’ and select YouTube. You can then find the option ‘Clear Data.

After restarting your mobile, you can check whether you can turn off the mode. Try out other solutions if it does not work.

Delete browser cache

Although you have removed the cache from your YouTube app, you have not found the solution. Thus, you can delete the cache from your web browser.

Restart the browser after clearing the cache, and re-open the YouTube account to check if the issue is resolved. So, how will you delete the browser cache?

image 98

Open Google Chrome and click on 3-dot option. Choose the Settings where you will find an option for removing the cache.

Remove browser add-ons

image 99

You might have installed some new add-ons in your web browser. So, did you face the issue after installing them? If so, you should remove or disable those add-ons to solve your problem.

  • Click on the extension’s icon.
  • Select the 3 dots close to the add-on to be disabled
  • Click on – ‘Remove extension’.
  • Relaunch your browser after closing it.
  • Access YouTube and check if these steps have resolved the issue.

Uninstall the app

The tab and mobile users often find solutions with the uninstallation of the YouTube app. To uninstall the app from your iOS, you have to press the app icon. You can then select the Delete option to remove the Similarly, Android users can uninstall the app and reinstall it by accessing the Play Store.

Check any restrictions on your network

image 100

The network has different settings that let you manage YouTube’s Restriction Mode. You can also visit the content restriction page on YouTube. There is a separate page to let you check the restrictions. You will receive notifications about restrictions.

Try out with a proxy website

Free proxy websites help you avoid restrictions on your internet. For instance, ProxFree and ScrapingAnt are some popular proxy sites. If these sites do not work, you can just type free online proxy. Research the proxy before providing personal details.

Locate the search bar in the proxy page and access the site within the proxy page. So, enter the YouTube URL into the search to open the video platform using the proxy server.

Some proxy websites have extra search options (like the server location). You may alter them before choosing your site.

For instance, you may adjust the server location based on your current location to view some videos available only in your country (it is not related to YouTube Restricted Mode).

Restart the mobile

image 101

You might have already tried different options for turning off the Restricted Mode on YouTube. Still, if you have not found the solution, you have to reboot the device. Your desktop may have temporary errors, and you can solve them only after rebooting or restarting the device.

Press the key combinations Alt + CTRL+ DEL simultaneously. Hit the power button and reboot your device.

Ensure you have used the right account

You should ensure that you have not chosen the wrong account. For instance, if an iPad is used by multiple family members, more than one Google account is connected to a browser. If you have chosen other people’s account that has a Restricted Mode, you may face issues.


If you have children, you can take advantage of the YouTube Restriction Mode to keep them safe from adult video content. It is quite easy to enable or disable the Restricted Mode on YouTube. But, if you face issues while disabling the option, it indicates some technical issues. There are various reasons for not being able to turn on the Restricted Mode. 


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