How To Use Your Phone as a Webcam for Discord

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Facilitating remote communication and collaboration alongside transmitting live video in real-time, webcams have become hugely popular in modern times. In fact, using a webcam has become practically essential for online conferences, meetings, connecting with family, and live-streaming. In parallel with the popularity of online communication platforms, Discord has become the number one social application for

2 Ways to Flip Camera On Discord

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Discord stands out as a versatile platform for creators, gamers, and communities.  However, one key feature is missing from everyone’s favorite chat app. It’s the ability to flip or un-mirror your camera. This is a simple yet effective tweak that can significantly improve the visual experience of your audience.  Unfortunately, the only option right now

11 Fixes to Discord Crashes When You Turn On Your Camera

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Discord is the place for seamless communication among gamers and communities. But when you’re deep into a game or having an important video chat, Discord suddenly crashes! Frustrating, right? For those who cherish Discord’s smooth streaming and video calls, encountering these crashes can be a significant annoyance. It’s disappointing when your game or chat gets

How to Stream OBS to Discord with Audio

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In the ever-evolving landscape of online content, streaming has taken center stage, offering creators a captivating way to connect with audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a gamer, an artist, or a captivating personality, platforms like OBS and Discord have revolutionized how we share our passions. But what if there’s a way to elevate your streaming experience

7 Fixes to Discord Virtual Camera No Audio:

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Besides sending voice and text messages, Discord has a wide array of functionalities that benefit gamers and streamers. Most users choose the OBS Studio for streaming through the virtual camera. But facing problems with the audio is also common.  So, what should you do if the Discord virtual camera has no audio? We have a

Does Discord Screen Share Have Audio? 

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In the digital age, communication platforms have evolved beyond simple text-based interactions. With the advent of video conferencing and screen sharing, virtual communication has become more dynamic and interactive.  Discord, originally developed for gamers, has gained immense popularity as a versatile communication tool. Among its features, Discord’s screen sharing functionality stands out, allowing users to

How To Stream Capture Card on Discord With Sound [Step by Step]

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Streaming content has become a popular way to share experiences, gameplay, and creative projects with others. Discord, a popular communication platform, offers the ability to stream and share your screen. However, if you’re looking to stream content from an external source, such as a gaming console, using a capture card is essential.  This article will

6 Fixes to Soundpad Not Working on Discord

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Discord is a popular open-source digital communication platform that allows users to connect via text, voice, or video chats. Meanwhile, you need a good sound quality system for effective communication on Discord. For this purpose, using a Soundpad is an ideal solution. After all, Soundpad enhances audio experiences through effects, music clips, editor, voice control,