7 Ways To Be Unavailable on Messenger

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Ever felt the need to make yourself unavailable on Facebook Messenger? Well, you’re not alone! In our buzzing digital world, everyone craves a hiatus from the constant ping of messages. Imagine having the power to be temporarily anonymous, free from the expectation of instant replies. It’s not just about privacy; it’s about reclaiming control over

Can You Block Someone On Facebook but Not Messenger?

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We live in the ever-evolving world of social media, where keeping things positive and secure is essential. However, many of us frequently find ourselves in a situation where we wish to block someone from Facebook for many reasons. That can include maintaining a more comfortable online atmosphere, and establishing personal boundaries, or protecting our privacy.

What is Grey Circle Around Profile Picture on Messenger?

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With close to a billion active users, Facebook Messenger accounts for over 28% of all mobile messaging apps used globally. It is also one of the top three messaging apps in the world.  It also ranks 7th among the most popular social platforms globally. While Messenger is extremely popular, most users are clueless about the

How to Unsend All Messages on Messenger

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Facebook Messenger offers a cool platform where people can send messages to friends and loved ones across the globe. The best part is that it comes at no cost.  You don’t have to burn airtime to chat with your long-distance friend. It also comes with exciting features with emojis to let you express your mood

10 Fixes to Messenger Unable to Complete Request

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Everyone on Facebook uses Messenger. It’s one of the most used instant messaging apps that currently boasts billions of users from around the globe.  While it’s a fantastic messaging app, many users encounter error messages while using it. One of the error messages you may get is “Messenger unable to complete the request. Something went

How to Connect Messenger to Instagram [Step by Step]

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If you use both Facebook and Instagram, you may have different connections and conversations on each app. Both apps are a great way to connect with friends, family, workers, and even new customers. Although continuously switching apps to send or receive messages may be a hassle every time.  Recently, Meta has come up with a