How to Connect Messenger to Instagram [Step by Step]

If you use both Facebook and Instagram, you may have different connections and conversations on each app. Both apps are a great way to connect with friends, family, workers, and even new customers. Although continuously switching apps to send or receive messages may be a hassle every time. 

Recently, Meta has come up with a solution to let users integrate both messengers into one app. By integrating, users may send messages, photos, or videos to each other with the cross-platform feature. Connecting Messenger to Instagram will offer you at least ten new features on Instagram that used to be exclusive to Facebook Messenger. 

You may easily customize chat colors and emoji reactions and send/receive messages to anyone on FB or IG. Keep reading to learn how to integrate the two messaging apps for seamless connectivity. 

Why should you integrate Messenger to Instagram?

When you integrate Messenger into Instagram, this cross-app merger allows you to use the features of both. The integration will combine the chats, contacts, and conversations on one screen. Moreover, you won’t have to switch apps to send messages to anyone from the contact list on Messenger or Instagram. 

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The user-friendly interface and quick messaging are enticing features of Messenger and Instagram Integration. With the growing users on both platforms, it makes sense to merge the two to offer maximum trendy features to all.

Integrating the two messaging platforms may also be beneficial for business owners as they can reply to cross-platform users and generate more leads. Additionally, the integration is great even if you use one app more than the other, as it allows you a chance to connect with people from less frequently used apps. 

Benefits of connecting Messenger to Instagram

Connecting Messenger to Instagram will give you freedom of choice to use one particular app without missing out on connections. With cross-platform integration, Instagram users can get notifications from Messenger even when they don’t have the Facebook app. One of the most beneficial aspects is that the users will stay up to date with group chats and personal threads. 

There were some features that were only available on Facebook Messenger, and some were exclusive to Instagram. 

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Here is a list of integrated features once you opt-in to combine the two apps:

  • Emoji reaction: React to messages with your favorite emojis
  • Customizable chat colors: Choose a different color of theme for each chat
  • Privacy control with blocking: Remove and block any unwanted connections
  • Vanish mode: Make messages disappear after being seen for additional privacy 
  • Selfie stickers: Turn your selfies into expressive stickers to communicate in a playful manner.
  • Thread replies: Pick a specific message to reply to in the chat or group.
  • Watch together IGTV, reels, and video functions
  • Message forwarding: Forwards reels, photos, videos, and messages to other chats. 
  • Animated message effects: Use animated sound effects to the messages. 

Steps to Integrate Messenger to IG

Communicating with friends, clients, partners, and family members will be easier after integrating the two apps’ messaging services. You can catch up anytime and don’t have the fear of missing out when not using one particular app. 

We have discussed how you may set up a cross-app messaging service between Messenger and IG. Before beginning, make sure you have updated both Messenger and Instagram from the Play Store or Apple App Store to get the new features. 

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Integrating via the Instagram app:

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  • After updating, open the Instagram app and click on your profile image in the bottom right corner. This gives you access to your profile. 
  • Click on the main menu from the top right corner. This will appear like three horizontal lines.
  • In the menu, tap on Settings.
  • Scroll down to Privacy on the next screen.
  • Go to Messages from the next screen options.
  • Check out different options to receive messages from messenger users. 
  • Select if you wish to receive or send messages from Messenger users, including message requests. This will grant the IG app permission to be the primary inbox for Messenger, too. 

Integrating via the Facebook app:

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  • Update the Facebook Messenger and then open it.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Go to the Preferences section and click on Privacy.
  • Select message delivery on the next screen.
  • See the options on how you wish to send/ receive messages from IG users. 
  • Choose to see these messages in your Messenger inbox or filter them through the message request section. 

Finding Instagram Chats and Contacts on Facebook

Go to the Messenger app and touch the pen icon at the top right corner. You will be directed to start a new message and send that to anyone from the full contact list. Scroll down to send messages to IG Contacts that will appear in small gray text with Instagram under the name. 

Finding Facebook Chats and Contacts on Instagram

Open the Instagram app and slide to the message icon or tap from the right corner of the screen. Tap on the New message icon that looks like pen and paper. The app will show the list of contacts that you may use to message anyone. For Facebook Messenger contacts, you will see a separate section of contacts named “Facebook friends.” Tap on a specific contact to send a message. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have successfully connected Instagram and Messenger. With just one app, you can maintain connections with people from both apps. You won’t need to keep on switching apps to send/receive messages on Instagram and then text via Messenger. You can do both from one screen. If you are a business owner, this may help in generating more profits. 

If you wish to disconnect Instagram and Messenger, you may go to the Accounts Center in either app and tap Disconnect next to the account you want to disconnect. It is entirely up to you to try the feature and continue using it for sending and receiving messages.  


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