10 Fixes to Microphone is Not Working on Windows 10/11

The microphone is crucial for professional communications during recordings or video calls in today’s digitally connected world. However, with Windows and many updates, things go wrong when your mic stops working on your computer. Therefore, understanding the reasons for this and using potential solutions will restore functionality.  Why is the microphone not working on Windows

Fixes to OBS Not Connecting to Twitch

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If you’re a Twitch enthusiast, then you must have heard of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). We’re talking about a free and open-source tool designed for video recording and live streaming. It’s like a virtual studio that enables streamers, gamers, and content creators to broadcast their content on Twitch, YouTube, and others. With OBS, you can

Fixes to Logitech Capture Not Detecting Webcam

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Facing issues with Logitech Capture not detecting the webcam can be frustrating. Even more so when the camera seems to function perfectly with other camera apps.  There can be a lot of issues causing this hiccup, from some straightforward problems like outdated versions of the software in use to fundamentally incompatible camera devices.  So if

Fixes to EOS Webcam Utility Not Working

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Live streaming and video calls have now made it easy to connect with others for personal and business purposes. If you have a Canon camera, you can turn it into a webcam using the EOS Webcam Utility software. Built-in webcams of laptops do not provide you with the best result. That is why you can

Fixes to Zoom Cloud Recording Not Showing Up

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Zoom is the most popular application for hosting virtual events. Although you can use it for personal purposes, most users choose Zoom for business. Many organizations need to host Zoom meetings regularly to connect with clients or train remote employees. However, many hosts want to record the live streaming sessions to watch the video in

Why Can’t I Export Snaps to Camera Roll [10 Fixes]

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Besides posting them to your feed, you can also export your favorite snaps and share them to other platforms.  However, it can be annoying when Snapchat won’t allow you to export your snaps to camera roll.  Usually, this problem is caused by a permissions conflict between your device and Snapchat.  In this guide, I’m going

5 Fixes to We Had Trouble Creating Your Channel. Please Try Again Later.

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YouTube is a highly popular Google-owned video platform with billions of monthly users. Most online users like to watch videos every day for different purposes. So, creating a video to promote a business is a good idea. Besides, some YouTubers make their channels just for fun and later monetize them to earn money. It is

9 Fixes to YouTube Restricted Mode Stuck On

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Have you ever used the Restricted Mode of YouTube to make the platform safer for your kids? If you have turned on this mode, it will manage age-restricted content. But, what would happen if you stuck on YouTube Restricted Mode and cannot disable it? Know about YouTube Restricted Mode YouTube has introduced the Restricted Mode

4 Fixes To ‘Unable To Reach Cloud Blink’ 

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Blink is an Amazon-owned home security company that produces cameras, video doorbells, and home security systems. The great thing about their services is that you can seamlessly connect to them via the cloud. However, you may run into situations where you’ll be unable to reach the Blink cloud. This guide aims to resolve all the

7 Fixes to YouTube TV: Too Many Devices

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Have you ever been kicked off your favourite show because someone else in the house decided it was their turn to use YouTube TV? It’s a frustration many of us have faced. In today’s world, where streaming services are as common in homes as TVs used to be, YouTube TV has quickly become a favourite.

6 Fixes to “Video Processing is Taking Longer than Expected. Please Wait.” Message on YouTube

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Content creators regularly face a situation where they have to wait long to let YouTube finish processing their videos. They may face this problem due to any technical error or issue with their internet connection. When YouTube finds it difficult to process your video, it generally displays a message saying, “Video Processing is Taking Longer

5 Fixes to Youtube My Mix Not Showing

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In the melodious world of YouTube, the ‘My Mix’ playlist composes a symphony of personalized content, tailored precisely to your tastes. But what happens when this harmonious flow suddenly falters, leaving you in a silence of missing favorites? Enter the puzzling realm of ‘YouTube My Mix Not Showing Up,’ disrupting your customized playlist experience. Let’s