How to Screen Record on Windows 10 With Audio [Step by Step]

How to Screen Record on Windows 10 With Audio [Step by Step]

Screen recording lets you create a video of what’s happening on your computer screen. You can also include sound from your computer’s speakers or your microphone. There are tons of reasons why one might benefit from this.  Some of the examples include making tutorials to show someone exactly how to do something on their computer.

How to Increase Microphone Volume in Windows 10/11 [Step By Step]

There’s nothing more annoying than someone constantly asking you to repeat what you said or to speak louder while you’re on a conference call, a virtual meeting, or a game session.  Microphone volume issues are particularly pronounced when you’re using your mic with apps, like Skype, Zoom, or Discord, where sometimes the voice quality sinks,

10 Fixes to Microphone is Not Working on Windows 10/11

The microphone is crucial for professional communications during recordings or video calls in today’s digitally connected world. However, with Windows and many updates, things go wrong when your mic stops working on your computer. Therefore, understanding the reasons for this and using potential solutions will restore functionality.  Why is the microphone not working on Windows

How to Set Up Microphone on Windows 10

Setting up a microphone is crucial for optimal audio quality and seamless configuration with Windows. From physical connection to software adjustments, having a properly configured mic is essential for professional recordings. Windows 10 offers a diversity of options and solutions when it comes to setting the microphone. So, this step-by-step guide provides a complete understanding