The Sky is the Limit with Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro

By Hollyland | November 29, 2023

Founded in 2012, Skynamic stands as a global provider of aerial filming services for major commercial and feature film productions, boasting a team of seasoned experts in photography and filming. The company has strategically employed Hollyland’s Solidcom C1 Pro wireless intercom system to optimize team coordination and communication efficiency throughout its customers’ productions. By leveraging this state-of-the-art intercom system, Skynamic has not only streamlined its communication process but also set it apart from competitors in the industry.

First Encounter with Solidcom C1 Pro

My first encounter with the Solidcom C1 Pro was during a shoot in LA. The system’s sleek design and lightweight build immediately caught my attention. Then later my first shoot with the system was for a cruise ship company in Germany in April 2023. We had to do our work on boats with the boat’s engine screaming all the time, thus the need for clarity in communication. And we had to be in different locations from time to time, so we really needed a broad communication range. The Solidcom C1 Pro has proven instrumental in facilitating seamless communication among our team members. We can count on the system’s connectivity. For a drone team like ours, the system is a perfect match.


Extensive Communication Range: With Solidcom C1 Pro, its easy for us working in places pretty far away from each other to get feedback.

With an extensive transmission range of 1,100ft (350m), the Solidcom C1 Pro allows team members to move freely across expansive space at major events without worrying about the loss of connection. This capability perfectly caters to the needs of Skynamic as the team members frequently need to be in separate locations to fulfill their job requirements.


Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC): The ENC function guarantees clear communication in challenging conditions, it just never lets us down.

Effective and efficient communication is critical in capturing the most memorable moments. The Solidcom C1 Pro, equipped with cutting-edge ENC technology, excels at detecting and minimizing surrounding noise, thus ensuring crystal-clear and distortion-free audio. Even in the midst of the din and clatter of the most demanding industrial environments, communication comes through loud and clear.


Sleek and Intuitive Form Factor: “When we first encountered the device, we were very much into the look.”

Crafted with two-shot injection molding, the Solidcom C1 Pro features a sleek, streamlined form factor with a smooth texture. Designed with customer’s needs in mind, the system’s ergonomic button layout, user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls enable team members to begin talking with each other in a matter of seconds, saving valuable time to focus more on their work.


Comfortable Fit and Lightness: The headset is so light that we can wear it for hours without noticing the weight.

The Solidcom C1 Pro’s headset, made from PC-ABS materials, is exceptionally lightweight—a mere 170g (6oz) with the battery included. The improved over-ear leather cushion matches the human ear structure better for more stability and comfort, ideal for anyone who is always on the move and needs to wear the headset for extended periods of time. Additionally, durable on-ear foam cushions are provided to accommodate various wearing preferences. Simply use them as needed and enjoy the experience of incredible portability and comfort without compromising quality.


With the support of the Solidcom C1 Pro, Skynamic’s team members can make decisions and coordinate multiple tasks in real-time, thereby speeding up their workflows. Going forward, the company will also benefit from the system’s long-term durability and scalability, which are essential to meeting evolving needs and can further solidify its standing as a go-to partner for clients seeking unparalleled expertise and professionalism in aerial filming services.


As a loyal Hollyland partner with operations in Berlin, Frankfurt and Barcelona, Skynamic utilizes the latest technology in aerial filming to reach the ultimate goal: capture unique images that tell a story. Skynamic team members boast 15 years of flight experience in the RC Model sector and have 700 flight hours a year. You can find out more about Skynamic by visiting the following links:




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