A Videographer’s Lifesaver: The Lark 150 Microphone Shines Through Power Outage

By Hollyland | June 27, 2023

In the dynamic world of videography, where capturing precious moments is paramount, adaptability and preparedness are key. For Volodymyr Bondarenko, a talented freelance videographer based in Ukraine, Hollyland’s Lark 150 microphone has proved to be a game changer in overcoming unexpected challenges and ensuring exceptional video quality. With an unwavering commitment to his craft, Volodymyr found a way to save the sound for a wedding video when the lights suddenly went out for a couple of hours.


Having discovered Hollyland’s innovative products 2.5 years ago during a New Year giveaway, Volodymyr’s interest was piqued. Then, 1.5 years ago, fortune smiled upon him as he won the Lark 150 microphone in another giveaway. Since then, the microphone has become an invaluable asset in his videography journey, providing great convenience and high-quality audio recording.

As a freelance videographer, Volodymyr often finds himself capturing interviews, particularly with newlyweds and at exhibitions, events, and commercials. The versatility and usability of the Lark 150 have greatly enhanced his ability to produce top-notch content. The ability to record interviews in stereo mode, with separate volume control for each channel, ensures clear and distortion-free audio even in dynamic environments. This feature has proved to be a time-saving and work-enhancing tool, allowing for seamless post-production editing.

However, it was during a challenging period marked by a power outage due to rocket attacks on power plants that the true capabilities of the Lark 150 microphone shone through. As Volodymyr meticulously planned for every scenario, anticipating potential obstacles, he encountered a situation where the lights were unexpectedly turned off during a wedding shoot. This disruption threatened to compromise the audio quality of the video, a situation that he was determined to avoid.

Armed with two lanterns and the trusty Lark 150 microphone system, Volodymyr was well-prepared to navigate the darkness. The receiver was connected to a recorder, and with one transmitter designated for the host and the other distributed among the guests who wished to speak, Volodymyr ensured that every word was captured with exceptional clarity. The quality of the audio signals remained consistent throughout the restaurant, overcoming the challenges posed by the power outage.


Volodymyr’s foresight, coupled with the reliability and performance of the Lark 150 microphone, saved the day. The newlyweds were overjoyed with the outcome, as their cherished wedding memories were preserved flawlessly, despite the unforeseen circumstances. The professionalism and dedication demonstrated by Volodymyr, combined with the innovative Lark 150 wireless microphone from Hollyland, resulted in a successful and unforgettable wedding video.


In the fast-paced world of videography, where challenges can arise at any moment, having reliable tools at hand is crucial. The Lark 150 microphone proved to be a lifesaver during the wedding shoot, empowering Volodymyr to overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional work. It is a testament to the power of innovation and preparation, ensuring that every moment, even in the face of adversity, is captured with perfection. Professionals like Volodymyr remind us of the importance of embracing technology that enhances our creative endeavors. As Volodymyr continues to grow and evolve in his craft, he knows that having the right tools, like the Lark 150 microphone, will always be a vital component of his success, and he eagerly looks forward to the next breakthroughs in videography tools that will further elevate his creative journey.

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