The Secret Weapon of Communication: Vibrant Media Productions X Solidcom C1 Pro

By Hollyland | February 27, 2024

In the previous case study of the Air Dot Show Tour, we mentioned that the team involved in the project was the renowned Vibrant Media Productions. Now, they are sharing their experience and evaluation of using Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro(with HUB) in the production of a commercial advertisement.

VMP Group final Vu shoot
Production TeamVibrant Media Productions: A nationally renowned video production company. For over a decade in business, they’ve seen the completion of thousands of unique projects across the globe. From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, each organization with whom they’ve worked has seen a measurable return on their investment.
Partner/ClientVū Technologies: Vū is a state-of-the-art virtual studio network with stages certified for virtual production across North America.

Vibrant Media Productions partnered with Vū Technologies to undertake a large project, which was a 30-second commercial advertisement along with a 30-second behind-the-scenes production process, seamlessly blending both to create a dynamic piece. To successfully accomplish this project, Vibrant formed two teams – one being the complete commercial production team, and the other being the behind-the-scenes crew. The entire team consisted of over 20 individuals, including 4-5 personnel from Vū Technologies. 

Throughout the entire shoot, all key roles were filled by experienced professionals who had C1 pros, including the LED wall operator responsible for building the environment. Now, let’s take a closer look at Vibrant Media Productions’ experience using the Solidcom C1 Pro.


Easily Promote Clear Communication

“Our crew was divided into two teams: one for the main production and another for detailed behind-the-scenes coverage, time lapses, and more. It was a serious undertaking, the largest shoot we’ve ever done with numerous shots, moving sets, stages, props, and everything in between. The C1 Pro headsets truly elevated our on-set experience, allowing our crew to effectively communicate amidst all the noise. Without them, it would have been a challenge to maintain efficient communication.”

Solidcom C1 Pro offers a frequency response of 150 Hz-7kHz, providing you with incredibly clear voice communication, as if your colleagues are speaking right next to your ear. It is simple and convenient, ready to use out of the box. After setting up the HUB, put on the headphones, lower the microphone boom, and get to work!


Improve Your Efficiency

“Efficient and rapid communication played a crucial role during this shoot, considering the multiple scenes we had to cover, such as a beach scene, a city/rooftop setting at sunset, and a motorcycle drive through a tunnel. Having the Solidcom intercom system with quick communication made everything run smoothly for quick changes, adjustments to lighting (via Sidius wireless with our 25+ aperture lights on wireless feeds), fine-tuning the massive LED walls, and everything else that needed to happen quickly and efficiently”

Every moment on set is extremely precious, especially in scenes that require quick changes. To create perfect shots, efficient collaboration is crucial among the lighting team, cinematographers, and others. With a transmission range of up to 1,100 feet (350 meters), Solidcom C1 Pro ensures that every instruction is accurately conveyed to every team member, whether you’re shooting in a large-scale setting or a small studio.

Moreover, Solidcom C1 Pro’s unique ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) feature eliminates ambient noise, providing you with an immersive working experience. Our users have even used it successfully in noisy music festival environments, and its performance is outstanding. No need for shouting or repeating instructions; a single clear voice transmission is all it takes to communicate your intentions effectively.


Customize Your Requirements

“We have 10 headsets and fully utilized all of them, distributing them among our key crew members who required constant communication. Working at a rapid pace during a meticulously planned day with a detailed schedule made continuous and rapid communication absolutely crucial. The headsets were allocated to various roles, including the director, key gaffer, key grip, multiple camera operators, key production assistant, audio engineer, unreal engine/LED wall operator, and behind-the-scenes director.”

Solidcom C1 Pro offers multiple options, ranging from two headsets to eight headsets. You can choose the desired configuration based on the size of your team. The HUB version of Solidcom C1 Pro also supports cascade connection, allowing for up to 24 remote headsets to be connected with 3 HUBs. It also supports grouping functionality, enabling employees to have group conversations, further enhancing communication efficiency.


Your Great Partner for Production

“Over the years, we had experience working with various intercom systems, but when we tested the C1 Pro headsets, there was no comparison. The ease of use, quality, and reliability made it an obvious choice for our production company. We confidently give the Hollyland intercom system a perfect 10/10 rating. It has truly elevated our productions to new heights, as effective communication and efficiency are two of the utmost priorities on any production set.”

At the end of today’s case study, let’s enjoy the commercial advertisement produced by Vibrant Media Productions.

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