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How Does ‘The Collector’ on YouTube Make His Money?

Meet ‘The Collector,’ or as his close circle and fans affectionately call him, Matt. He has an incredibly diverse array of interests, ranging from classic cars to vintage arcade games, but his primary focus and passion lie in the realm of firearms. His passion for firearms is palpable, reflected in his captivating YouTube Channel dedicated to all things guns. 

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Matt, ‘The Collector’, is a fervent enthusiast deeply immersed in the world of firearms and weaponry. Matt’s channel revolves around showcasing, reviewing, and discussing various types of guns, firearms history, modifications, and offering insights into responsible gun ownership.

His passion for firearms translates into engaging content on his YouTube channel where he demonstrate different models, discuss their technical aspects, delve into historical significance of guns, and topics like maintenance, shooting techniques, and legal and safety considerations. Matt’s dedication to this niche has attracted a dedicated audience of fellow gun enthusiasts seeking knowledge, entertainment, and a community where they can share their passion for firearms.

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But beyond the love for firearms lies a fascinating realm where passion intertwines with entrepreneurship. So many fans ask the question, how does ‘The Collector’ monetize his passion on YouTube?’

Here you will find out the different ways ‘The Collector’ turns his enthusiasm for firearms into a lucrative venture. From ad revenue stemming from his engaging content to sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and potentially merchandise sales, we will uncover the strategic maneuvers behind ‘The Collector’s’ ability to transform his passion into a sustainable income stream on the digital stage.

Understanding how ‘The Collector’ on YouTube makes his money

Understanding how ‘The Collector’ monetizes his passion is not just about admiring his success—it is a blueprint for your own journey towards turning your passion into profit. Delving into the diverse revenue streams of ad revenue, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and potential merchandise sales is not merely uncovering ‘The Collector’s’ secrets—it is unlocking the pathways for your own financial independence. By comprehending these strategies, you gain the tools to harness your expertise, share your unique collections, and pave the way to your own success story. So, join us as we unravel ‘The Collector’s’ revenue playbook, because understanding these tactics is not just insightful—it is pivotal for aspiring collectors looking to thrive in the digital realm.

Here are five fascinating insights on how ‘The Collector’ turned his passion into profit:

Cultivating a Vast Follower Base

At the beginning of 2023, Matt’s channel boasted the following statistics:

344,469 subscribers


1.1 million hours of watch time

Presently, ‘The Collector’ has achieved remarkable success on YouTube by amassing an impressive following of over 5 million subscribers. This dedicated community eagerly anticipates his new content, providing a substantial platform for revenue through advertisements and sponsorships. Brands are keen to reach such an engaged audience, enabling ‘The Collector’ to effectively monetize his videos.

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Strategic Collaborations and Sponsored Content:

In addition to ad earnings, ‘The Collector’ leverages his popularity by collaborating with brands and producing sponsored content. These partnerships involve promoting products or services in his videos, aligning with his brand and resonating with his audience. Through these collaborations, he not only generates income but also introduces his viewers to relevant and valuable offerings.

Entrepreneurial Ventures in Merchandise

Recognizing the potential in selling merchandise, ‘The Collector’ launched his own line, featuring apparel, posters, and collectibles. His devoted fan base enthusiastically supports him by purchasing these items, fostering a deeper connection while creating a reliable revenue stream.

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Tapping into Affiliate Marketing

‘The Collector’ diversifies his income by engaging in affiliate marketing. By endorsing products or services through unique affiliate links, he earns a commission from viewer purchases. His authentic recommendations and exclusive offers motivate his audience to make purchases, benefiting both ‘The Collector’ and his viewers.

Expanding Revenue Beyond YouTube

As ‘The Collector’s’ popularity escalates, he broadens his revenue streams beyond YouTube. He participates in live events, conventions, and appearances, providing fans with exclusive merchandise and interactions. These events not only fortify his brand but also generate additional income beyond the digital realm.

Now that you are envisioning yourself as the next ‘Collector’ on YouTube, it is time to uncover the strategies that can transform your passion into a sustainable income stream. The journey to becoming an online entrepreneur like ‘The Collector’ involves more than just sharing your collections; it is about strategically monetizing your expertise. From leveraging ad revenue and crafting lucrative sponsorships to exploring affiliate marketing and merchandise sales, these are the gears that drive ‘The Collector’s’ success and can fuel your journey, too. So, let us delve into the mechanics of monetization on YouTube, where your passion meets profitability, and your collections become more than just treasures—they become your ticket to a thriving online business.

Mastering the Art: Monetizing Your YouTube Passion like ‘The Collector'”

Here you will explore and understand the strategies ‘The Collector’ uses to make money on YouTube.  

The first step for content creators, like ‘The Collector,’ to monetize their channels is to become a member of the YouTube partner program (YPP).

The primary method for earning money from videos involves joining the YouTube Partner Program  (YPP). This program grants ordinary YouTubers access to exclusive platform features. Attaining partner status is an enhancement for your channel, enabling you to monetize your audience. Upon hitting specific milestones, it allows you to generate income through video ads.

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However, making money on YouTube does not strictly require being a partner. You can opt to set up an AdSense account and garnering views will settle that). But then, being a Partner significantly streamlines the process. You can learn how to set up an AdSense account here. 

Partners enjoy diverse income sources beyond video ads, such as YouTube Premium subscription fees and direct fan contributions through features like Super Chat, channel memberships, and merchandise shelves. When viewers engage with ads in your videos, revenue is generated, divided with you receiving 55% while YouTube takes the remaining 45%.

Before becoming eligible for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), meeting specific milestones is essential:

  1. Subscriber Count: Your channel needs a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.
  2. Watch Hours: Accumulate over 4,000 valid public watch hours within the last 12 months.
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  1. AdSense Account: Link your YouTube channel to an AdSense account.
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  1. Country Residency: Reside in one of the 20 countries where the YPP is available. You can find the list of eligible countries on YouTube’s website.
  2. Compliance with Community Guidelines: Ensure your channel doesn’t have any active Community Guidelines strikes due to violations.
  3. Adherence to Monetization Policies: Follow and comply with YouTube’s channel monetization policies  to be accepted into the program. These policies outline the regulations and criteria for monetizing content on the platform.
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Once you have met the eligibility criteria, applying to become a YouTube Partner involves these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Sign in to the YouTube account you want to monetize.

Step 2: Click on your account icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Access YouTube Studio.

Step 4: Navigate to Channel > Status and Features > Monetization in the left-hand side menu, then select ‘Enable’.

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Step 5: Carefully review the YouTube Partner Program terms and click ‘Agree’ if you’re willing to adhere to them.

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Step 6: Create a new Google AdSense account or link an existing one to your channel.

Step 7: Customize your monetization preferences based on your preferences. You will have three options to choose from: Overlay In-Video Ads, TrueView In-Stream Ads, and Standard In-Stream Ads. 

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Additionally, banner or display ads will automatically appear on your channel page. While selecting at least one option is mandatory, choosing all three can optimize your channel’s ad revenue potential.

Step 8: Await communication from the YouTube team, who will review your channel and notify you of their decision regarding your application.

Maximizing Your YouTube Partner Program Benefits

Embracing the YouTube Partner Program opens doors beyond just ad revenue. There is an entire landscape of opportunities waiting to be explored within the program. You can engage your audience through innovative features and diversify your income streams. 

Here we explore strategies and lesser-known tools that can help you extract the full potential of the program.

  1. Diversify Your Revenue Streams: Do not rely solely on ad revenue. Explore additional monetization options like channel memberships, merchandise sales, Super Chat during live streams, and exclusive content for subscribers.
  2. Engage with Your Audience: Foster a community by responding to comments, holding Q&A sessions, live streams, and creating content that encourages interaction. A loyal and engaged audience can boost watch time and support your revenue streams.
  3. Activate Monetization for Your Previously Uploaded Videos: Unlocking revenue potential for your older videos becomes possible once you are verified and join the YouTube Partner Program. You can enable advertising revenue on your existing uploads with these steps:

Step 1: Find the specific video you wish to monetize.

Step 2: Look for the “$” symbol beside the video.

Step 3: Click “Monetize my video” and choose the types of ads you want to include in the video.

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  1. Utilize the Additional Tools Unlocked as a YouTube Partner: Once your partner account gains verification, many supplementary features becomes available, including live streaming, custom thumbnails, and in-video programming. These tools are invaluable for enhancing your YouTube channel and expanding your subscriber base.
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There are alternative methods to generate income beyond ad revenue, similar to what ‘The Collector’ employs. They are discussed below:

  1. YouTube sponsorship deals or brand collaborations. By showcasing products or services in your videos, you can generate earnings. Also, collaborating with various brands will help you to increase the revenue potential for your channel
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  1. Affiliate marketing: On YouTube, another avenue for earning is through affiliate marketing. This method involves advertising product links in your videos to generate revenue. Here’s a breakdown:
  • Join multiple affiliate programs offered by various brands/companies.
  • Obtain personalized product links to share with your YouTube viewers.
  • Earn a commission when your audience purchases items through the links you provide.
  1. Become a YouTube influencer and capitalize on the burgeoning realm of influencer marketing. According to WebFX, influencers can anticipate earnings such as $20,000 per video with a million subscribers, $2,000 with 100,000 subscribers, and $200 with 10,000 subscribers. Partnering with brands relevant to your audience is key to maximizing earnings.
  2. Encourage Your Audience to Explore Your Products

Regardless of whether you are currently managing an online store or aiming to discover ways to monetize your YouTube presence, showcasing your products on your channel is a strategic move. Utilize both your videos and descriptions to highlight these items, effectively driving traffic to your website.


Imagine transforming your passion for collectibles into a thriving online empire like ‘The Collector’ on YouTube. Whether you are captivated by classic cars, arcade games, or, like ‘The Collector,’ drawn to the world of firearms, the journey to becoming a revered collector with your own devoted following is within reach. 

Share your expertise, unveil your unique treasures, and immerse yourself in a world where your passion becomes your paycheck. Join the league of collectors-turned-entrepreneurs and let your enthusiasm for your chosen niche pave the way to an exciting and fulfilling YouTube adventure. You, too, can be ‘The Collector’ — inspiring, educating, and entertaining audiences worldwide while turning your love for collectibles into a thriving online business


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