4 Ways to Search Twitter (X) Without an Account

Formerly called Twitter, X is a popular platform to get relevant information on happenings around the globe. 

It’s one of the popular social media platforms where users post text, links, images, and videos to communicate with other users. 

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To use the platform, users need to create an account to access all features on the platform. So, what if you don’t have an X account? 

Can you still view tweets, images, and videos on the platform? Can you browse through the social media platform without an account? Read on and find out!

What Happens on Twitter?

Well, we’re not about to say what happens on Twitter stays on Twitter. The truth is that it doesn’t. Whatever a user posts on Twitter can find its way to other social media platforms. 

It can even find a permanent place on different devices saved and archived. When we say what happens on Twitter, we mean the activities. 

Twitter, now X, allows users to post and access different information, such as gossip and news. With an account, you can access global news and gossip across industries. 

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You can view sports, music, and celebrity news from around the world. So, what if you don’t have an account? Does that mean you can’t access information on X? 

Can you Search X without an account?

The simple answer is yes. You can search X without an account through the web and using some Twitter function. 

However, note that you can’t use the app version of the device on iPhone or Android without logging in to an account. 

The first thing you need when you open the app on your mobile device is your login details. Also, when you open the X homepage through Twitter.com, you must sign in with an account.

4 Ways to Search X Without an Account

Before proceeding, please note that you cannot retweet, reply, view replies, like a tweet, post a tweet, or follow accounts without an account. 

Having established this, let’s see four different methods to search Twitter without signing up.

#1: Go Through X’s Explore Page

As you may have noticed, we’re interchanging Twitter and X. They are the same. It’s just pretty difficult to throw away our much-loved Twitter just like that. 

Going through Twitter’s Explore Page is the simplest hack to searching Twitter without an account. Here are the simple steps to do this.

  • Go to Twitter.com/explore.
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  • Search through the breaking news across the world
  • When you have found a news, you want to read, click on it to read the detailed information. 

You will also find related news, photos, videos, and links you can explore. Additionally, you can select from the trending topics on the Explore page. 

Topics covering sports, entertainment, and news have numerous tweets you can read to find current information.

#2: Use the Search Bar on Explore

You can also leverage the search bar in X’s Explore page to look for anything on Twitter. So, if you have a specific topic or username you want to read up on, follow the steps:

  • Go to Twitter.com/Explore.
  • Type in any topic, username, or keyword in the search bar and click “Enter”.
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  • You will see the search results displayed at the top tab. You can also search by Photos, Videos, People, and Latest to access more results.

#3: Search through Google

You can read tweets from a specific Twitter handle through Google Chrome. 

Using this method, you can view posts from your favorite Twitter handles right on your computer while working. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Type in the Twitter name of the person you want to read their tweets.
  • Scroll down to read their recent tweets. Please note that you can’t access a private profile page or any post from them. 
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If a Twitter user makes their account private, you have to follow them on the social media platform to search or view their tweets.

#4: Use 3rd-Party Websites

You can also access trending topics on Twitter on third-party websites without going through Twitter’s homepage. 

For instance, Trends24 offers a well-organized and user-friendly news interface. You can find an extensive list of the latest trending hashtags and topics on Twitter. 

Here’s how to view Twitter on a third-party site without an account, using Trends24 as an example.

  • Go to the Trends24 website. GetDayTrends, Twitter Trending, Tweeplers, and NotifyTrending are also a few examples of sites you can check.
  • From the homepage, browse through the list of topics and hashtags and select your preferred topic.
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  • Click on it to view posts and Tweets relating to the topic.

How to Private Twitter Accounts without a Twitter Account

Recall we said you can’t view a private profile or their post if you don’t have a Twitter account and follow the user. 

Well, let’s rephrase that – you can’t access a private user account without an extra tool. What does that mean? 

With an intermediary app, you can search and access private accounts on Twitter without an account. 

Apps like HootSuite, TweetDeck, and Twitonomy are affordable, efficient, and secure tools to crack the code. With any of these apps, you can view a private X account without following it. 

All you need is to search for the profile name and you can view their profile. 

How to Search Sensitive Content on X without an Account

Twitter is big on promoting wholesomeness and freedom of speech while protecting users. That is why users must include a caveat when posting sensitive content. 

If you’ve searched the Twitter Explore page, you will see that you can’t find any sensitive content. The reason is simple. The page aims to attract non-users to view content on X without an account. 

Also, sensitive content is reserved for adult audiences and can’t appear on a public page. To view sensitive content, you have to directly search for it. 

First, you must know the author of the post or a hashtag/keyword associated with the tweet. Next, open TwitterWeb and type in the author, hashtag, or keyword to search for the content. 

With this, you can view the content you want. However, you cannot download or save the post without an account.


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