How to Turn on Gifted Subs on YouTube?

YouTube stands as a dynamic platform where creators and audiences connect in a digital dance of creativity and engagement. Amidst this exciting era, YouTube continues to roll out features that redefine the relationship between content creators and their dedicated communities. 

One such game-changing feature is the introduction of gifted subscriptions—a feature designed to breathe life into the concept of communal support.

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Imagine a space where supporting your favorite content creator becomes more than a transaction; it becomes a gift, a gesture that strengthens the bond between creators and their audience. Recent statistics underscore the significance of this shift, revealing a remarkable surge in community engagement for channels that encourage gifted subscriptions.

So, what are gifted subscriptions, how do they work, and how you can activate gifted subscriptions on your YouTube channel? Let’s explore! 

What is YouTube Channel Membership Gifting?

Monetization on YouTube takes an exciting turn with the introduction of Channel Membership Gifting—an innovative feature that empowers content creators to foster a stronger sense of community engagement.

Monetized YouTube channels now have the ability to augment their revenue streams by offering memberships to users. These memberships unlock a bunch of exclusive benefits, including special icons in the comment section, access to members-only livestreams, and more. Think of it as the YouTube equivalent of subscriptions on platforms like Twitch.

Before membership gifting, users were restricted to purchasing memberships solely for themselves that limits them to one transaction per month. 

The game-changing update introduces a novel concept—allowing channel members to buy multiple memberships (5, 10, 20) in a single purchase. 

YouTube then dynamically “gifts” these memberships to other viewers to expand the scope of community involvement.

Recipients of gifted memberships enjoy one month of access to the channel’s exclusive perks without any financial commitment. 

Meanwhile, creators benefit from the usual revenue share associated with each transaction, creating a symbiotic relationship where support is reciprocal.

How Do Gifted Subscriptions Work on YouTube?

The working process of gifting memberships on YouTube is as simple as a click. Navigate to the dollar icon button conveniently positioned next to the live chat of the channel you wish to support. This unlocks the gateway to purchasing gift memberships for ongoing live streams, turning your gesture into a meaningful contribution to the community. 

Upon clicking the dollar sign, YouTube presents you with a range of options, among which you’ll find the coveted ‘Membership gifting.’ Selecting this option opens a door to customize your generosity by choosing the number of gift memberships you’d like to purchase. 

With your choices in place, proceed to complete the transaction. As you finalize your purchase, the live chat becomes a visible testament to your support, showcasing the number of gifts you’ve contributed. 

Simultaneously, the lucky viewer receiving the gifted membership is promptly notified, turning the act of generosity into a shared moment.

The distribution of these coveted memberships unfolds based on the level of interaction viewers have with the streamer’s channel. 

Keeping everything short and crisp, the more engaged and dedicated viewers naturally stand a better chance of receiving these thoughtful gifts. It’s a mechanism designed to reward loyalty and foster a sense of community within the gaming sphere.

How to Turn On Gifted Subscriptions on YouTube?

If you’re eager to be in the running for a gifted membership without becoming a channel member, follow these simple steps to opt-in. There are two easy ways to get started, and it’s all about allowing gifts to come your way.

Method 1: Opting in through the Live Chat

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  • Spot the gift icon in the live chat.
  • Click on the icon and select ‘Allow Gifts’ when a nifty announcement pops up after the streamer you’re watching activates membership gifting.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to ‘Allow Gifts’ directly from the chat when the notification appears.

Method 2: Opting in through the Membership Offer Screen

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  • Click on ‘Join’ and then head to the three-dot menu.
  • From the menu, select ‘gift settings’ to open the door to receiving gifted subscriptions.

It’s worth noting that, for now, this feature is exclusively available on desktop. However, the good news is that YouTube is gearing up to bring it to their mobile app in the near future. 

While the exact timeline hasn’t been set, the promise of expanding the magic of gifted subscriptions to mobile users is on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, get ready to enjoy receiving gifted memberships on your computer screen!


Q1: Can I opt-in for gifted memberships if I’m not a channel member?

Yes, you can! By following simple steps in the live chat or membership offer screen, you can opt-in to receive gifted memberships without being a channel member.

Q2: Are gifted memberships available on mobile devices?

Currently, gifted memberships are desktop-exclusive. However, YouTube has plans to introduce this feature on their mobile app in the near future.

Q3: How do creators benefit from gifted subscriptions?

Creators receive the usual revenue share associated with each transaction when viewers purchase gifted memberships, providing them with additional financial support.

Q4: Can I customize the number of gifted memberships I want to purchase?

Absolutely! When opting for membership gifting, you have the flexibility to choose the number of gift memberships you’d like to contribute, allowing for a personalized and thoughtful gesture.

Q5: How are gifted memberships distributed among viewers?

Gifted memberships are distributed based on the level of interaction viewers have with the streamer’s channel. Engaged and dedicated viewers have a better chance of receiving these special gifts.


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