Why Can’t I Pin a Post on Facebook? [With Fixes]

It can be frustrating when those cherished memories and happy moments start fading away in the constant stream of new posts on Facebook. While the desire to pin those precious memories is understandable, there are a few reasons you might find yourself unable to do so. One possible hurdle is that you may not have the necessary permissions for this action. You cannot pin a post from your personal timeline but from a Facebook page and as such if you are not an admin or editor of a page or group, pinning privileges might be out of reach. Technical glitches on Facebook’s end could also be a culprit. So, if you are scratching your head wondering why you can’t pin that post, check if you are wearing the admin or editor hat. If not, that might be the missing key to your Facebook pinning adventure.

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Pinning a post on Facebook is like putting it on the center stage of your profile. This attractive feature ensures that the chosen post stays right at the top, refusing to budge even when you publish new updates. It is a strategic move, making that post the first thing anyone sees when they check out your timeline. Think of it as a grand welcome mat for your new followers, a prime spot to showcase any page rules, or a bulletin board for crucial info you want everyone to know. It is your chance to shine a spotlight on what matters most and make sure it doesn’t get lost in the constant stream of updates. 

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Much like a pinned tweet on Twitter, this feature ensures that the chosen post stays fixed at the top of your profile page until you decide otherwise and unpin it. Pinning a post on Facebook page is a powerful tool for marketing as it highlights important information, announcements, promotions, or anything else you want to grab immediate attention.

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Understanding how to pin a post on Facebook

Pinning a post on Facebook involves specific procedures, and overlooking any of these steps could result in your inability to pin your desired content. You should ensure that you are trying to pin a post on the correct type of account (personal profile, business page, or group). You should also ensure that you have the necessary permissions, particularly for pages and groups. 

Reviewing the step-by-step instructions provided by Facebook, which may change with updates, is crucial to successfully pinning posts. It is always a good idea to double-check the settings and follow the recommended procedure to make the pinning process smooth and effective.

Here are the steps to follow to pin your post on Facebook page:

Step 1: Launch Facebook and log in to your account.

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Step 2: After logging into your account, go to the “Pages” section located beneath the “Explore” tab.

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Step 3- Upon clicking “Pages,” the default view will be the “Liked Pages” tab. To access a list of your Facebook pages, simply click on the “Your Pages” tab.

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Step 4 – when your pages open, you select the Facebook page that you want to pin a post to.

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Step 5 – Once the page is open, find the particular post you want to pin at the top. Next, click on the three dots located at the top of that specific post.

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Step 6 – Lastly, from the dropdown menu that appears, click on “Pin to Top of Page” or just “Pin post.”

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After following the steps and selecting “Pin to Top of Page,” the post will instantly move to the top of your page. You will notice a pin icon displayed on the post as well. This pinned status will last for 7 days. If you decide to pin a new post before the initial seven-day duration is complete, the newly pinned post will replace the existing one at the top of your page. This way, you have the flexibility to showcase different content prominently, ensuring that most relevant or timely information is always at the forefront for visitors to see. However, if you decide to remove the post from the top position, you can simply unpin it. To do so, click the three dots above the post and then select “Unpin from Top of Page” or simply, “Unpin.”

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Why you can’t post on Facebook [with fixes]

Like initially stated, technical glitches on Facebook’s end could also be a culprit. This means that there might be issues or bugs within Facebook’s platform itself that are preventing users from successfully pinning posts. These glitches could be temporary disruptions in the system, malfunctions in the pinning feature, or other technical problems within the Facebook infrastructure. In such cases, the user might be following all the correct steps, but external factors like server issues or software bugs on Facebook’s side could be causing the problem. In case you face persistent difficulties in pinning your post, you may need to wait for Facebook to resolve these technical issues or reach out to Facebook support for assistance. Here is Facebook’s support

Also, the primary point to understand about pinning Facebook posts is that this feature is exclusive to Facebook “pages” and cannot be executed on personal timelines and to pin a post on a Facebook page, one must hold the role of an administrator or editor for that particular page. This ensures that only individuals with the appropriate permissions can utilize the pinning feature, maintaining control over what content takes precedence on the page.

If you are not a Facebook admin or editor, you will not be able to pin a post on Facebook even if you follow the appropriate steps.  To become a Facebook page or group admin, you need to be granted access. The process involves granting access and admin privileges to individuals through the page settings. In an organization, a Facebook admin has the capability to grant access and management control of a business page to other members of the organization by adding them as admins. This is a useful feature for collaborative efforts, as it allows multiple individuals to contribute to the management and content creation for a business page. Adding admins provides a way to distribute responsibilities and ensure that various team members can actively participate in the page’s activities while maintaining appropriate levels of control and access.

Here is how it can be done:

Step 1 – Click on “Manage” from your business page

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Step 2 – Select “Page Access” from the left menu.

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Step 3 – Navigate to “Page Access” in the settings for the New Page Experience

Step 4 – Then click on “Add New.”

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Step 5 – Look for the individual you want to grant access to the page. 

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Step 6 – Then, select “Give Access.”

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Step 7 – Input your password and click “Confirm” to finalize the action. 

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Once you have admin status, you can pin posts to the top of the Facebook page for increased visibility. This collaborative approach ensures that multiple contributors can manage and showcase content effectively on the business page.


Mastering the art of pinning posts on Facebook involves a series of straightforward yet pivotal steps. Whether it is preserving cherished memories on a personal profile or strategically showcasing important content on a business page, understanding the platform’s settings and permissions is key. From adding administrators to granting access, users can take control of their Facebook experience, ensuring that their most valuable posts enjoy the spotlight they deserve. With a clear grasp of these processes, users can navigate the intricacies of pinning posts, making their Facebook presence both engaging and dynamic.


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