How to Check Drops on YouTube [Step by Step]

Gaming streams and streamers have become quite popular in the past few years. While it was initially limited just to Twitch, now even YouTube has many popular gaming streamers with exclusive contracts. 

As a result, YouTube and YouTube Gaming have been adding more and more features to make YouTube gaming streamers even better. One such feature is YouTube Drops which gives you free in game items for watching live streams. Thus, we are here with a complete guide on how to check drops on YouTube to help you get the same.

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What are Drops on YouTube?

There will be a lot of you who are hearing about YouTube Drops for the first time. Let us help you understand the same. In order to promote games, many game developers with games like Valorant, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and more run YouTube Drops campaigns. 

This simply means that they will start giving rewards to people who are watching YouTube gaming streams of that game. These rewards are in-game items or game skins that will be then added to your account. In other words, YouTube Drops reward the streamers as well as the viewers with free skin for streaming and watching streams.

Requirements for Drops on YouTube

Just like any other reward system on the internet, YouTube Drops also has its own requirements. And in order to win any rewards from YouTube Drops, you need to be eligible in terms of completing a few requirements. To be more exact, you need to fulfill the following requirements to ear drops on YouTube:

Connected Accounts

Before anything else, you need to connect your YouTube account to your game account. Once your accounts are connected, only then will you be eligible to earn YouTube Drops.

Watch Time

Once you have connected your YouTube account to your game account, you can start watching gaming streams to earn YouTube Drops. For the same, all YouTube Drops have a specific watch time requirement. While some gaming streams require you to watch the game stream for 10 minutes, others may need you to watch for 30 minutes or even more to win a YouTube drop. You can find the details for the same right under the eligible gaming stream that you are watching.

Eligible Streams

Lastly, even though it is quite obvious, you need to watch YouTube Gaming streams that are eligible for giving out YouTube Drops. Such gaming streams will have a Rewards icon right next to the like and subscribe button. If the gaming stream you are watching also has the Rewards icon, then you can continue watching it to earn YouTube Drops.

How to Check Drops on YouTube?

Now that you know all of the requirements to earn drops on YouTube, you can go ahead and claim the same. However, most of you will face issues in connecting your YouTube account to your game account. In that case, you can follow these instructions to win or check drops on YouTube:

  • First, open a YouTube Gaming stream that is eligible for YouTube Drops. These streams will have a Reward button right under the stream.
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  • Now, click on Rewards and select the Connect Accounts option.
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  • Here, sign in with your Game Account and allow all the required permissions.
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  • Finally, close the account connection dialog.
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  • After this, you can fulfill other requirements for YouTube Drops and claim your reward.

FAQs about How to Check Drops on YouTube

Q. How can I check my YouTube gaming drops?

Whenever you are watching a drop eligible stream on YouTube gaming, it will have a Connected icon under the gaming stream. And if everything is connected well, you will get your YouTube Drop with time. You can then check this drop from YouTube within your game by opening your in-game inventory.

Q. How can I claim my YouTube reward from drops?

Unlike other reward systems on the internet, the YouTube Drops system is completely automatic. This means that once you are eligible and win a YouTube drop reward, you don’t have to claim it manually. It will be automatically added to your game account right away.

Q. How do I know if a given YouTube stream has YouTube Drops enabled on it?

Since not every gaming stream will offer you YouTube Drops rewards, you need to watch the ones with YouTube Drops enabled on them. You can ensure this by only watching the gaming streams that have the Rewards icon under them.

Q. How can I claim VCT rewards on YouTube?

The procedure to claim VCT rewards on YouTube is the same as claiming any other rewards from YouTube Drops. You simply need to watch the VCT streams with your Valorant connected to YouTube. After that, you will automatically receive VCT rewards from YouTube.


Since popular game skins can be quite expensive, some of you might be looking for cheaper or free ones. In that case, you are in luck because you can now get free game skins by watching gaming streams on YouTube. This is made possible thanks to YouTube Drops that we have discussed above. In fact, we have given a complete guide on how to check drops on YouTube earlier in this list. 



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