How to Unlink IG From TikTok [Step by Step]

Instagram and TikTok have risen in popularity since their launch. These apps allow users to share videos, pictures, and stories with followers. 

They also have a unique feature – you can link both accounts. With this, you don’t have to post on both social platforms separately. 

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When your IG and TikTok are connected, whatever you post on IG appears on TikTok and vice versa. This helps to enhance your visibility and reach among your followers. 

However, there comes a time when unlinking both accounts is the best decision to make. Several reasons may be responsible for this, and we’ll share these shortly. 

If you want to unlink your Instagram from TikTok, we share a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process. Let’s get started with the details.

So, let’s get down to the real deal – how to unlink Instagram from TikTok. You can complete the whole process in minutes.

It takes only five steps (well, four if you remove the part about opening your app). Let’s get into the details.

Step #1: Open the TikTok app on your device.

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Step #2: Ignore all the videos and look for your profile. Click on the Profile icon. It’s at the bottom right corner of your screen. This takes you to your profile page on TikTok.

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Step #3: Click on Edit Profile. The button is next to the Instagram icon. By the way, if you click on the Instagram icon, it will redirect you to your Instagram profile. So, don’t accidentally click on it when unlinking your accounts.

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Step #4: Move down a little on the page to the “Social” section where you’ll see the Instagram icon again. The social section has the list of all social media accounts you linked to your TikTok profile. Click on the arrow by your Instagram ID.

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Step #5: Click Unlink to verify the prompt. This automatically unlinks your IG account from TikTok. Click on the back arrow to get redirected to your profile page to check. Refresh the page and you won’t see the Instagram icon again.

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That’s all! You see how easy it is to unlink your IG account from TikTok.

As mentioned earlier, different reasons can prompt you to unlink your Instagram account from TikTok. Here are the popular ones.

#1: Privacy Issues

IG and TikTok offer the freedom to post and share everything with followers. Sharing more posts increases your visibility and reach, which means you get more followers and engagement. 

The higher your engagement and followers, the higher the risk of becoming a target of malicious individuals. They may hack into your social media account to cause mischief. 

If your account in one of the platforms is compromised, unlinking both becomes the best decision. We recommend you go through the social platforms’ privacy policy. 

This lets you see how to increase the security of your accounts on both platforms. Even if you don’t have any privacy issues, you may want to have more control over your data. 

For this, unlinking IG from TikTok is a good place to start.

#2: Prevent Cross-posting Errors

One other reason you may want to unlink both accounts is to prevent cross-posting mistakes. Well, let’s face it. No one is perfect in their use of language. 

Sometimes, we all make typographical errors. That’s downplaying the whole cross-posting mistake, really. 

The actual error is accidentally cross-posting content not meant to be shared on one of the platforms. Now, that’s enough to bring cold sweat to your neck. Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake people make. While you can delete the post or undo the posting, you can prevent it in the first place by unlinking both accounts.

#3: Differing Content Strategies

IG and TikTok target different audiences, and as a content creator, you must know this. Additionally, the content formats and features on both platforms differ. 

If you want to have tailored content for each social platform, unlinking your accounts is a wise thing to do. 

This allows you to develop an appropriate content strategy for each platform. With this, you can boost your reach across specific audiences on both platforms.

#4: Branding Purposes

When you’re on these social media platforms for business reasons, branding becomes a priority for every content you post. 

Like content strategies, branding, and aesthetics differ on both platforms. You can make your content more appealing on both apps when you pay closer attention to branding styles on both sites.

Final Thoughts

While unlinking your Instagram account from TikTok comes with its benefits, it also has downsides. 

So, if you’re looking at boosting your follower base, you’ll work twice as hard to increase the number of your followers on both platforms. 

When you link both accounts, your followers on each account know about your other account. They can easily search for you and follow you if they like your content. 

They don’t need to reach out to you to ask for your handle. Also, posting on both social platforms separately means doubling the time you would have posted and cross-posting on the other. 

If you don’t want to cross-post certain content, you can disable the feature for that particular post. However, if you feel you must unlink your Instagram account from TikTok, then you should.

#1: Can I re-link my IG account to TikTok later?

Answer: Yes, you can. All you have to do is follow the same process highlighted above. However, instead of showing Unlink Instagram, it will show Link Instagram. You should click on the option to relink both accounts.

#2: Will my TikTok videos disappear if I unlink IG from TikTok?

Not at all! Unlinking IG from TikTok will not affect your TikTok videos. Your videos remain on the platform, and you can use the platform as usual.

#3: Will TikTok delete my data if I unlink IG from my TikTok account?

Answer: No, unlinking an IG account from TikTok does not affect your data on both platforms. The content you post on both platforms will remain independent.


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