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What Are Personalized Notifications on YouTube?

Have you subscribed to a YouTube channel to watch videos regularly? Then, you might be familiar with the YouTube notifications feature. YouTube sends you notifications to inform you about the newly posted videos by the channel owners. You may receive multiple notifications depending on the number of channels to which you have subscribed. The video platform also has set notification algorithms. Besides, it allows you to customize your notifications based on your preferences. So, let us talk about the personalized notifications on YouTube.

Know about YouTube notifications-

YouTube has recently introduced new metrics to deal with the YouTube Analysis process and help channel owners identify the percentage of the subscribers’ base that will receive notifications. Thus, you can determine how many subscribers of your channel will get notified about your new videos. Subscribers receive their notifications based on settings on their devices and YouTube. 

It is to be noted that YouTube redesigned the bell-style icon for the convenience of users. While updating the features, YouTube has added a drop-down menu, which is available to mobile users also. So, it is easy to toggle between various notification options.

YouTube notification types- What are personalized notifications?

The YouTube notification feature is shown as the bell symbol to allow viewers to stay engaged with the content of their favorite creators. Thus, YouTubers can encourage their target audience to click on the bell. This is the way they promote the channel and gain more viewers.

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Currently, you need to choose from 3 options for YouTube notifications-

All– It means you would receive all the channel’s notifications. So, whenever the video creator has uploaded a video, you would get notified.

None– You might have subscribed to a channel but would not receive notifications. If you feel annoyed at the notification sound, you can choose this option. 

Personalized– When you want to subscribe to any YouTube channel, you need to click on the Subscribe button. After clicking on this button, you will find the Bell icon. Almost every creator wants viewers to subscribe to his channel. But, not every subscriber wants to get notified in the same way. That is why YouTube allows viewers to get occasional notifications. If you have activated this option, YouTube will determine the frequency to deliver notifications. So, as a viewer, it is an advantageous feature of the channel.

Guide to managing YouTube notifications

Find some tips for YouTube notification management.

Adjusting the notification options for every channel

The occasional or personalized notification option is automatically chosen by default. Thus, if this option remains activated, YouTube focuses on how frequently you check notifications, your viewing history, and several other factors.

However, if you are a subscriber to several channels, you may not like to visit every channel to customize notification settings. That is why you have to go to the main menu of the YouTube app and hit the Subscription tab. You will then find the All button and select the Manage option.

Decide on the notification type you prefer

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We have already talked about the options for setting the frequency of receiving notifications from YouTube channels But, what type of YouTube notifications would you like to receive? Android device users have to click on the 3-dot menu button and select the settings option. It will then allow them to hit the Notification option. Tap on it and make some adjustments. 

Similarly, iPhone users have to tap on their profile photos in the top corner of the menu and hit the Settings option. Once you have clicked on Notifications, you can tweak them according to your needs and preferences. 

Now, let us list various notification settings you can choose on the YouTube channel.

  • Subscriptions– You may decide on how the video platform will notify you about the subscriptions. You will receive notifications via email or mobile’s push alerts. You can also choose both these options if you need so.
  • Recommend video– It is an automated option, and YouTube will present you with suggested videos depending on what you have watched. If you are satisfied with YouTube’s recommendations, you can keep the option activated.
  • Activity on the channel– It is intended for channel owners who like to get notified when viewers have left comments.
  • Activities on other YouTube channels– When someone has shared your content on other YT channels, you get notified. However, if you are not a channel owner or creator, you can disable the notification.
  • Product updates– The video platform will notify you about the new announcements and products. But, by default, YouTube has kept it disabled. 

Removing YT notifications with a few steps

Some YouTube viewers like to remove all the YT notifications at a time. They can do to with a few simple steps. Go to the settings of your Android phone to clear the YouTube notifications you have received till now. 

You can then click on notifications and apps. Hit the notification feature and select YouTube. Switch on or off the YT notifications.

Thus, if you no longer want to get notified, you can keep the feature deactivated.


 YouTube’s team noticed that viewers get overwhelmed when they receive a lot of notifications from multiple channels they are subscribed to. The availability of a personalization option will remove this concern. It will minimize the number of notifications, and viewers will receive those, which are important and relevant to them.


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