What Mic Does Billie Eilish Use? Her Complete Audio Gear with Features and Specs

Without a second thought, Billie Eilish is one of the most talented and unique artists in the world. If you’re a follower of her admirable work, you should have been wondering what mic does Billie Eilish use? Since all her songs deliver such an ethereal, powerful, and breathy voice. 

So, in this article, you will uncover various secrets from Eilish’s sound rack. You will learn about the microphone she uses for professional recording. Moreover, you will explore her full sound stack. This includes her audio interface, MIDI keyboard, studio monitors, headphones, and a mic she uses to record her demo. 

Who is Billie Eilish?

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Born on December 18, 2001, this American songwriter and singer gained cheers and love from the public with her single debut song, “Ocean Eyes,” in 2015. Eilish is known for her sincere and honest voice tone that has a low-pitched and soft whispery touch. 

Billie Eilish has received several accolades and awards, including 2x American Music Awards, 2x MTV Europe Music Awards, 2x Guinness World Records, 1x Brit Award, and 7x Grammy Awards. Her music made her featured in Time Magazine’s ‘Time 100 Next’ list in the year 2019 and 2021. 

According to the Billboard and Recording Industry Association of America, Billie Eilish is one of the most victorious artists of the 2010 era. 

What Mic Does Billie Eilish Use?

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In an interview with Guitar World in 2020, Elish’s brother, Finneas, revealed this secret. He confirmed that Billie Eilish uses Neumann TLM 103 cardioid condenser large-diaphragm microphone to record her songs. Moreover, he explained that this microphone has a clear, open tone that captures Billie’s powerful and intimate voice.

The TLM 103 is undoubtedly an excellent mic for all professional projects. It has a top choice for vocals since it delivers minimal self-noise. It houses a broad dynamic range, Foley work, and extremely low amplitude sampling. 

TLM 103 has a classic and compact design to reproduce transparent sound. It holds the K 103 big diaphragm capsule inspired by the K 87 microphones. Moreover, the frequency response, wide flat presence boost, and wire mesh grille offer outstanding impulse response to regenerate vocals without coloration.

Features of Neumann TLM 103

  • Direct-couple circuitry
  • Swivel mount included
  • High sound pressure level handling
  • One-diaphragm capsule that comes with a pressure gradient transducer

Specifications of Neumann TLM 103

Polar PatternCardioid
ColorNickel and black
Net Weight1 lb
Mic TypeCondenser
Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz
Max SPL138dB
Output Impedance50 Ohms
Mic Sensitivity23 mV/Pa (-57dB)
Body MaterialNickel-plated brass
Self Noise7dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio87dB

Other Audio Devices that Billie Eilish Use with her Microphone

Although a microphone plays a huge importance in Billie Eilish’s singing career, there are some more audio gears that make her sound so rich and gloomy.

1. Demo Microphone

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Before recording the pro vocals, Billie Eilish uses the Blue Yeti Pro USB condenser microphone for recording demos. It is a high-quality mic with a stable USB connection that you can directly connect to your computer. The mic also has an XLR output for stereo connection. The Blue Yeti Pro has a Tri-Capsule with four pickup patterns. 

Features of Blue Yeti Pro USB

  • 4 pattern settings
  • XLR/USB microphone
  • High recording resolution
  • Built-in amplifier for headphones with zero-latency
  • Direct controls for pattern selection, mic gain, mute, pattern selection, and volume

Specifications of Blue Yeti Pro USB

Cables3-meter USB cable
12-inches Y-cable
Max SPL120dB
Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz
Polar PatternsCardioidStereoBidirectionalOmnidirectional
Bit Depth24-bit

Note: The manufacturers have discontinued this product. However, if you want an alternative that’s far superior to most USB mics, you can find plenty of models in the market. For instance, if you require similar frequency response, polar pattern, and bit depth from wireless microphones, you can check out the Hollyland Lark M2. It is one of the best wireless microphone systems known for its portability, lightweight, and remarkable sound quality.

lark m2 box

Hollyland Lark M2

2-Person Wireless Mini Button Microphone.

Learn More

2. The Audio Interface of Billie Eilish

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Billie Eilish uses the Universal Audio Apollo Twin X audio interface. It is a next-level desktop device, providing a combination of Unison-enabled preamps, Realtime UAD processing, and excellent audio conversion. It is a robust tool for music producers and musicians who never compromise on sound quality.

The Apollo Twin also lets you track analog preamps from API, Neve, and Manley. This permits to capture the warm and rich sounds of analog equipment without owning the hardware. 

Features of Universal Audio Apollo Twin X

  • Almost zero latency
  • Thunderbolt 3 connectivity 
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac
  • Top-notch D/A and A/D conversion
  • 2x Unison-enabled microphone preamps
  • Mute, Mono, ALT, and DIM monitor controls
  • Available in QUAD and UAD-2 DUO Core Processing
  • Additional digital input up to 8 channels via S/PDIF or ADAT
  • Free online and phone support through expert audio engineers
  • Successfully runs UAD plug-ins through Audio Units, AAX, and VST in all DAWsTracking through EQs, mic preamps, vintage compressors, guitar amp plug-ins
  • Integrated talkback microphone to ease communication with the artist in the studio environment
  • Equipped with Unison™ technology to provide great models of transformer-based preamps, stompboxes, guitar amps, and classic tube

Specifications of Universal Audio Apollo Twin X

Microphone Inputs
Impedance200 Ohms
Gain range18 dB to 68 dB
Max input level13 dBu
Noise EIN-128 dBu
Total harmonic distortion + noise0.0002% (-128 dBFS)
Dynamic range137 dB
Frequency Response20Hz to 20kHz
Line Inputs
ImpedanceLine 1: 10k Ohms
Line 2: 10k Ohms
Hi-Z 1M Ohms
Gain range18 dB to 66 dB
Max input level22 dBu
Total harmonic distortion + noiseLine 1/Line 2: 0.0068%
Hi-Z: 0.0078%
Dynamic range127 dB
Frequency response20Hz to 20kHz
Instrument Inputs
ImpedanceMic: 5.5k Ohms
Line: 10k Ohms
Hi-Z: 1M Ohms
Gain range10 dB to 65 dB
Max input level12.2 dBu
Total harmonic distortion + noise0.0009%
Dynamic range127 dB
Frequency response20Hz to 20kHz
Headphone Outputs
Impedance100 Ohms
Max output level20.2 dBu
Total harmonic distortion + noise0.0004% (-105 dBFS)
Dynamic range127 dB
Line Outputs
Impedance100 Ohms
Max output level20.2 dBu
Total harmonic distortion + noise0.0001%
Dynamic range127 dB
ConnectivityThunderbolt 3, 1x Optical ADAT input, 2x Line outputs, 2x Headphone outputs, and 1x MIDI input/output.
Supported Sample Rates192kHz, 176.4kHz, 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz, and 44.1kHz

3. MIDI Keyboard in Billie Eilish’s Audio Setup

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Billie Eilish has the Akai MPK Mini III (MK3) MIDI keyboard in her audio equipment. It is a 25-key small-size keyboard that can fit your travel bag without making it heavy. MPK Mini III is bus-powered by a USB MIDI controller with ease to adjust the Octave through the Up/Down buttons. Additionally, it is compatible with all major performance pads and DAWs. 

From virtual piano and synths to EPs and orchestral instruments, this MIDI keyboard lets you do everything without a hitch. Moreover, it has 8 bankable, velocity-sensitive keypads that offer a perfect touch for playing melodic samples and finger drumming. 

Features of Akai MPK Mini III

  • Tempo button
  • Portable design
  • Input jack for sustain pedal
  • Windows and Mac compatibility
  • USB-powered (adapter not required)
  • Full Level and Note Repeat functionality
  • 4-way, easy-to-use joystick for pitch control
  • OLED display for quick parameter feedback
  • Pad performance controller and MIDI/USB keyboard
  • Gen 2 keybed for enhanced articulation and dynamic expression
  • Incorporated arpeggiator with range, modes, and resolution adjustment

Specifications of Akai MPK Mini III

Weight1.65 lbs
Width12.5 inches
Height 1.5 inches
Depth7.13 inches
Total Number of Keys25
Velocity SensitivityYes
Pads8 (backlit)
Encoders8 assignable knobs
MIDI Input/OutputUSB
Power SupplyUSB
Connectivity with ComputerYes (USB)
Minimum Mac OS RequirementsOS X 10.8.5
Minimum Windows OS RequirementsWindows 7 SP1 

4. Studio Monitors

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Wonder how Billie Eilish’s songs sound so perfect to the ears? Thanks to the Yamaha HS5 studio monitors for making each note and instrument transparent for an ideal mix. The HS5 boasts High Trim and Room response controls no matter if you’re in a studio environment or at home. 

Moreover, these monitors are equipped with a next-level magnetic circuit for delivering a tightly controlled and robust flux field. This brings a dynamic efficiency and smooth response over the broader frequency range. 

The drivers used in all the HS series, including HS5, provide improved audio performance due to their mounting system. The mounts are positioned scientifically that eliminates unwanted resonance and vibration, giving a full colorless and distortion-free sonic potential.

Features of Yamaha HS5 

  • 5-inch woofer
  • Large magnets
  • 1-inch dome tweeter
  • Dedicated amps for tweeter and woofer
  • 25 watts HF and 45 watts LF integrated amplification

Specifications of Yamaha HS5

Weight11.7 lbs
Width6.7 inches
Depth8.7 inches
Height11.2 inches
ColorsBlack and White
Inputs1x 1/4-inches TRS
1x XLR
LF DriverCone
HF DriverDome
EnclosureRear Ported
Crossover Frequency2kHz
Frequency Range54Hz to 30kHz
Power ConfigurationBi-amped

5. The Headphones

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Billie Eilish’s most reliable headphone is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. These closed-back headphones are best-sellers in the entire M series. It homes 45mm neodymium magnet drivers that provide excellent sound details and correct frequency response. Therefore, they are ideal for Djing, mixing, and recording. 

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Another benefit of the ATH-M50x closed-back design is the top-notch isolation that offers minimal bleed. Moreover, the circumaural earpads offer great comfort while you record long sessions. 

Features of Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

  • Strong build quality
  • Ideal for flat response
  • Renowned sonic performance
  • Voice coils made of copper-clad aluminum
  • Circumaural contours for loud environments
  • Superior accuracy throughout the frequency range
  • Professional-grade headband and earpad materials
  • Includes a 1/4 screw-on adapter and a carrying pouch
  • Collapsible design ensures portability and space-saving
  • 90-degree swiveling earcups give effortless 1-ear monitoring

Features of Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Weight0.62 lbs
Foldable Yes
Driver Size45mm
Earcups typeSwivel
Detachable CableYes
Cable TypeStraight and coiled
Frequency Response15-28kHz
Noise AttenuationPassive Noise Isolating
Cable LengthStraight cable: 1.2 meterCoiled cable: 3 meter
Connector1/8-inches and 1/4-inches Gold-plated stereo


No doubt, the Neumann TLM 103 has served Elish’s audience for quite a long time. Since now you know what mic does Billie Eilish use, you can try to have the same equipment to capture your own voice without coloration. However, the complete studio and audio setup of Eilish includes a few more things. 

For instance, a Blue Yeti microphone for demo recording. An outstanding Universal Audio interface. Small but extremely professional MIDI keyboard along with Yamaha studio monitors. And, of course, the Audio-Technica headphones for in-depth mixing. 


Q1. Is the Neumann TLM 103 good for vocals?

The Neumann TLM 103 is excellent for modern and airy vocals like Billie Eilish’s, That is why she uses this microphone in most of her songs. 

Q2. Can you use Billie Eilish’s microphone for live singing?

You can use Neumann TLM 103 mic for live singing. It is a cardioid condenser mic best for capturing sound from the front. Moreover, it will also help decrease feedback. 

Q3. What was the mic Billie Eilish used previously for Ocean Eyes?

For recording Ocean Eyes, Billie and Finneas, used Audio-Technica AT2020. After becoming successful, Billie Eilish has switched to Neumann TLM 103. 


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