10 Most Liked Non-Music Videos on YouTube in 2023

For YouTube content creators, music videos have dominated the likes landscape by indulging captivating content. However, non-music videos’ unparalleled creativity and exceptional performances transcend YouTube traditions. So, content creators have two things: how to creatively express their work and how this new idea has the potential to start a new trend.

Along with entertainment content, non-music videos face many challenges before ranking on changing YouTube algorithms. Therefore, besides analyzing the most liked videos, it’s essential to understand the trends and challenges that will have diverse influences on these videos.

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10 Most Liked Non-music Videos on YouTube in 2023

Sometimes, YouTube content creators put a lot of effort into creating videos but need help to look for expected results. However, depending on current trends, some are posted and become famous. 

For non-music videos such as pranks, memes, and games, views and likes are significant in generating ad revenue. Therefore, because of their importance, hereunder are the most liked non-music videos that help analyze the current or changing trends.

Video NameUploaderLikes (in Millions)Views (in Millions) Upload Time
How Zach King Gets Away With Doing GraffitiDollar Bill311.2 (Billions)Jul 24, 2019
Home alone in a rushDaniel LaBelle31728Dec 7, 2021
Make This Video “The Most Liked Video” On YouTube Mr Beast29 144Jan 17, 2019
Strangers basketball fail compilation Tuvok1225.6672Mar 12,2023
Her favorite chocolate cakes are under his protection Marta and Rustam22 693Dec 7, 2021
$456,000 Squid Game in Real Life! Mr. Beast17 538Nov 25, 2021
Me at the ZooJawed15295Apr 24, 2005
Impossible BalanceXavier Mortimer12575Jan 22, 2021
Insane Strawberry TricksDan Rhodes10360May 8, 2021
YouTube Rewind 2018, but it’s Actually GoodPewDiePie 9.687.1Dec 27, 2018
  1. How Zach King Gets Away With Doing Graffiti 

Zach King’s recently released Shorts entertaining video (less than a minute) where he ditched the cop by climbing the stairs that turned out to be graffiti. The video has garnered attention because of its uniqueness and unnatural things that happen at perfect time. 

After being re-uploaded by the Dollar Bill, it was converted to shorts and gained immense popularity with 31 million likes. However, this short has over 15 million likes on Zach King’s official account. 

  1. Home alone in a rush (31 Million Likes)

The short entertainment video perfectly explains the famous “Home Alone” movie without losing the characters. Kevin had set the trap to outsmart when he chased down and invaded.

This video has over 722 million views and more than 31 million likes because of its uniqueness and how understandable it is. It’s the first-ever video of Daniel LaBelle that gathered global recognition with a higher number of likes and dislikes.

  1. Make This Video The Most Liked Video On YouTube 

Mr Beast uploaded the video, making it the most-liked and successful in gaining 29 million likes. It featured the annual Egg Olympics, with five games played by friends.

Also, the video was uploaded four years ago, and over 144 million people have viewed it because it introduces new trends. 

  1. Strangers basketball fail compilation 

This short video featured throwing basketballs at random strangers and rating their shots accordingly. It gained the attention of basketball enthusiasts because it brings creativity and entertainment to a new level.

With over 25 million likes and hundreds of millions of views, Tuvok performs these short videos in different regions. 

  1. Her favorite chocolate cakes are under his protection 

This unique video revolves around the woman’s favorite chocolate cakes under his husband’s protection. After eating them, she’s on a run and has to make more to free herself from the chase. It has gained over 22 million likes, increasing content engagement manifold because it targets specific age groups. 

  1. $456,000 Squid Game in Real Life! 

With over half a billion views, Mr. Beast has incredibly creatively remade the famous Squid Games. The seven different games, eliminating a group of friends at every stage, helped gain 17 million likes.

The video was uploaded two years ago after the release of the film to give new meanings with different content. Its duration and a higher ratio of likes and dislikes are essential in channel growth, which helps understand the audience’s behavior. 

  1. Me at the Zoo

“Me at the Zoo” is the world’s first YouTube video, uploaded in April 2005 by Jawed Karim, the co-founder of YouTube. He intentionally streams the “Vlog” style content, standing in front of the San Diego Zoo Elephants for about 18 seconds.

The video set history because it marked the significance of YouTube for its exceptional online video-sharing platform. It’s the single video uploaded from the Jawed channel with 15 million likes and helped raise platform accessibility. After that, it became a symbol of creating and sharing diverse content with regional or global audiences.

  1. Impossible Balance

The short prank video featured the concept that gravity does not apply until you look down because of Xavier’s impossible balance. The video has over half a billion views and more than 12 million likes because it introduces creativity while streaming content. The channel “Xavier Mortimer” has more than 5 million subscribers and consistently produces quality videos, which is why he succeeded.

  1. Insane Strawberry Tricks

The magic tricks have surfaced in online streaming because it reveals that doing magic in front of the camera isn’t hard anymore. However, the important thing is to be careful to avoid the camera from catching your moves. 

This video has been seen over 360 million times and has over 10 million likes. It increases the channel growth manifold and has gained more dislikes or negative feedback because of its revealing nature.

  1. YouTube Rewind 2018, but it’s Actually Good

It looks like a music video, but it is a commentary video by a popular YouTuber, PewDiePie. It was uploaded five years ago, where he recaps and celebrates popular videos of that year and brings new meanings to entertainment. It was uploaded on the PewDiePie channel and gathered significant attention and positive feedback because of its satirical stake in the situation.

Trends and Challenges

Understanding the trends and challenges is essential for non-music videos because of competition and complex YouTube algorithms. The success of non-music content depends on current trends and patterns and the universal trends that will help get more views and likes.

  • Challenge videos

Engaging your audience means starting or joining a popular trend, doing the challenge, and involving the community. For this, Google Trends provides authentic and reliable data on a scale of 0 to 100, where 100 is highly popular.

Challenge videos, generally food challenges, effectively differentiate your channel because of its unique content. Moreover, choosing an existing challenge or starting a new one will increase your subscribers and likes.

  • Creating YouTube Shorts

Shorts have gained popularity because, in a short duration, they describe the whole meaning of a video. Short Videos are similar to TikTok and are significant in setting trends because they are quick and easy to follow. Currently, most non-music videos are shorts with millions of views and likes.

  • Live Streaming Videos

For business professionals, YouTube live streaming and Premiere have attracted millions of views because of their convenience. YouTube live streams can attract an audience along with other social media platforms. Also, for businesses, YouTube streamers provide reliability and authenticity of what they are selling. 

  • Challenge for Kids

After the technological developments, the young generation, specifically kids, spend extra time exploring new things. Moreover, children enjoy those videos where different challenges, such as Disney or Stand-up Challenges, are given. 

  • Building a Strong YouTube Community

YouTube has added a new “Community” feature, which helps content creators interact with subscribers and understand current trends. Building a solid and loyal community accelerates or doubles the channel growth and is significant for quality content creation.

It’s similar to the Facebook Page, where you can interact with trending engagement videos such as Q & A or Collaboration. Also, the constant evaluation makes it significant to understand the changing trends and create content for better growth.


YouTube Likes are significant for channel growth or optimization and determine how the audience will engage with your content. The first YouTube video was non-music, which developed the idea of creating and showcasing your creativity to a larger audience. 

It prioritizes non-music videos because of their uniqueness and better reach to a larger audience. Moreover, as mentioned above, most liked content helps understand the current trends and challenges for effective channel growth. So, for content creators, likes are significant in creating quality videos and providing better engagement with different audiences.


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