Wireless Triumph: Solidcom C1 Empowers Seamless Shooting

By Hollyland | September 28, 2023

Sergiu Jurca is a experienced director of photography from Germany, leading a 12-person commercial production team. Known for his unique artistic style and vast industry experience, Sergiu brings a remarkable touch to every project he undertakes. Recently, he has been preparing to shoot a fashion campaign for his client, Favelaclothing. Given their large-scale production studio and sizable team, efficient and clear communication is crucial for coordinating the shooting. In this context, Solidcom C1 has addressed this challenge for them. Solidcom C1 greatly facilitates efficient communication and collaboration among team members, ensuring precise execution of the shooting work and enhancing perfect timing coordination.


Ease of Use

Solidcom C1 offers remarkable user-friendliness. It is pre-configured, with the remote headset already paired with the master headset by default, eliminating the need for additional pairing procedures. Simply pull down the microphone boom gently to initiate the call, without the need for complicated operations. This design frees up the hands of the staff, allowing them to focus more on their work. Solidcom C1 simplifies communication, enabling team members to effortlessly communicate and improve work efficiency.


Crystal-Clear Sound

Solidcom C1 is equipped with wideband audio ranging from 150Hz to 7KHz and features AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) technology. This allows for the transmission of a broader range of sound frequencies, resulting in more realistic and natural conversations. The AEC technology effectively eliminates echo, ensuring clearer communication quality and reducing interference and noise.

Furthermore, Solidcom C1 is designed with a directional microphone that accurately captures the speaker’s voice while minimizing unnecessary noise interference. Whether in noisy environments or during long-distance communication, Solidcom C1 provides a clear and reliable communication experience, ensuring accurate transmission of information.

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Seamless Communication Range

Solidcom C1 supports long-distance communication of up to 1,100ft (350m). This extensive communication range allows team members to freely move around different locations within the studio while maintaining a stable communication connection. There is no need to worry about signal interruption or a decline in communication quality. This feature perfectly caters to the communication needs of Sergiu Jurca during large-scale studio shoots.


Complete Solution

Hollyland not only provided Sergiu Jurca’s team with a perfect communication solution, but they also utilized two excellent wireless video transmission systems, Cosmo C1 and Mars 400 Pro, for this shoot.  These two systems deliver images to the photographers and clients with extremely low latency, allowing photographers and directors to better grasp composition and key shooting moments. This greatly enhances client engagement and satisfaction.


By utilizing Hollyland’s communication solution along with the video transmission systems of Cosmo C1 and Mars 400S Pro, Sergiu Jurca’s team achieves efficient communication and collaboration while providing real-time image display to photographers and clients. This powerful combination greatly supports the smooth progress and successful delivery of the shooting project.

After the conclusion of the project, Sergiu Jurca said: “I think the ease of use and handling makes it a perfect tool that we don’t want to miss when shooting. What I like the most is the quality of the speech which is super clear! ”


Sergiu Jurca | Director / DoP / Colorist from Hagen, Germany

Hi! I’m Sergiu Jurca, 36 years old and passionate Director / DoP / Colorist and Video Creator with one mission – to tell stories through the lens.

With a camera in hand and a creative eye for details, I dive into the world of images. My passion for filmmaking began in childhood when I played around with an old camcorder. Since then, my love for visual storytelling has evolved and solidified.

As a DoP (Director of Photography), my strength lies in capturing the right atmosphere and mood for each scene. Whether it’s breathtaking landscapes, emotional portraits or dynamic action, I always find the perfect angle to capture the essence of the moment.

My portfolio on my website www.sergiujurca.com shows a wide range of my work. From high quality commercial videos to stunning short films, I’ve had the privilege of working with talented teams and clients from a variety of industries. It’s not just about capturing an image, but telling a story that touches the audience.

The magic of post-production is another area where I fully utilize my skills as a video creator. I love editing clips, correcting colors and tweaking sound to really bring the final product to life. The result is videos that are not only visually appealing, but also convey a powerful message.

I firmly believe that every project deserves a unique story, and I look forward to working with you to transform your ideas into stunning visual masterpieces. Let’s bring your vision to life together!

You can reach me at info@sergiujurca.com and of course find me on social media at @sergiujurca_dop

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