Embracing Change and Advancing in the Entertainment Industry

By Hollyland | June 13, 2023

During the global pandemic, the entertainment industry underwent a significant transformation, impacting the work of actors like Martin Johnston. In-person meetings and auditions became a thing of the past, requiring a shift in approach to survive. The ability to record scenes, dialogues, or singing auditions on tape became a crucial part of being seen and, hopefully, securing a job.

Johnston observed how the industry adapted to the new normal, and he knew that as an actor, he needed to adjust as well if he wanted to stay relevant. Overnight, the demand for professional-quality recordings, whether for visuals or voiceovers, became the standard. With his iPhone in his pocket, Johnston recognized its potential, but he also understood the importance of unlocking that potential through learning.

Previously, Johnston had not paid much attention to audio, lighting, or editing. However, he quickly realized that embracing these aspects was the way forward. While some actors found it challenging to adapt to the new trend, Johnston saw it as an opportunity to grow. “I wanted to adapt. I wanted to learn more. I became fascinated by the need to have great-looking images on screen and excellent-sounding audio. Being able to deliver professional audio quality material whether on camera or as a voiceover was the difference between getting work and remaining relevant or just walking away from an industry I love”, Johnston says.


Johnston embarked on a journey of research, seeking out the best available products to ensure outstanding performance outcomes. Although success in every job was not guaranteed, he took solace in knowing that he had done his best with industry-leading products. Being prepared became crucial in meeting the last-minute needs and demands of the industry. In his quest for superior audio quality, Johnston immersed himself in extensive research to find the finest wireless microphones available. He had conducted extensive research and purchased a microphone during the pandemic lockdown. Although he considered it a decent microphone, he found it to be limiting. Whenever he moved away from the mic or engaged in a lot of movement, the results were inconsistent, resulting in poor overall quality. Realizing the need for an improved solution that would work harmoniously with his requirements, he started to explore lavalier microphones. However, he encountered an issue with the length of the cable, particularly when attempting to conceal it and maintain a professional on-screen appearance. Therefore, he embarked on further research, and one brand that consistently stood out was Rode. The compact size and the ability to connect to him while employing the receiver attached to the camera or phone intrigued him. He hesitated largely due to pricing concerns, and then he discovered an alternative on Amazon — Hollyland. Instantly drawn to its appealing technical specifications, compact design, and impressive range, as well as its omnidirectional capabilities, he was convinced it could be the ideal solution.

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After following Hollyland on social media, he came across a competition to win a Lark 150 Duo. He then entered the competition and was the fortunate winner. Upon receiving the microphone, he immediately delved into exploring its capabilities and was thoroughly impressed by its design and functionality. Without delay, he put the Lark 150 to use for his first audition tape — a singing audition. The microphone delivered the audio track for the onscreen performance. The outcome was in his favor as he secured the job, a Christmas commercial for a major online retailer.

Now, Johnston has two of Hollyland’s outstanding audio products — Lark 150 and Lark M1. Their professional-grade audio quality, exceptional mobility, and easy setup allow him to accomplish filming and voiceover work swiftly with excellent results, regardless of the location. As an actor, Johnston recognizes the importance of showcasing his talent and standing out from the crowd using high-quality audio products. He firmly believes that a combination of talent, hard work, and quality, along with the Lark 150 or Lark M1, will set him apart in an industry that thrives on excellence. With the Lark 150 and Lark M1 in his possession, Johnston feels empowered and inspired in advancing his career in the entertainment industry.

“Hollyland Technology is an amazingly generous company, — an excellent supporter of filmmakers, streamers, and content creators. Their products are beautifully designed and brilliantly functional”. Johnston adds. Every LARK moment Johnston has experienced serves as a reminder of the significant impact Hollyland’s products have had on his career. They empower him to deliver his best performances as a professional actor, knowing that he has the support of top-notch audio devices.

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