From Pole to Pro: Dennis’ Antarctic Expedition and the Marvelous Journey with Solidcom C1 Pro

By Hollyland | November 3, 2023

Dennis Schmelz is a travel-loving filmmaker from Erfurt, Germany. As an exceptional photographer and artist, he consistently captures the attention of shutterbugs with his powerful visual style and vibrant colors, leaving a lasting impression.


Dennis Schmelz


Dennis’s Work – Cormorant Fishing

Dennis finds immense joy in his work as a filmmaker, as it allows him to experience the thrill of discovering new and exciting places, connecting with diverse individuals, and unearthing unique stories. With camera in hand, he meticulously captures these distinctive moments and shares them on social media. Having traveled to 61 out of the 195 countries and regions worldwide, Dennis has left his mark across the globe. His adventures have taken him to the farthest reaches, including the Antarctic, where he has had the incredible opportunity to come face-to-face with penguins in their natural habitat.

In today’s blog, let’s come together and listen to Dennis’ captivating stories from his professional journey, along with his remarkable experiences with Solidcom C1 Pro!

Challenging Journey to Antarctica

While I’ve been fortunate to explore and film in various beautiful locations, my heart gravitates toward cold and remote countries. Among these, I’d have to mention my expedition to Antarctica last January as a profound experience.

Antarctica is unlike any place on Earth. The stark, pristine landscapes, vast icy expanses, and sheer isolation make it a filmmaker’s dream and a visual marvel. It’s a land of extremes, from the bone-chilling cold to the breathtaking beauty of glaciers, icebergs, and the incredible wildlife that thrives in this harsh environment.

Filming in Antarctica was an adventure of a lifetime. The challenges were immense, from battling extreme cold to ensuring the equipment operated flawlessly in sub-zero temperatures. However, the rewards were equally extraordinary. Capturing the untouched wilderness of Antarctica and witnessing the unique behaviors of penguins, seals, and whales in their natural habitat was a humbling and inspiring experience.

It’s in places like Antarctica that I truly feel the power of storytelling through filmmaking. These cold and remote countries offer a canvas for storytelling that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant. They push the boundaries of what’s possible in filmmaking and provide endless opportunities for discovering fresh perspectives and untold stories.

So, if I had to choose, I’d say that Antarctica stands out as one of my favorite filming locations, not just for its stunning visuals but for the indelible impact it left on me as a filmmaker and an explorer of the world’s most remote corners.


Penguins Through Dennis’ Lens

Heartwarming Moments in the Antarctic Journey

During one of my commercial productions in Antarctica, an unexpected and heartwarming moment occurred. It was a challenging shoot made even more so when my assistant contracted COVID-19 and had to isolate in their cabin for a week.

Amid the isolation, we decided to celebrate my assistant’s birthday in a unique and unforgettable way. We organized a small birthday surprise by gathering in a zodiac boat and singing “Happy Birthday” to my assistant from the water, positioned just outside their cabin window.

The joy on my assistant’s face, even from a distance, and the camaraderie among the team, as we came together to make this moment happen, turned what could have been a difficult situation into a memorable and heartwarming experience. It’s a testament to the resilience and creativity of the team, as well as the unique bonds that form during challenging and remote shoots. This moment of singing “Happy Birthday” in the remote expanses of Antarctica is a cherished memory from that production.


The First Encounter with Solidcom C1 Pro

I first used the Solidcom C1 Pro during a challenging project, an FPV one-shot video on a construction site. This project required precision in both the execution of the shot and communication among the team. The Solidcom C1 Pro exceeded my expectations in this demanding environment.


The portability of the Solidcom C1 Pro was crucial, as we had to move swiftly across a large construction site to capture the entire scene seamlessly. Setting it up was a breeze, allowing us to focus on the shot composition and coordination.

The real game-changer was the system’s range and clarity. In a noisy construction environment, it’s essential for the team to communicate effectively, and the Solidcom C1 Pro delivers crystal-clear audio even at a significant distance from the camera operator. This enabled us to coordinate every aspect of the one-shot sequence with precision.

The PTT (Push-to-Talk) function proved invaluable as well. It allowed us to maintain open channels while ensuring that communication only occurred when necessary, minimizing distractions during the shoot.

Additionally, the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) feature worked wonders in eliminating background noise, guaranteeing that our communication remained crisp and unobstructed amidst the construction site’s din.

In summary, the Solidcom C1 Pro played a pivotal role in the success of this project. It not only met but exceeded our communication needs, contributing to the flawless execution of the FPV one-shot video on the construction site. It’s become an indispensable tool in my filmmaking toolkit for complex and demanding shoots.


Ease of Use & Crystal-clear Communication Quality

What I appreciate most about the Solidcom C1 Pro is its combination of portability and ease of setup. In the fast-paced world of filmmaking, being able to quickly establish a communication network among my team members is crucial. The PTT function also comes in handy, allowing for hands-free communication when needed. Additionally, the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) feature ensures that our communication remains clear even in noisy outdoor settings.


Dennis Communicated with Partner who is filming in the sky through Solidcom C1 Pro

Solidcom C1 Pro Empowering Creativity

Clear communication is the backbone of any successful production, and the Solidcom C1 Pro has significantly contributed to creating a more immersive and focused creative environment for my team. It allows us to convey ideas, coordinate shots, and address issues instantly, leading to smoother and more creative shoots. The reduced downtime due to communication hiccups ensures that we can fully concentrate on the artistic aspects of our work.


Solicom C1 Pro – the Game Changer

the Solidcom C1 Pro has been an absolute game-changer, especially during our FPV One Shot video productions, where precise coordination and communication are essential.

In one specific instance, we were working on a high-intensity FPV shoot in a dynamic urban environment. This type of shoot demands split-second timing and perfect choreography between the pilot, camera operator, and any additional crew members. Before using the Solidcom C1 Pro, coordinating all these elements could be a logistical nightmare. We’d often find ourselves shouting instructions over the drone’s noise, leading to misunderstandings and missed shots.

However, with the Solidcom C1 Pro, we could instantly communicate with the entire team without the need for loud voices or physical proximity. This not only eliminated the need for yelling but also ensured that everyone was on the same page, ready to execute their part flawlessly.

Whether it was directing the pilot for a precise aerial maneuver or adjusting the camera settings on the fly, the Solidcom C1 Pro allowed us to convey instructions clearly and without delay. The result was a smoother and more efficient shooting process, resulting in breathtaking FPV One Shot videos that captivated our audience.

In essence, the Solidcom C1 Pro has become an indispensable tool in our FPV filmmaking arsenal. It has revolutionized the way we work by enhancing communication, coordination, and ultimately, the quality of our productions.


Dennis Schmelz | Director of Photography

I am a professional filmmaker from Erfurt, Germany. Within the scope of my work I discover new and exciting places, meet interesting people and come in contact with unique stories.

I put all my effort and dedication into my work to absorb these valuable impressions and create authentic, inspiring and visually stunning films.

Since my work is not only an occupation but primarily a passion. I enjoy every aspect of the process of a new project.

There is always a story to tell and fresh perspective to be discovered – so feel free to contact me.




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