Communication in AirVenture: Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro Takes Flight

By Hollyland | December 19, 2023

Headquartered in Orlando, but operating coast-to-coast, Vibrant Media Productions is a nationally renowned video production company.

For over a decade in business, they’ve seen the completion of thousands of unique projects across the globe. From small startups to Fortune 500 companies, each organization with whom they’ve worked has seen a measurable return on their investment.

Recently, Vibrant Media Productions was commissioned by the renowned North American air venture company, Air Dot Show Tour, to film a jet and aircraft exhibition.

*Air Dot Show Tour works with the military, FAA, and other agencies to coordinate flights over some of the most iconic and historic landmarks in the nation. 

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On the air venture that day, there was a large and enthusiastic audience, cheering continuously as the planes took off, accelerated, and landed, generating a significant amount of noise that posed great challenges for clear communication. The production team consisted of eight individuals, including photographers, directors, producers, and script supervisors, and they all opted to use the Solidcom C1 Pro. In this noisy environment, the Solidcom C1 Pro performed flawlessly, thanks to its excellent noise-cancellation (ENC) feature, allowing them to complete their tasks.

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Improve the Workflow

 “It has really improved our workflow and style of productions, so less yelling across the set (interrupting talent/client), and more quick communication to help improve our efficiency. We even gave headphones to our clients to use on set which was nice to have them be on the same page with” 

In today’s era, full-duplex wireless intercom has become a mainstream trend, eliminating the need for shouting or waiting for someone to finish speaking, as well as the need for pressing buttons to talk while using walkie-talkie devices. The Solidcom C1 Pro offers the option to purchase up to eight headsets, enabling team members to communicate in real-time freely. This wireless communication solution has brought revolutionary changes to the workflow of the filming process. Team members can easily share information, give instructions, and provide feedback without interrupting others or waiting for specific moments. Each member can simultaneously hear and participate in discussions, enhancing work efficiency and collaboration. 


Stable Transmission

“For most situations, they have exceeded our anticipated transmission range and we have been surprised by how well they work in different situations. We have used them in different weather conditions from extreme heat to rainy weather and they have performed consistently every time.”

The Solidcom C1 Pro boasts a transmission range of up to 1,100 feet, ensuring reliable wireless communication no matter where you are. Whether you’re in a vast outdoor venue, indoor space, or complex environment, the Solidcom C1 Pro provides stable signal coverage.

The headset body is crafted using dual injection molding technology, making it sturdy, lightweight, and slip-resistant. They are built to be durable and withstand impacts and friction in everyday use. Whether in fast-paced filming locations or event venues, the Solidcom C1 Pro headphones can withstand the challenges of various environments, ensuring long-term reliability and comfort. You don’t have to worry about the headphones being easily damaged or compromised.

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Effortless Setup

“We love the ease of use, simple charging/setup and you can just hand them to someone and they’re good to go.”

On set, time is extremely valuable, so having a tool that is easy to use is crucial. The Solidcom C1 Pro is designed to be user-friendly, as it comes pre-paired out of the box. Users only need to install the battery and plug in the microphone stem to start communicating immediately. This design makes it incredibly convenient to use, without the need for additional setup or calibration steps. Users can jump right into work.

Considering that each filming session can be lengthy, the Solidcom C1 Pro incorporates a design with replaceable lithium batteries. Each headset comes with two lithium batteries included. This design ensures an extended battery life, reducing the need for frequent charging and saving precious time for the team. When one battery is depleted, users can quickly swap it out for a fresh one without waiting for the charging process. This design ensures continuous communication to meet the demands of long filming sessions.

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Clear Audio in Noisy Environments

“Even though the Solidcom C1 Pro is single-ear, the ENC was an excellent feature to work with.”

The Solidcom C1 Pro utilizes a dual-mic ENC noise reduction design. The main microphone is responsible for capturing human voices and environmental sounds, while the secondary microphone is specifically designed to collect environmental sounds. Through advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques, the Solidcom C1 Pro can analyze and distinguish ambient noise in real-time, separating it from the human voice. As a result, you hear clear audio. This feature is particularly important as it reduces the interference of noise on communication, allowing team members to hear and understand each other more clearly. 

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Overall Review:

“These have become a staple in our productions both large and small. Having clear communication is super important and having our team be able to pivot if needed with quick communication has helped us immensely.”

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Learn More: [Official] Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro – Wireless Intercom Headset System with Noise Cancellation – Hollyland

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